Night Shift 2 Served Up that Old General Hospital Magic as its Sublime Second Season Came to an End

Thinking Fans Comment Update October 26:  Dianne says NS2 was a gift to long-time GH fans ... Suzette applauds the celebration of GH history, though she missed Genie Francis ... Mike agrees, mostly, but wonders, where was Holly? ... and more. See Comments below.  ________________________  By Ed Martin  Sri Rao and Lisa De Cazotte are my … [Read more...]

General Hospital Night Shift 2: If They Could Bottle This Show, They’d Save Soaps

Thinking Fans Comment Update October 26:  Brandon says his patience was rewarded as NS2 got better and better ... Marybell says the end of NS2 left her near tears ... and more. See Comments below. ________________  By Marlena De Lacroix "I love you ..." I lost count after about half a dozen the number of  times one character said that to … [Read more...]

Second Thoughts on the Second Episode of General Hospital: Night Shift 2

Thinking Fans Comment Update August 2: Emelzmom thinks Epiphany deserves better ... Karen thinks NS2 is hard to watch ... Soap misses the old Leo ... and more. See Comments below.  ______________ By Marlena De Lacroix I thought the second episode of General Hospital: Night Shift 2, which aired this week, was an improvement over the first.  … [Read more...]