Night Shift 2 Served Up that Old General Hospital Magic as its Sublime Second Season Came to an End


Thinking Fans Comment Update October 26:  Dianne says NS2 was a gift to long-time GH fans … Suzette applauds the celebration of GH history, though she missed Genie Francis … Mike agrees, mostly, but wonders, where was Holly? … and more. See Comments below. 


By Ed Martin 

Sri Rao and Lisa De Cazotte are my new heroes.

The head writer and executive producer, respectively, of SOAPnet’s General Hospital Night Shift have in recent months given me as much to smile about as any creative team presently working in television. They reminded me why I became a passionate fan of General Hospital 30 years ago, and they did it in a manner nobody could have predicted, transforming what had been in its freshman season a perfectly putrid spin-off of a soap opera that is now a mere shadow of its fantastic former self into a sophomore series that embodied almost everything that was sublime about its mother-ship back in its heyday.

And after giving those of us who cherish our memories of GH in the Seventies and Eighties a three-month treat filled with characters from and references to that glorious period, delivered in a storytelling style that was as sophisticated and

I don’t know what Rao and De Cazotte have in mind for season three. I don’t even know if there will be a season three. There should be, and we shouldn’t have to wait until next summer to enjoy it!

respectful as it was heartfelt and thoughtful, Rao and De Cazotte concluded Night Shift’s swell second season with a two-part love note to those fans who made GH a pop-culture phenomenon and the formidable foundation of ABC Daytime.

Like hundreds of thousands (or could it be millions) of GH fans, I have felt increasingly beaten down by the show’s dark, dreary and sometimes depraved storytelling during the last ten years, which has glamorized criminal activity and pathological behavior while dishonoring doctors, nurses, police officers, military personnel and other everyday heroes. But Night Shift lifted me out of that abyss and allowed me during the last three months, if only on a weekly basis, to experience some of the perfect pleasure that GH served up on a daily basis until it went so terribly wrong. For the first time in years, I couldn’t wait to visit the town of Port Charles and hang with the staff at General Hospital. Rao and De Cazotte brought back the heart, the humor and the community of it all. I have never been so happy to be so dismantled. It was as if Rao and De Cazotte heard my personal complaints, heeded my professional advice and did what they did just for me! The DVD of Season Two is gonna be a keeper.ns people

Night Shift only got better as the season moved along, especially in its mature, thoughtful telling of super spy Robert Scorpio’s battle with cancer and the efforts of his ex-wife Anna Devane and pregnant daughter Robin to care for him during his time of need. The Scorpio family was rudely ripped apart over 17 years ago, but this summer we got to watch as it pulled itself back together. Tristan Rogers has been playing Robert off and on since 1981, and Finola Hughes has played Anna on GH (and on All My Children) since 1985. But they were never better individually and their chemistry together was never more powerful than during the last few weeks of Night Shift.

(Kimberly McCullough as Robin was her usual amazing self.) Rao and his writing team even managed to make good use of Antonio Sabato Jr., a likeable actor who is not exactly known for his dramatic skills, as Jagger Cates, the largely forgettable character he played on GH in the early Nineties who hadn’t been seen since 1993. Just as the storyline about Robert’s cancer brought closure to the long-running separation of the Scorpios, so did the tale of Jagger and his autistic son give voice to unspoken feelings about the deaths of the two people Jagger loved most: his ex-wife Karen and his brother Stone.

But the wonderful retro respect of it all didn’t stop there. In the first half of the two-part Night Shift season finale, Rao and De Cazotte gave longtime fans multiple closures of their own. During a fever dream brought on by the torment of his cancer and its treatment, Robert was surrounded by the characters he (and we) loved best in the Eighties: Robin, Anna, best friend Luke Spencer, former fling Tiffany Hill and World Security Bureau colleague Sean Donnelly (along with younger bro Mac Scorpio). The only significant characters missing were Frisco and Felicia Jones and Robert’s other wife, Holly Sutton – though Holly’s name was gingerly dropped by Tiffany.

As wonderful as it was to see these characters together again (and to see Sharon Wyatt as Tiffany and John Reilly as Sean back in the GH game for the first time since 1993), Rao and De Cazotte floored me with two unexpected touches of genius: They started the episode with the old GH theme song and opening credit sequence and they reconstructed the old Scorpio living room as the setting of the dream sequence. I couldn’t stop smiling.

