General Hospital: Jam-Packed November Sweeps

William deVry: His Derek Wells is really dead mob boss Julian Jerome (ABC photo)

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

It’s traditional for a soap presents its strongest stories during sweeps, and this November hasn’t been a disappointment on General Hospital. Au contraire, the month isn’t over yet. To paraphrase Bette Davis in All About Eve: “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy 30 days.”

The opening of the Jerome art gallery, with its hilarious “BLT” painting  supposedly by Franco, was the site of the denouement of two longtime plots. It was a messy confluence, but got a lot done story-wise. In one, Sonny revealed that Derek Wells (William deVry) is really dead mob  boss Julian Jerome, the brother of Ava and the co-owner of the art gallery.   In the other, Sonny wanted to kill Julian for ripping off a shipment but during the sequence decided that he couldn’t because Julian is needed for future leukemia transplant  treatments for Danny.  The reveal was a bit underwhelming as deVry played it way too cool, and there were really no consequences for the Julian character.  At least, Sam found out who her biological  father was.

There’s more: The gallery was also the backdrop for the revelation that Franco isn’t Jason’s twin brother after all but the natural child of Heather Webber and Scotty Baldwin.  This new “fact” didn’t exactly make sense because Franco would have been conceived when both mother and father were on the soap canvas in the early 80s, but we never saw them get together.  Also the ages didn’t match.  Roger Howarth, who plays Franco is 45, Robin Mattson is 57 and Kin Shriner is 60. Even so, this parentage would explain Franco’s strange and colorful personality.

And more: The courtroom was the backdrop for the resolution of the Baby Connie custody hearing.  Lulu and Dante wanted to keep their daughter, who really biologically belongs to Maxie and Spinelli.  In a unique twist, custody of the child was awarded to Spinelli, with Maxie banned from seeing the infant for six months. The scene in which Lulu and Dante had to hand Connie over to Spinelli was just heartbreaking.

We’re not finished yet: The big news was that Robin was alive after all, having spent the last two months on screen lurking about behind the scenes — first, inventing a cure for Luke on Cassadine Island and second,  wandering around Port Charles having near run-ins with her “surviving” husband Patrick and his fiancé Sabrina. At one point, Sabrina’s ex Carlos even discovered Robin as alive.

And finally: On Friday, Robin had a face to face reunion with her father Robert, in a back room in the church where Patrick is about to marry Sabrina. The reveal to Patrick that Robin is still alive should take place this week, probably during the wedding ceremony.  It should be explosive, just another exciting story event.

A bumpy 30 days indeed! 


  1. Glenda Randall says:

    As I recall, Scotty and Heather were a couple back in the 80s.

    • Yes, they were, but I’m pretty sure Heather wasn’t 12 at the time. It always baffles me how the soaps can just randomly assign parentage to people who couldn’t possibly be parents to a “child” who’s only 7, 8, 10 years younger than them. Another case in point, Kelly Monaco (37) and William DeVry (45). Boy do they start young in Port Charles!

  2. Great synopsis of the current state of “General Hospital,” Marlena.

    Interesting that there was no mention of Michael and Kiki. Factoring those two in would certainly bring it’s average down to a “C.”

    Chad Duell and Kristen Alderson (especially, Alderson) are the weakest links in this perfect show right now.

  3. Actually on Friday Robert kicked in a bedroom door in Wyndermere and discovered Robin inside where Faison had stashed her. Neither of them were at a church.

  4. Chere Marlena,

    GH has indeed been very good this month. Lots of excitement making it must see TV, as a soap should be during sweeps month.

    I like them tying Heather to Franco — Robin Matson and Roger Howarth have great chemistry together. I just wish there’d been more build up to it. Scotty had never even had a scene with Franco before the reveal. Perhaps if Scotty had built up some antagonism toward Franco, it would have had more pay off.

    But the Robin reveal is certainly much anticipated. Of course, she’ll be reunited with Patrick by interrupting the wedding — that’s what soaps do. Can’t wait to see how they pull it off. Just one correction though — Robert found Robin in a room at Wyndermere, not the back of the church.

    Thanks for doing the weekly write up. Hope your Thanksgiving is fun and festive.

  5. Yes, while this story may have retconned Scotty and Heather physically hooking up a little earlier than we saw them do onscreen, they definitely were partners in crime and lovers back then. Kin Shriner worked with both the Heather before Robin Mattson and Mattson…many of them are on Youtube, including his visiting her in jail and plotting with her secretly over Susan and Jason. They were not strangers at all, quite far from it!

    Also–Robin ran into Robert upstairs in a bedroom at Wyndemere, not at the church, but otherwise I COMPLETELY agree with everything in tgis column.

  6. I am loving it!!! Friday’s episode was fabuous!!! The best was when Robert kicked open the door to see Robin!!! I hope they keep it coming for each of the last few airdates in November… and if we are lucky… into December!!!

  7. Dominic Zamprogna, Bradford Anderson, and Kirsten Storms continue to bring believable angst to what has proved to be a completely plot point custody trial. I also have a distinct appreciation for Emily Wilson in her role as Ellie, bringing a sweet, quirky taste of sincere concern for the proceedings in which she herself had, albeit unwillingly, a hand. The weak link continues to be the recast of L. The young woman now occupying the role has made her whiney, entitled and unlikable. Sad and discouraging when one sees how the character has been completely destroyed for the express purpose of wiping out how far she had progressed in her development from troubled, selfish teen hellion to a mature, loving and much loved wife and savy business woman.

    As for Sabrina and Patrick, I’m actually looking forward to Robin’s reappearance and reunion with her family in the sense that it will result in the vaporization of this forced pairing that never registered with me in terms of believability or rooting value. Here’s hoping both Sabrina and Carlos will exit the canvas quickly and without so much as a whimper…..oh, wait, this is RC and FV we’re dealing with….never mind….;)

  8. The art show and the baby story was to off for me.I don’t care for the mobs. Heather running in and out of the looney bin ,like it has a revolving door has ceased to be funny especially with her knife. Not funny. The baby trial was a joke what judge takes a child from its biological mother ?Clean drug addicts get their kids back. maxie is not evil, everything she did she did out of love. When her hormones kicked in she couldn’t do it. People who sign off to have their babies adopted have a certain amount of time to change their minds,.If Kristin S is going on Maternity Leave allow her to take her baby and go to Frisco for the time..The same way Spin will be doing??? FrankenRon do some things very well and others just make you shake your head in disbelief.Robert with tears in his eyes seeing his daughter was soap at its finest, now no contract goodbye. What were they thinking? guess the ratings weren’t out then. Sometimes I think Frank thinks &give them what they wan6t *fans* then snatch it back.NO money take some from the overbloated cast.

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