Daytime Emmy Noms 2008: The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same

emmyBy Marlena De Lacroix

I first attended and wrote about the Daytime Emmys in 1980 and I should be over them by now.  But I continue, year after year, to be exasperated by the fact that two things never change.  1) No matter how many times they have been revised or have been updated over the years, the nomination and award processes are still inequitable and unfair.  2) There is always one irritating thing that happens along the way with either the nominations or awards that’s so egregious, Marlena explodes with rage!

This year it happened right away, as the nominations were announced on The View.  The person interviewed on the show as a daytime awards expert/prognosticator wasn’t anyone from the soap press or a soap publication or blog.  Instead, he was a senior writer from People magazine.  I’m sure Marc D’Agostino is a capable  guy, but does he dedicate 100% of his working time and career to the soaps, the way soap journalists do, day after day, year after year, decade after decade?  Marlena, who has moved on to teaching, was born and bred in the soap press and has great respect for young soap magazine writers and editors who have full-time jobs doing interviews and other reporting on soaps. They deserve the spotlight!

This is not the first time ABC has gone for a big time magazine writer over a poor soap press scribe in publicizing its show.  Years ago ABC launched a campaign for Loving with live endorsements featuring “soap” journalists from places like Entertainment Weekly  and People.  A very angry Marlena wrote a very nasty  letter to the ABC Daytime VP at the time (it was pre-Frons)  and she wrote one back to me telling me it was none of my business.

Well, we all know what happened to Loving!

Oh readers, I’ve been away for awhile, but now I am back in fighting trim! You gotta be for Emmy nomination day.  So let’s throw a few punches!

Kathy BrierThe biggest traditional complaint about the Emmys is that there are always outrageous nominations that ridiculously deny a slot to those who should have been nominated but weren’t.  This year it’s Outstanding Actress nominee Nicole Forrester (Cassie, Guiding Light).  Granted, she’s done a fine job during the time she’s played the  character’s harrowing tragedies (a daughter’s death, a demon-child son), but how can even that good work compare to the pure gutsy greatness of un-nominated Kathy Brier (Marcie, One Life to Live) who toted her adopted son on her knee all year long and then had to give him up.  Nancy GrahnIs Forrester a better actress than un-nominated Nancy Grahn (Alexis, General Hospital)? And how does her predecessor in the role of Cassie, Laura Wright (who now plays Carly on GH) feel about Forrester’s nomination?  I’m not usually the greatest fan of the other Marlena, Deidre Hall (Days of Our Lives) but she did her best work ever when John “died.”  She isn’t nominated, yet she is certainly as deserving as Deidre HallJeanne Cooper (Kay, The Young and the Restless), who is. Both surely deserve Outstanding Actress awards for their decades-long respective bodies of work!

That’s just one problematical category.  Practically every category has thorns or similar problems.  Doubtless you dear Thinking Fans will make ample use of the comments section below to sound off on your own un-favorites!

But there are a few good things hiding in these nominations, too.  Much delight has already been expressed over the fact that the usually overlooked Days of Our Lives has three acting nominations, the first since 2003.  Wait a minute.  Wasn’t their writing team fired?  And has someone finally and wisely bound and gagged Ken Corday, restraining him from dissing the press?

My fellow TV journalist Ed Martin sees the Days acting nominations as big news.  “The big story is the NBC comeback,” he enthuses.  “Look at ABC!  They only got three nominations and those are three old men.”David Canary

Oh, Ed, but they are Marlena’s cherished three old men!  My favorite is, of course, Brian Kerwin, the career character actor who quietly sailed onto OLTL as Charlie and stole Viki’s heart.   Kerwin has expertly kept Charlie totally down to earth, and even more believable because he is a human being full of flaws.  We all know that Tony Geary (Luke, GH) can do anything, except, as we found out this year, perhaps sing.  And David Canary (Adam/ Stuart) is the glue that holds All My Children together.  His acting is so expert, his energy and enthusiasm so real, after all these years he is one of the only actors in daytime who is truly writer-proof.

We can go on arguing the Emmy nominations endlessly and I’m sure we will, right up to the Emmys ceremony in June.  Until then, always remember Marlena’s yearly stance:  the Daytime Emmys are unfair and inequitable — unless some one or some show you really love wins, of course!