The writing and direction of this episode, which moved back and forth between Robin and Anna’s tag-team vigil at Robert’s bedside and Robert’s extended dream, were beautiful in their own right, even without all of the special nostalgic treats.

I was really sorry to see Robert and Jagger leave town during the second hour of the season finale, because I was so glad to have them both back in Port Charles. But I’m glad they are far away from the hit men, harpies and hoors that have taken over the town over on GH. God knows what would happen to them if they stuck around and remained on the main show, where beloved characters from years gone by routinely return only to be ruined.Kim et al

I would be remiss if I didn’t note that the Scorpio and Jagger stories and the actors in them weren’t the only wonderful elements of the new and vastly improved Night Shift. Adam Grimes and Ethan Rains as battling brothers Kyle (an intern) and Leo Julian (a doctor), Carrie Southworth as intern Claire Simpson and Azita Ghanizada as Dr. Saira Batra all excelled in highly emotional storylines. Grimes was especially good in the story of Kyle’s tentative relationship with gravely ill patient Eric Whitlow (played by Chad Allen). I would love to see all of these characters (including Eric) make appearances on General Hospital, but only if Rao writes them!

I don’t know what Rao and De Cazotte have in mind for season three. I don’t even know if there will be a season three. (There should be, and we shouldn’t have to wait until next summer to enjoy it!) But I would be just as happy to see these “new” characters again as I would be thrilled to see Robert, Jagger, Tiffany and Sean return. If they really want to rock us, Rao and De Cazotte should consider additional appearances by Leslie Charleson as Dr. Monica Quartermaine (she showed up twice this season) and guest turns by Denise Alexander as Dr. Lesley Webber and Jaclyn Zeman as Nurse Bobbie Spencer. As for other blasts from the past, isn’t it about time for Dr. Jeff Webber and his son Steven Lars to return to Port Charles? And what is Audrey Hardy up to these days?     


  1. While I agree there was much to like about the second season of NS, I think the omission of Holly was just too big of an oversight. She is much more than just Robert’s “other” wife. She is the only wife he was happily married to for years and the only wife he was with when the show was # 1 in the ratings. I know that Mr. Rao has said he wanted to get Emma Samms for the dream sequence and I do appreciate that, but it still does not excuse why Holly was so utterly ignored all season long.
    Since Mr. Rao did seem to have a good grasp of Scorpio history, it made the ignoring of Holly all the more glaring. I realize that Holly went through a character assasination in 2006 but this is a soap—that can easily be undone. Before 2006, Robin and Holly loved each other very much. I can’t believe not one person brought up Holly’s name throughout the whole season. When Robert was so close to dying, it would’ve been nice if at least one character mentioned that maybe they should track down Holly. I cannot imagine if Robert had died and Holly did not get to be there.
    Mr. Rao has a clear preference for Anna and I don’t begrudge him that. I just wish he could be fair minded enough to realize that not everyone considers Anna the be all and end all in Robert’s life. There are large fan bases out there who prefer Robert with Holly and Anna with Duke or even Anna on her own. A little more respect paid to one of the most significant love stories in GH history–Robert and Holly—would’ve been nice.

    Ed Martin says: I agree that the love story of Robert and Holly was one of the most significant in soap opera history. (Was there ever a sexier and more romantic sequence than the one in which Robert poured champagne across Holly’s shoulders in the Scorpio sauna and then licked it off her? I don’t think so.) I also agree that it would have been wonderful to see Holly included in that dream sequence. I don’t know why she wasn’t on hand, but I believe Emma Samms, the actress who played Holly, lives in England and may not be available to return to the U.S. on demand. Yes, Holly did indeed suffer grievous character assassination by legacy destroyers Jill Feran Phelps and Bob Guza when we last saw her on “General Hospital,” but that was not a valid reason to keep her away, because the dream was set in the Eighties when everybody loved Holly for the gracious person that she had become, despite her checkered past.

    But let’s hold back on such complaints, okay? Sri Rao and Lisa De Cazotte worked wonders with “Night Shift” this season, and I for one am grateful to have had the chance to once again enjoy the Port Charles experience that I so fondly remember from my youth. Monty Men and other “GH” fans of old should be sure to let SOAPnet know how much they appreciated this show and how much they are looking forward to a similarly wonderful third season.

