Melted Ice: The Ice Princess Story Revisited

Marlena delights in introducing a new contributor, Jeffrey S. Pearlstein. Jeff is a veteran soap journalist and long-time colleague of Marlena’s who has written for many soap magazines.  He is an expert in soap history, a wonderful interviewer, and his great passion for soaps shines through in everything he does.  He is also a wonderful … [Read more...]

Is there a market for soap nostalgia?

Marlena proudly presents the work of new contributor Mike Poirier, who knows everything about soaps, particularly the old ones. Here, Mike writes about early soaps, such as Somerset— which Marlena is old enough to remember. He also presents resources on how you can see episodes from some long-gone shows. He has been a valued supporter of Soaps for … [Read more...]

An Eyewitness History of the Soap Press

When people meet me for the first time, they invariably ask me two questions: 1) You have an unusual last name. How do you pronounce it?  (I say, “Pass-a-lac-qua. Yes, it’s Italian, and it means “over the water.”) 2) You do WHAT for a living??? Yes, I am proud I have been a soap opera journalist for … oh my, 40 years now. Like many of my … [Read more...]

Soaps Need Comic Relief Now More Than Ever

As I write this, I am feeling very gloomy. NBC’s Days of Our Lives — a soap I have watched since I was a teenager — has left network television and moved to Peacock, a streaming service. Of course, I and, I trust, all the show’s fans will follow it. And I’m hoping that Days will be just as engaging, maybe even more so, than it was at its old … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Glorious Life of Guiding Light: From 1992, Marlena’s Analysis of GL at its Peak

Don't miss Marlena's farewell to Guiding Light on blogtalkradio's Brandon's Buzz at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 16 or later on the network's archive. ____________________________________________________    By Marlena De Lacroix In March 1992, Guiding Light reached the apex of soap quality, that perfect blend of excellence in writing, acting … [Read more...]

Remembered: A Day With the Late, Great Larry Haines

Thinking Fans Comment Update July 22:  pjs praises Search for Tomorrow's man of yesterday ... Cherry Ames remembers Stu and Jo ... DS0816 wishes the young'ns could have seen Mr. Haines ... and more. See Comments below. _________________________ By Marlena De Lacroix Larry Haines passed away July 17 at 89 in Delray Beach, Fla.  How sad that … [Read more...]

Beverlee McKinsey: Singularly Magnificent

By Marlena De Lacroix I feel sorry for younger soap fans who never got to see Beverlee McKinsey on soaps prior to her retirement from major roles in daytime in 1992. McKinsey, who died last week in California at 72 of complications from a kidney transplant, was singularly  magnificent! When she came to Another World in 1972 as rich, rich Iris … [Read more...]

General Hospital: Looking Back on 45 Years

(A note from Marlena:  It's General Hospital's 45th anniversary!  Here's a celebration of the event by my good friend and journalistic colleague Ed Martin.  Ed and I have been happily debating General Hospital over coffee now for almost ten  years -- and believe moi, we're not always happy about the current state of the show.  Still,  Ed is clearly … [Read more...]

General Hospital’s Stephen Macht: Can Character Actors Save Soaps?

By Marlena De Lacroix Every week for months, there have been rumors that Stephen Macht's tough mob lawyer character, Trevor Lansing, is about to be whacked on General Hospital.   So, while there's still time, I'd like to say that I'm really enjoying Macht's performances in the role this season.  Yes, Macht, the 60ish actor with the pock markets, … [Read more...]

As the World Turns: Good-bye to Martha Byrne, The Real Thing

By Marlena De Lacroix It's hard to watch daytime soaps chip away piece by piece, and of course no one actor is daytime TV.  But watching Martha Byrne leave As the World Turns (because of a contract disagreement  with P&G) is really painful.  If ATWT can be looked at as a truly American, heartland soap (as do my friend Sam Ford and his … [Read more...]