  1. ICAM Marlena – Nicole Forester has no place getting nominated for Leading Actress. How many years did Laura Wright toil away in this role, no doubt hoping to get a Lead Actress nomination and never did? And she is more deserving. Along with the actresses you mention above.

    However, I was BLOWN AWAY that GL received nominations for Outstanding Writing and Drama Series! I’m a life long GL fan, as you probably know from my pasts posts here, and there’s no way that Ellen Wheeler or David Kreizman deserve this recognition. Between the two of them, Springfield is no longer familiar. The writing is lazy, the production values are non-existent and story telling is uneven. Myself and few of the other posters on another board are speculating that EW was very clever in selecting the two shows last year that were absolutely stellar – Tammy’s death and the 70th Anniversary Episode. The rest of the year was an absolute trainwreck.

    Seriously, can anyone look at this show and think that it’s OUTSTANDING among it’s peers? How is that possible? Sadly, I think that EW/DK scored some brownie points with TPTB at CBS and P&G with they win last year. I’m sure the nomination again this year will only reinforce that thought among upper management. Is there any hope of getting these two banished from soapdom forever and at getting some capable hands on board to steer GL into it’s last years? It doesn’t look that way.

  2. DS0816 says:

    Dear Marlena/Connie,

    The year’s best-actress Emmy should be between Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, “The Young and the Restless”) and Beth Ehlers (Harley, “Guiding Light”). Jon Hensley (Holden, “As the World Turns”) , Bob Woods (Bo, “One Life to Live”), and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, “General Hospital”) should be squaring off for best-actor honors.

    “OLTL” cast mates Kathy Brier (Marcie) and Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) should the ones to beat while, in best supporting actress, while doing battle with Alley Mills (Pam, “The Bold and the Beautiful”), Carolyn Hennessy (Diane, “GH”), Orlagh Cassidy (Doris, “GL”), and Martha Madison (Belle, “Days of Our Lives”). Tuc Watkins (David, “OLTL”), Austin Peck (Brad, “As the World Turns”), and Ted Shackelford (Will/Jeffrey, “Y&R”) should be challenging highly deserving—and my ultimate choice—Brian Kerwin (Charlie, “OLTL”) for best supporting actor.

    Kirsten Storms (Maxie, “GH”) and Caitlin Van Zandt (Ashlee, “GL”) should be the younger-actress frontrunners. If that race truly required one soap’s three submittees to make the final cut, it is not “Y&R” but “OLTL” that was worthy (Kristen Alderson as Starr, Farah Fath as Gigi, and Brittney Underwood as Langston). And Blake Berris (Nick, “Days of Our Lives”) should be among younger-actor listees.

    “Y&R”—in one debacle of a season—should be nowhere near the 2007-08 best drama series Emmy.

    Hey, to me this is just one more year of b.s. I’ve been a soap-watcher for, roughly, 25 years. There’s never been a shortage of incompetent Daytime Emmy lineups. Given this time frame, I concur with many that the 2007-08 roster ranks among the absolute worst.

    P.S. I’ve listened just partly to the “In the Zone” podcast from Wedesday [April 30]. Great Emmys commentary of what I have heard from all, including you, Marlena! Whenever you’re on, there is never any disappointment.

    By the way, considering the foul-ups with the Prenoms ballot, and the disgusting state of these corrupt nominations, I will take great pleasure turning my back on this year’s ceremony.

    Marlena says: Very shrewd analysis, DSO! This is the only year I ever really liked, no loved, Melody Thomas Scott and I don’t care what Latham haters think! And Caitlin Van Zandt and Orlagh Cassidy have been soap heaven together! And Tuc Watkins and Carolyn Hennessy–these are soap actors to live for! Great minds think alike DSO!

  3. DS0816 says:

    Another note of Emmy hilarity: “General Hospital” and “One Life to Live” are the only two soaps to make the cut in all three pivotal races for Series, Direction, and Writing. Yet, nominating voters thought that they did a great job of directing, writing, and operating with just one Emmy-worthy performance each (“GH’s” Anthony Geary, “OLTL’s” Brian Kerwin).

    On the other hand, not nominated for any of the key three, “As the World Turns'” cast members apparently wrote, directed, and produced themselves to the tune of six acting nominations (lead actress Maura West, supporting actor Trent Dawson, supporting actress Kelley Menighan Hensley, younger actors Van Hansis and Jesse Soffer, and younger actress Jennifer Landon).