  2. Bravo! You have said it all and said it well. I hope TPTB are listening. I can’t imagine waiting a year for NS3 and am hoping that Sri Rao will be hired by GH to just write Scorpio and “good” stories, that will eventually push the mob out of focus.

  3. There are no words, I was simply amazed, razzled, dazzled and I will savor every moment of this show. It was well beyond what I imagined. Where did they find this man? I have to ask and I want to see more of his work. I can’t even believe or think that this is over.

    I went to GH and saw how they are trying to copy the magic of this wonderful writer…I really hope it can be done. With little of nothing they gave Sri to work with yet, e.g., the sets were sort of rickety for me but I now can only wonder if this is intentional . He is so extremely talented it may be by his design.

    Still, he gave me a fresh, new eye of what a soap opera could be and should be in this day and age. This wonderful writer just took me back to the basics. He’s an old soul embodied in new.

    Such tender storytelling, thoughtful. I can’t believe this is over. I’m already looking at old eppys. All I can say is in Sri we trust and I’d beg of him to come back.

    Don’t leave us out here in this abyss. We appreciate you, treasure you. You wrote us to be happy, you wrote us to enjoy. I was thoroughly entertained far and beyond…we want you and need you…don’t abandon us please come back please.. I’m on bended knee…

    I’ve read there will be a three with Sri gosh I hope this is true. What will I do on Tuesdays at 9? I think I’ll tune in probably to soapnet and think there is another eppy, but here won’t be. My only disappointment is that it is over.

    Marlena says: Cyber, with all due great respect I don’t think Sri should get the full credit for the success of the show. Both Ed and I feel executive producer Lisa de Cazotte did an awesome job too. Love Sri as you want, but always remember what happened when the soap world once went bonkers for new OLTL head writer Ron Carlivati — who’s not doing great at all a year after the Phenomenal Hype.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I absolutely loved NS2 for all of the reasons you noted. I am a long time viewer of General Hospital who has found it increasingly hard to watch the parent show since NS2 began, particularly because you can see how much better the writing is on NS2.

    Robin and Patrick were written like adult doctors in love. The series began and ended with them kissing. You could tell they were in love during the entire series and the issues they faced were issues I have been dying to see addressed on the parent show but never were. Bravo to both Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson who did excellent work over the course of the series. You truly could feel the conflict between the Patrick and Robin characters and sometimes McCullough and Thompson didn’t even need the dialogue to convey what their characters where thinking.

    Seeing the “real” Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane again was a real treat. Tristan Rogers was simply amazing. Seeing Robert stripped bare and having to face his mortality was extremely moving. Then you compare it with how GH wrote Luke’s heart attack as wacky hijinks and you see the difference. Anna has been written on GH as a “hot” Eli Love groupie who didn’t really want to be a grandmother. On NS2 Finola Hughes finally has some material to work with that doesn’t make Anna look like a complete idiot. She and Tristan Rogers still have unbelievable chemistry. I loved the Scorpio family scenes.

    NS2 was such a gift for long time GH fans. Tony Geary and John J York haven’t had material to play like this in years and it was great seeing John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt. They haven’t lost a beat!

    I really enjoyed all of the stories. I hope there is a NS3 with the same crowd again. It just goes to show you that there is a large audience out there that are sick of the mob stories and just want to see a good drama. I just wish they could do this on General Hospital. Please let TPTB at ABC wake up and send Bob Guza on his way and start taking steps to give us back the real GH. It can be done. NS2 proved it.

  5. Matthew Cormier says:

    I loved Night Shift this year so much. It was so well written and well acted. I guess my only gripe would be that the actors playing the doctors all seem too young—i mean seriously why couldn’t they throw in Bobbie or Monica in some of the scenes to add credibility to the hospital scenes? I can’t get over nurse epiphany ordering everyone around. especially when GH history has made it clear that Bobbie Spencer is head nurse at GH. Also is it really possible Patrick is already named Chief of Staff? Someone that’s worked at GH less than 4 or 5 years? This is a job that people work their entire careers for and wait decades to get and Patrick gets it in less than 6 years? that doesn’t make sense at all. Why couldn’t Monica or another legacy character have that job? Dr. Lesley Webber anyone? I also don’t understand why Elizabeth wouldn’t be on the show, she is one of the most well known nurses on the show and they don’t mention her even once!

    I also have to say the dream sequence was excellent. it brought back a lot of memories for me.

