Guiding Light’s Olivia and Natalia, Part 2: The Kiss and Beyond

Thinking Fans Comment Update: Cate points out All My Children's gay storyline initially caused a furor that later died down as viewers "warmed up to the character" ... adds Blake, "I hope GL does not get my hopes up about this great couple only to break them up" ... and more. See Comments below. _________________________  Guiding Light's … [Read more...]

Guiding Light’s Olivia and Natalia: Women in Love? — Part 1: Why They Have GL’s Best Friendship

Thinking Fans Comment Update:  Dayna says Otalia is "a modern romance told with beautiful soapy writing" ... Levi says Guiding Light is getting better, and "I am finally happy to tune in every day" ... and more. See Comments below.  _____________________________  The friendship between Guiding Light's Olivia (Crystal Chappell) and Natalia … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas, Cher Thinking Fans!

This our second Christmas here in our home on the Web. By now, we feel we know most of you by name, and are more pleased than words can express to welcome your regular visits. So many of you Thinking Fans have been frequent correspondents, and have enriched our site with your thoughtful, heartfelt commentary.  Thank you, thank you, for investing so … [Read more...]

As The World Turns in 2008: The “World” at Warp Speed

Thinking Fans Comment Update: James wonders, "Where's the happiness in Oakdale?" ... likewise, Steve says Oakdale has become "a bitter, mean-spirited place" ... and more. See Comments below.  ____________________  By Patrick Erwin As The World Turns may be the second oldest soap, but this year, the show burned through storylines at … [Read more...]

Dee-A-Palooza, Day Two: Days’ Marlena’s “Cool Intelligence and Warm Sensuality Hard to Ignore”

Thinking Fans Comment Update: James sees Deidre's departure as another nail in Days' coffin ... and more. See Comments below.  _________________________  By Patrick Erwin I've watched Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives since Marlena came to Salem in 1976. By some miracle of good living and genetics, Hall looks almost the … [Read more...]

Our As The World Turns Expert’s Reaction: Jon Lindstrom Cast as the latest Craig Montgomery

Thinking Fans Comment Update October 10:  James thinks Lindstrom is a worthy successor ... but Dawn worries that he'll join the dumpees. See Comments below.  _________________________  Last December our Patrick Erwin did a very, very perceptive take on the very strange state of the character of Craig Montgomery on As the World Turns.  Earlier … [Read more...]

From Bad to Good or Good To Bad: Seven Soap Characters Who Changed Before Our Eyes

Thinking Fans Comment Update Sept. 9:  Sina nominates Maxie Jones ... Greg would include Vanessa Chamberlain ...  Aaron misses Annie Dutton ... and more. See Comments below.  ________________________  By Patrick Erwin It's been interesting to watch recent scenes with Melissa Claire Egan as Annie on All My Children. Once a good girl, Annie … [Read more...]

Young and the Restless’ Surprising Mother and Child Reunion

Thinking Fans Comment Update Sept. 2:  Bob thinks the twist makes sense ... Jonnysbro thinks EH is paydirt ... but Chris thinks the writers won one and lost one. See Comments below.  __________________ By Patrick Erwin  By the time you read this, Young and the Restless will have just revealed a major plot point -- that fashionista Chloe, … [Read more...]

Rating As the World Turns’ Busy, Busy Summer

Thinking Fans Comment Update Aug. 30: Kristen says ATWT writers finally got one right ... while Oakdalian found the summer a mixed bag ... and more. See Comments below.  _____________________ By Patrick Erwin What's been happening in Oakdale? It's been an interesting summer for As The World Turns as the show has been finding its balance … [Read more...]

Soap Surprises: Five Holy @#%! Moments

Thinking Fans Holy @#%! Update Aug. 14:  Melanie picks Wayne Northrup's return as Roman on Days ... B3 loved Gwyneth as the killer on Loving ... Carl recalls five faves from Santa Barbara ... and more.  See Comments below. ________________   By Patrick Erwin Soap plots have many twists and turns in them, but we rarely get to see a complete … [Read more...]