    Who says—in the midst of our disgust—we cannot have a good laugh over these nomination?!

  4. DS9Sisko says:

    I find myself in a state of dismay, bordering over being apalled, over these nominations for several reasons:

    First of all, it is a given that there will be “snubs” every single year. Why people make a big deal out snubs I never know…until now, that is. Most years there are one or two actors that we furrow our brow over and wonder why such and such was left out. I dare say that most years, the actual nominated characters and shows make sense and are deserving, even if we don’t always agree with who made the cut.

    But THIS year? Looking at the top categories:

    Outstanding Younger Actor: A really good crop of folks, but as fantastic as Tom Pelphrey and Jesse Lee Sofer are and have been for the last few years, this past nominating season given that the former was a guest star and the latter was given little to do those slots would have been better served by Paul Lavossier (Rex) from OLTL and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) on GH. And Bryton McClure? Just what the hell is it that Emmy voters see in him?

    Outstanding Younger Actress: I would scratch every single Y&R actress out of this category, not that they were bad but there were so many other actresses who truned in much better work. Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH) was and has been outstanding the past year. Kristen Alderson (Starr, OLTL) turned in stellar performances. Caitlin Van Zandt (Ashley, GL) has been phemonenal. Ambyr Childers (Colby, AMC) was awesome all around. Marnie Shulenburg (Allison, ATWT) was also very good. Britney Underwood (Langston, OLTL), just wonderful. Take your pick. Outside of Rachel Melvin and Jennifer Landon, this category is a big joke.

    Outstanding Supporting Actor: Few complaints here other than Greg Rikaart and Kristoff St. John. Yes, they are great actors, but — like many other categories — they get the “Oh no, not them again” eyeroll given that again there was so much better work done by other actors this particular season. John Brotherton (Jared, OLTL), Sebastian Roche (Jerry, GH), Jerry ver Dorn (Clint, OLTL), Robert Bogue (Mallet, GL), and Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip, Days) all turned in superior work this year through good stroyline or bad. And lest you think I’m down on Y&R, Ted Shakleford (Jeffrey) has been amazing.

    Outstanding Supporting Actress: I actually have few complaints here other than I wish that they category could have been expanded to include daytime’s most brilliant supporting actress in the dramatic arts, the divine Carolyn Hennesy who eats up and spits out just about every scene on General Hospital as mob lawyer Diane Miller. Also, Farah Fath (Gigi, OLTL) and Megan Ward (Kate, GH) have been stellar. And here are three other actresses that have been outstanding: Jane Elliott (Tracy, GH), Alley Mills (Pamela, B&B) and Peggy McCay (Caroline, Days).

    Lead Actor: I’m going to commit absolute heresy here — I’d ditch everyone but Geary, who was mesmerizing during Luke’s heart attack/near death experience story. Why is Thaao Penghlis in the lead actor cat when he should be supporting? Instead, here are the ones who should have been nominated: Robert S. Woods (Bo, OLTL), John Hensley (Holden, ATWT), Drake Hogestyn (John, Days), Austin Peck (Brad, ATWT….not sure if he should be lead or supporting to be fair), Trevor St. John (Todd, OLTL), and Ron Raines (Alan, GL). In my personal opinion, the actors I cited had more material to sink their teeth into that allowed them to deliver great performances that more than made up for what boils down to little more than familiarity for most those on the current list.

    Lead Actress: First, Jeanne Cooper in LEAD? Really? I mean…really? What the heck is that about? I do like this category, although I honestly think that Laura Wright (Carly, GH) should be on this as an expanded list. I say expanded because I know there are a lot of folks who don’t like Nicole Forester on the list but I disagree 100%. Forester has successfully and convincingly played a mother undone and unraveled by her ongoing grief over the death of her beloved daughter. Cassie is written and hardened, bitter, and increasingly mentally unbalanced; any fault that people may find with the character is not the fault of the actress because that is what she is asked to play. Miss Forrester unfairly catches a lot of flack, but in my opinion she consistently delivers spot on performances even when the material fails her. As for others I would include in an expanded list (…remember last year there were eight actresses nominated), Kristian Alfonso (Hope, Days) and Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL) would earn a spot.