    I wish GH was as good as this on a daily basis. I truly miss the old days when Bobbie was at the nurses station and Amy was talking her ear off, and Monica and Leslie were arguing over Rick and Laura and Lucy were fighting Katherine Bell for control of “Deception” cosmetics and Helena was plotting to kill Alexis and Luke and Stone was dying of AIDS and Robin was by his side and sonny was a minor character in town and Felicia and Mac were falling in love and not all the girls in town were acting like spoiled little brats.

  6. I am still wallowing in self-pity knowing that my Tuesdays nights are about to become a whole lot lonelier. After the debacle of NS1, I had no preconceived notion that NS2 would be any better, but I was truly blown away. In fourteen epiosdes I was reminded what it is like to laugh and cry with characters I have come to love. There was no fast forwarding during any episode, in fact, my replay button probably needs to be replaced! It was so wonderful to see Robin and Patrick relating on an adult level. Tristan Rogers portrayal of a cancer stricken Robert Scorpio deserves an award. Robert’s dream sequence was wonderful and the return of beloved characters was such a treat. Most notably for me was that when the NS2 first started I was not impressed with some the new cast members, but by the last episode I had not only accepted them … I realized I would miss them, too. I pray for a NS3, but please, please, please make sure that Rao and de Cazotte return to the helm.

  7. Marilyn Henry says:

    Oh, Marlena, wasn’t it just the most enjoyable soap watching in ages? Let’s not forget that amazing episode when Kathleen Noone arrived as mother and the brothers had it out at the dinner table and beyond. It was SO true to the way real siblings behave–excellent stuff. Loved the 3-way conversation and revelations afterward, too.

    I didn’t see the entire season–last season put me off and so I didn’t tune in until the kudos started being tossed around the ‘net. Then I was sorry I’d missed so much because Tristan was doing real work, not just the weak quickie stuff he did on GH last year. And Robin was acting like a grown-up and a doctor, at least what I saw of her. Heartening. And Finola’s Anna is magical–her energy lights the screen.

    How lovely that THIS writer remembered that Robert and Luke were really tight best friends and that Luke isn’t the comic relief he seems to have become on the other GH. (HATE what Guza has done to the character!) Lovely to see Tiff, who was always one of my all time faves.

    All-around good, well-written, character-driven and emotionally right show!
    And really, is Ron C doing so badly with OLTL? I’m pretty caught up in it and I think it will pick up now Viki is back. Worst recent mistake was letting A Martinez get away! There was tons of story in him…

    Reading your review of GH:NS was a pleasure!

    Marlena says: Thanks Marilyn. See, if you wait long enough (three decades!) you can get what you want. LOL for both of us and my dear “Monty Man” friend Ed Martin especially!

  8. Marlena,

    Truer words have not been spoken in regards to GH or to it’s counterpart, NS2. This season of NS was absolutely brilliant. With it’s reference and respect to GH’s rich history, and wonderful storylines of social issues – Stone’s austism, the adoption of the Julian brothers, a gay storyline, Epiphany and Toussant.. I could go on and on.

    The only statement I would find myself disagreeing with is “The only significant characters missing were Frisco and Felicia Jones and Robert’s other wife, Holly Sutton” Because I believe the significant character missing was Genie Francis as Laura Spencer! Laura was the first person in that group with whom Robert became friends, they had their little flirtatious moments, (mostly so Laura could make Luke jealous) and I thought THAT was the biggest glaring omission. After all, it was just a dream (we know she’s catatonic on GH), so there is no good reason Genie could not have been involved in that one episode.

    It is a shame that GH has spiraled so far down and no longer gives us the once fabulous soap opera we used to have. Personally, I only watch GH when Genie Francis returns in the role of Laura. Without her, there is no light in Port Charles!

    Cannot wait to see what NS3, Sri and Co. bring us!

  9. I’m actually with Suzette about wishing Genie was there rather than Emma. I’m a Robert/Holly fan from waaaaaaay back and I loved them dearly. But later storylines with Anna (and their “great” love) and then the complete assassination of the Holly character a couple of years ago didn’t even have me blink that she wasn’t there. Why would he be thinking about her? The last time he saw her, she tried to cheat them all out of stuff. Sure, in a perfect world, I’d love to have forgotten about her last return and yes, feel like we’re in the 80s but then we would have had a cat fight or whatever with Anna and it would have been about the triangle instead of Robert.