    Drama Series:

    ONE LIFE TO LIVE: The purest, most classic soap on the air right now. Produced with flair by Frank Valentini, well-written by Ron Carlivati, well-acted by one of the best ensembles on the air, and the truest to its original roots than any serial currently airing. From Baby Daddy Drama to Starr & Cole’s starcrossed romance to the aftermath of Asa’s death, this is the show to beat hands down. (But then they said that last year…..)

    GUIDING LIGHT: GL gets a LOT of criticism (some fair, some not) from fans. It has one of the best casts on daytime, probably more actively working veterans, and it can be pretty daring in trying new things. Often GL shows flashes of brilliance. Unfortunately, the writing over the past year has left a lot to be desired. As much as I love, love, love GL, I cannot fairly say it deserves the win this year…or even the nomination.

    YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: When I heard the name called, my eyes rolled so far back in my head I almost thought I was going to have a second stroke. Really? Isn’t this the year that Lynn Marie Latham turned the show into the Gloria Bardwell Hour and produced so many storyline duds that that crashing sounded like a Peruvian rock slide? No, no, no.

    GENERAL HOSPITAL: Folks hate head writer Bob Guza. Folks love to hate Bob Guza. But love to hate him or hate him, Guza might not know how to write old fashioned romance but he knows how to write one hell of an exciting soap opera. He might kill off Quartermaines, but he usually does so in style. He might rely far too heavily on the mob, but many of the characters he creates or has reinvented (Diane Miller, Kate, Trevor, Anthony Zacharra, Spinelli, Maxie, Epiphany) are some of the most well crafted personalities since the glory days of The Edge of Night. He is accused of misogyny, but the female characters of GH often have an unexpected depth. And when it comes to big events, exec producer Jill Farren Phelps can practically outproduce any show on the air: see the now classic Metro Court Hostage Crisis. But this past year GH was too uneven to win this category.

    I would replace Guiding Light with or add As the World Turns, which itself was uneven but a great show nonetheless.

    Marlena: Well, you had me up until the paragraph in which you say you love General Hospital and Guza. The women on GH have “unexpected depth?” In a pig’s eye, sir! And compare Guza’s GH to Edge of Night? I knew headwriter Henry Slesar and he was a genius and a real gentleman, who wrote about crime and know the only sane way one should write a soap is to let the good guys be the heroes. Not the ‘heroes’ Guza lets his pyscho villain boys Sonny and Jason be. Edge of Night was always intelligent soap opera! Today’s GH is nothing but gimmicks, sexism and Guza flim flamming a very fed up audience!

  5. Hmmm, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with a lot of what you said.
    I mean, there are an awful lot of nominees to complain about, and despite what you and others are saying, I just don’t think that Nicole Forrester is one of them. She was incredible in the wake of Tammy’s death.
    And the actresses you would have rather seen take her place? First of all, Kathy Brier wasn’t pre-nommed for leading actress, if I remember correctly. Her exclusion is an injustice, but that should be blamed on the supporting actresses, not on Nicole Forrester.
    And as for NLG? I love her. Alexis is my favorite character in all of daytime, and there are very few who come close. I would cut a b*tch for Nanacy. But were you watching last year? Because to my extreme horror, Alexis was barely on, and had no big stories. There are many years when NLG has been unjustly robbed of an Emmy, but this wasn’t it.
    And Deidre Hall. I tried very, very hard to like her in the wake of John’s death. But somehow, she just didn’t wow me. I was far more impressed by Martha Madison, and even by Kristian Alfonso, whose small speech at John’s funeral was more moving to me than anything DH did.

    Marlena says: Feel free to disagree with me. Dealing with that has always been part of the Marlena job description. I know Nancy didn’t have much of a story last year, but I was holding her up as the model of what a superb daytime actress should be. In other words, talented with great acting depth, brains, creativity, heart and guts. Glad we both adore Nancy. But Grace, what does “cut a bitch” mean?

  6. Hi Marlena,
    This is my first time here posting, and I for one agree with you Marlena on everything. Nicole Forester does not belong in this category, and I like to add that her acting during Tammy’s death scenes were average not exceptional. In fact, if you look at it carefully, it becomes totally obvious that RN is coaching her during the entire scene.

    Marlena says: Welcome RDM. How in the world could you tell Robert Newman was coaching Nicole Forester through those scenes? I never saw anyone do that in an aired soap scene.

  7. Fabobug says:

    Welcome back Marlena!

    This year is another reminder for me that Emmys have very little to do with talent, and much more to do with politics and popularity.

    I have never been a Y&R fan but any fan worth their bubbles knows Melody-Thomas Scott deserves it this year, hands down. She’s been doin’ this for almost 30 years, but recently gave some unusually raw and moving performances. The fact that Kathy Brier and Deidre Hall were not even nominated is further evidence that the system is seriously flawed. Who’s counting these votes anyway, Katherine Harris in Florida?

    But to be honest, I gave up on the Emmys after Kassie De Paiva was ignored for 2002. Her acting during the live episodes of OLTL gave new depths to soap acting, and added a fresh brilliance to Blair.

    And how long has it been since Robin Strasser has been acknowledged? Case closed.

  8. My short reply here to many excellent points is that I am just speechless at how to figure the younger categories. Ever since McClure beat Pelphrey two years ago, I have sort of stopped trying to “get” it — I don’t think there is an “it” to get.

    And for you youngens — Marlena is right about there ALWAYS being some sort of lunacy inhererent in SOME aspect of the Daytime Emmys. Remember Laurie Heineman? Yeah. No one else does either — but she beat the likes of BEVERLEE MCKINSEY to be Outstanding Actress in 1977.

    And I really think until the Emmys ever involve people (the soap press) that watch the shows ON A REGULAR basis — not the busy daytime employees who barely have time to watch their OWN show — or of course these … ahem … “PANELS” that watch 3 episodes or whatever — these awards are NEVER going to make sense.

    And speaking of sense — that’s my 2 cents. HA. 🙂

    Marlena says: Kel, you know and I know the soap press is more biased towards their favorite performers than even the fans. After you interview an actor, and get a thank you, that actor is “yours” for life. Did I ever tell you about the time my pal Leonie and I interviewed Tuc Watkins during an intermission from his play, and he kept taking off his shirt and the usually very serious Leonie — who works for the NYTimes! — came close to fainting dead away? After that, if Tuc were up for an Emmy do you think I’d vote for him if I could? Thank goodness he is also a terrific actor …

  9. The Emmy awards :I’m not sure how anyone could judge so much work, so many actors, so much story… No one person (with a life) could possibly watch and critique every performance. IMO, it’s all boiled down to a popularity contest or name recognition. Acting is an art and how do you judge art? it’s only subjective.

    I agree with some of your column but Nicole Forrester was absolutely marvelous as Cassie coping with the death of her daughter. It was not an OTT but more of a subtle unraveling of a psyche. I believed every nuance of her performance. The story ,more or less, made sense since the actor involved was leaving the show so death by hit and run fit in with the scheme of things. I was not an N.F. fan before the death of Tammy and I wasn’t crazy over the contrived story of her demon son but if she was judged on the death of her daughter, she more than deserved that nomination.

    OTOH, Kathy Brier gave some excellent performances but the story itself was so obvious and as I watched it seemed one of those showy stories aimed at the Emmy Award. They (OLTL) lost me when a judge awarded custody to a former gang rapist and his wife who is of questionable character. (Questionable because she married the rapist not once but twice or more and even remarried the creep after he lied and told her her baby had died. OTOH, Marcie was a sub. teacher married to a young physician. I didn’t believe the story at all so the material and then the acting felt a little off to me. I know it’s “only a soap” but it doesn’t mean it has to be stupid baseless material. Besides which, one of the reasons the soaps have continued to dumb down the materal is because the fans are so willing to say “it’s only a soap”. Just because it’s only a soap doesn’t mean that it needs to be like a comic book. Some fans (I would say many) have backgrounds in medicine, law and business.

    I lost respect for the Daytime Emmy awards the year Erika Slezak took home the award instead of Jessica Tuck. I’m sure that is very unpolitic to say, but 8 Daytime Emmy awards? Ditto with David Canary. Soap operas are their own worst enemy. The industry seems to consider soaps a joke and the soap operas themselves do little to alter that perception.

  10. Marilyn Henry says:

    Ah, the Emmys.

    After years and years of watching that statuette elude Genie Francis (she didn’t even get nominations until last year!), I guess nothing should surprise or dismay me. Can’t say I am exactly excited or even unduly angry this year.

    I only watch GH regularly and OLTL most days, and OLTL only since last November, so I have little knowledge of other shows. GH can be exciting and even gripping now and then, in a negative and depressing sort of way. There is scarcely any reason to root for any character there, as very few are even likable, much less decent people. If any character begins to get likable, Guza will find a way to squash that. He seems to delight in making us hate everybody.