    I think they did a great job for today’s soap world. But that said, and I know you count on this from me so I don’t want to let you down — this would have been considered a mediocre attempt at best soap moment — if it had aired back in the heyday. It’s just comparing it to the utter crap of today that it seems like a standout. 😉

  10. Suzette,

    You actually thought Laura was more of omission than Holly? Holly was Robert’s WIFE and they were dreaming about her Robert and HOLLY’s townhouse. How could Laura be more important to Robert’s life than Holly? Then again, Sri had Sean and Tiffany seem more important than Holly! LOL!

  11. Ed, I agree with you. Thank you for putting things so clearly and eloquently. I am so glad NS2 happened. NS1 (with the exception of the relationship between Jason and Robin and possibly something else but I can’t think of right now, and NO it is DEFINITELY NOT what they did to Robin and Patrick’s characters and relationship!) was probably one of the worst, most aggravating, disappointing junk I have ever been exposed to in the history of anything related to GH (i.e. what they did to Patrick and Robin’s characters), and every time I even think of season 1, I feel like vomitting.

    I know you can’t always take soaps too seriously, and of course couples break up all the time on soaps, but NS1 and GH since the junk continued to spill to GH from NS1 after NS1 was over, was ridiculous and a clear insult to audience intelligence. NS2 gave me hope that the stories and characters in this genre called soaps, while not perfect, can still at least be comprehensible, relatable, and even be GREAT.

    Bringing back the real, meant-to-be character portrayals of Robert, Anna, Luke, Tiffany, Sean and Mac was a pleasure to watch. Seeing the kind of relationship between Patrick and Robin (which is what I thought NS1 was supposed to do) as a couple who goes through issues in a relationship was nice to watch as well — and I liked how the show came full circle with starting a show with a scene of the two of them and ending the show with a scene of the two of them.

    There was much more as you so well described. NS2 came just at the right time to help me through this sick feeling I had ever since NS1 and GH, especially in mid/latter 2007 through early 2008, approximately January or so. Now that NS2 is over, I am a little apprehensive about now only having GH. While I am — as any fan of the Patrick and Robin relationship would probably be — happy to see them back as a couple, however, I still don’t feel fully at peace with GH’s writing of their relationship even though Patrick and Robin are said to be in a good place and getting married because there was never any REAL accountability written after all that crap that happened on NS1 and spilled into GH. Neither Patrick nor Leyla were given/took responsibility or accountability for their bad behavior. The closest the writers came was Patrick’s speech on the witness stand. Otherwise, they mostly dismissed Leyla’s accountability. They have mostly written it as if Leyla was innocent and Robin is selfishly playing victim (per scene with Leyla to Robin about baby blanket or something) and much like season 1. It seems as though the writers really want the character of Leyla to be accepted by the audience. So if they write her realizing how dispicably she acted (because it was clear to viewers that she knew exactly what she was doing) and is repentent about it, then it would mean that they (the writers) would have to admit that they were wrong. However, if the writers do indeed want the character of Leyla to be accepted by the viewers (that is if the writers cared about what the viewers/fans thought) then the writers having her sincerely apologize to Robin and even Patrick instead of always having Robin apologize to Leyla about how Robin has been supposedly treating her so unfairly (which the fans do NOT buy/accept) would be a great start. Hey, it worked for Leo. Leo cheated on Saira but in that scene on the last episode when he sincerely apologized to her and took accountability and responsibility, it made that character stronger, and that scene with Leo and Saira was stronger for it as well. I guess I just have to take GH for what it is, or should I say, what it is not — it is no Night Shift Season 2.

  12. Renee,

    I see your point regarding Holly – however, before there was a Holly, there was Luke, Laura, Robert and Tiffany – so, yes, I stand by what I said.. Laura not being present was a glaring omission. Luke, Laura, Robert and Tiffany ‘Saved the World’ together.. they were the original 4 Muskateers as it were. I’m not disputing that Holly should have been there – just saying that Laura not being there was very much noticed.. at least Holly got her name mentioned..

  13. I think Lisa DeCazzotte did a wonderful job and I appreciated the little things in the set decoration- like the Steve Hardy Library and the Tania Jones Daycare. However, I was disappointed to see that the *stories of the week* were always left without any kind of resolution. It’s hard to invest in a story that know will leave you hanging at the end of the hour. The only story that was developed was Robert’s cancer. The autism story seemed like they lost interest in it half way through it. Very few people seemed to like the original characters or care about them.

    I was disappointed also in pigeon-hole of history Robert was shoved into. 12 years of character development was forgotten in a heartbeat. There were so many missed opportunities it boggles the mind, but then it doesn’t. Robert may have been a player, but that changed. How great would it have been for him to talk to Robin about that. To ease her fears about Patrick by telling her that her father was a player, but when he met the right woman(Holly) it all changed and he never even thought about another woman- and that is what she did for Patrick. Instead, we got that Robert was never able to commit. Since when? but Sri had to omit Holly because he wanted to reunite Robert and Anna and even he realized that couldn’t happen if Holly was even mentioned.

    I felt bad for Patrick most of the season because he had so little to do the entire season. I agree with the assessment that Night Shift was better than GH today, but that isn’t a crowning achievement either. I’d like to see NS3, but with a different writer.

  14. Marlena, thanks for setting me write, errr, right, I in my simplicity was referring to the “HW” and didn’t include the “EP” it was an oversight.. I’m figuring there must be many other factors that lended to their success that I’m unaware of (for me anyway). I’ve posted with some who didn’t like it … which surprised me.

    I don’t really know how much he wrote, his team or the EP. Since his name is up there I quickly identified with it.

    As for RC, I stopped watching a show; I watched for too many decades to mention. I firmly hit the exit door with the Rape-O-mance as its been described in the podcasts (love this term) … I just couldn’t stomach it on any level so ITA with your assessment . Eventhough he won an emmy for writing. (Was that before the Todd/Marty deal)?

    I’ve never been quite sure (descriptively) what an EP does. I just watch. I’ve never been learned with TPTB. I identify with the “acting, setting, characters, and the basic elements of drama/writing. “The rest is lost to me so I turn to you. But I’m willing to learn, I wub learning new things and I know you know more than I do that’s why I read from you, so I thank you…Heck I’m just learning about the different writers eg., breakdown script, continuity and what they do ((LoL)) listening to the podcasts.

    Everyone ask how do you know this stuff, errr we have your site on RSS feed into our network “read” “listen” to the podcasts.

    Be Well

    Marlena says: Oh Cyber, you don’t have to apologize to me. My soap watching life was a lot more enjoyable (and I think better) before I got into the soap journalism business and learned who did what behind the scenes. We’re viewers, we’re supposed to believe what’s happening on the show and not think about who is putting this big illusion (it’s called theater) on for us. Just fyi, an EP is the soap boss; they make a lot of money, have to deal with the network and fire people. The HW makes a lot of money and doesn’t have to deal with anyone else on the show but the EP and the network people if he or she doesn’t want to. Everyone else is way behind the scenes, and all we have to know is they make a lot of money too!

    Cyber, Thanks for continuing to follow Marlena and for writing to me!

  15. My fanwank of the missing Holly: The thing is, while I think that Holly was Robert’s most important relationship (his marriages to Anna never lasted due to circumstances), and that Robert probably remembers the years with Holly as his happiest (I think TR would agree), for me Holly’s character was fundamentally damaged back in 1992 when it turned out she’d been playing dead because she didn’t want to face telling Robert she’d snuck off to be with her family.

    That, to me, was when Holly started to be a pod person. Back then I remember feeling like Robert was reacting to the news in a way that fit his old self (hurt) while Holly was already being played as the sophisticated adventure woman who could never really be caught–not the fun and loving wife who took an interest in her friends in Port Charles and gossiped with Robert over dinner at the Floating Rib.

    Since they never really resolved those character issues with Holly even before the 2006 debacle I was left feeling that Robert must just still be alienated from her. Setting his dream in his old townhouse showed that his life there was still what he thought of when he thought of “home.” But he couldn’t really imagine Holly loving him the way the others were. Others in that group had made similar mistakes as Holly in their relationships with Robert (and Robert made mistakes too) but she was the one who didn’t fight to make it better.

    It would have been great if they’d gotten her. On this show they might even have used the dream to resolve these things. But when they didn’t it sadly still made sense for me inside Robert’s head!

  16. I hesitate to comment because I cannot remember the source, but here goes. I read “somewhere” that Holly wasn’t omitted, but rather was unavailable.

  17. sorry–meant to say I wasn’t surprised that Emma Samms did NOT want to particpate.

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