    Now you know, Marlena, how I feel about Tony Geary. And I know what you are talking about when you say interviewing an actor can, well, influence your emotions, shall we say? After spending most of two days on the set with sweet, intelligent, charming Tony, being escorted around, introduced to people like an old friend, etc, — actually, there aren’t adjectives adequate to cover that experience. But I have to admit to a slight bit of surprise that his name was on the ballot.

    The show barely used him last year. Certainly the Luke I know and love was not there. Luke is so Guza-distorted by now I find him hard to recognize. The writing has turned him into a drunken lout, a lay-about, a leech, a bad father, a womanizer. I’ve watched him for over 25 years and I know Luke Spencer. When he ran clubs he was never lazy, he was always there, working hard. He and Lucky were close, best buddies, and he took great joy in Lulu’s birth. He wasn’t the standard daddy, but this was no irresponsible, neglectful parent either. And skirt chasing? He was always faithful to Laura: it was one of the things that made him so appealing — a soap man who didn’t cheat, who loved so deeply that he was heard to say to seductive ladies, ‘Sorry, my wife has spoiled me for other women’.

    I understand that what happened to Laura could turn a man to drink, to such depths of grief that there could be some heart and soul lost, but to hear him say he LOVES Tracy Quartermaine??! Even the magnificent actor Geary cannot convince me.

    I’ve been trying to replay last year in my head to recall if any of his scenes impressed me so much they screamed “Emmy.” Nope. I still think he’s the best actor in daytime, but did he bring it home last year? Or maybe as a writer I just hated the idea of giving Luke Spencer a heart attack so much that even that sequence of events didn’t do it for me.

    Help me here, Marlena, what winning scenes would he use on his reel this time? Singing “My Way”? I loved it, but now really …

    Meanwhile, I wish Nancy Grahn could be nominated, but she is one of those GH jewels that are barely used. I like Megan Ward a lot and feel Laura Wright has made Carly her own and even made her a little likable (when Guza isn’t looking), and Rick Hearst has had some really riveting moments, and should be recognized. But the writing has been SO uneven, what with the distraction of Nightshift and the writer’s strike, that the actors lost in material.

    I will say Jill F P does a hellava job on producing those awful catastrophes Guza dreams up for sweeps, but overall, mob stories are a bore, violence is a bore, having leading men who are murderers and criminals is a bore and an insult to a dedicated soap fan.

    Marlena says: Gosh, Marilyn, I hope Tony writes an autobiography when he finally retires! He’s an honest guy, I’d love to hear his real feelings and opinions as to what has gone on at GH these past 30 years.

    As to the current state of the mob-infested show and Guza, I have a huge future column churning inside of me because I was off on my personal leave when Guza decided to shoot Micheal in the head and then run to the press and claim it was the kid’s fault. I am SEETHING about Guza’s gall and hyprocisy. Look for Mt. Marlena to erupt in a huge volcano of anger and steaming verbiage in a GH column coming your way soon.

  11. First time poster, I’m so happy to have found this website, and Marlen’a return to soaps!
    The sad thing about this years Emmy nominations for me is that there used to be at least one race to watch for me, one race that I really wanted to see who would win. Last year it was Maura West, who deserved her win so much, IMO. I could care less about any of these races. While some are quite talented and deserving of recognition, it just goes to show you how awful this years soaps have gotten.

    I grew up in an ABC daytime household, with a little Days and Y&R thrown in. Those ABC shows are still my home soaps, but I love the format so much that when I would read about good writing on other shows, or would get fed up with “mine”, I would hop around, and see greatness on nearly every channel. When McTavish and Guza/Pratt drove me away from GH in the early 2000’s, I found early Sheffer and ATWT, full of wit and heart. There are many more examples, but this year, I dropped AMC, and have picked nothing up. Even seeing the best scripts Days has had in years didn’t lure me back regularly. At least people in Salem don’t sound like morons anymore, even if I no longer care about those same people. Who knew I could grow to not care about Hope Brady?

    I struggle to get through GH, it breaks my heart to know how wonderful it was, how it could be, and see how it is.I remember when Guza was entertaining, and the whole canvas was used.

    Now I watch classic Guiding Light clips from the early 1990’s on Youtube, and Labine GH for my fix of soap sophistication and heart, becauseit sure isn’t on my television screen anymore.

    Marlena says: Welcome David. You’ve come to the right website. If there is still a scintilla of sophistication and heart somewhere in the current soap line-up, you can be sure Marlena will find it. Otherwise, we all remember the glory of soaps past here, and we celebrate them as often as we can. Meanwhile I love your line, “Who knew I could grow to not care about Hope Brady?” So heartbreaking and apt for our times!

  12. horselover says:

    I personally cannot wait for your future column, Marlena. Welcome back!

  13. I think the only thing Tony Geary had that was remotely reel-worthy was the brief, very brief rape revisit stuff with Lulu.

    And even that was kind of lame. It never went anywhere and had no fallout.

    The rape revisit should not have been done again so poorly. It makes me ache for Jonathan Jackson and the dialogue of yore.

  14. Great column! I only watch GH and B&B, and the few times I have accidentally watched “something else”, I am surprised by the superior caliber of the GH actorsin comparison. They really are an excellent cast and have been robbed Emmy opportunities this year thanks to the poor writing of Guza and co. And to have that schlock rewarded by Emmy nominations is as bad as having Natalia Livingston steal an Emmy a few years ago. Sure, the sweeps extravaganzas are mostly well done, but any follow up usually fizzles and leaves parts in limbo or unresolved. The low ratings speak for themselves.

  15. monica t. says:

    Marlena, to answer your question, what does “to cut a bitch ” mean…. It as I understand it to means you like someone so much that if anyone even considers to hurt them you’ll fight the battle for them. It is an odd compliment but it works well in conversation and can be conveys with humor as well. Love your column and please on all that is, please rip Luza Guza I new with that coming column of yours because it is cleat. “Mr. Sensitive” did not like the EW column and then went running to SOW to do another interview.

    Marlena says: Okay Monica, what does “cleat” mean? Maybe you can be Marlena’s tutor in this new language I know nothing of. Remember though, I am a writing professor and am very sensitive to the correct use of English.

  16. Monica t. says:

    In what context is “cleat” used? I do get your point about the current butchering of words. I completely blame “texting on the phone and the like. I personally can’t stand the current use of this technology and it has gotten out of hand. Love Ya. Monica T.

  17. Matthew J Cormier says:

    The daytime emmy noms have been a disaster for years now. I think the biggest mistake was the introduction of the Pre-noms because it has simply turned the nominating process into a high school popularity contest–as Victoria Rowelle pointed out last year when she left Y&R. I think the mistake this year was simply that people did not watch the tapes AT ALL., which resulted in people like Kathy Brier, Catherine Hickland, Bobbie Eakes, Melody Thomas Scott and others all being left out of the nominations. Which is a shame because in the case of Hickland and Brier this may be the last chance they ever have to get an Emmy—with Hickland almost never in a front-burner story and Brier rumored to be leaving OLTL this season.

  18. Gina D. says:

    Dear Marlena: I am 50 years old and I have been watching soaps for 41 years in particular General Hospital. I feel that this year the Emmy nominations were a complete travesty. (They have been for quite a while, but this year was the absolute worst). People like Tyler Christopher and Melody Thomas Scott were left out. I think that Tyler is an excellent actor and his work this year was phenomenal. He is long overdue for an Emmy. Melody Thomas Scott gave excellent performances and should have been nominated. I am getting to the point where I just want to turn off my TV set so I don’t have to get annoyed and frustrated.

  19. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Personally, I am a GH and OLTL fan. I think we all have our favorite actors and actresses. The truth of the matter is that there are so many very talented actors and actresses, how can anyone say who is the best. I don’t believe an Emmy is the measure of one’s talent…it is only a merely the opinion of a select few. For those who did not win an Emmy, please know that in the hearts of your fans, you are all winners.

    Over the years, my husband and I have moved around quite a bit. My husband has now retired and strongly dislikes television. My husband says the television is going to drive him crazy. I told him that all the years we have been married, the one constant in my life has been the television. While he was working over the years, the television was always there. I told him that as far as I’m concerned, the television has squatter’s rights! I would like to thank all the wonderful actors and actresses who have entertained me over the years. You don’t need an Emmy. Just know that your fans love and appreciate the work you do. Thank you all.

    Marlena says: This is one of the sweetest reader letters I have ever seen! Thank you so much Elizabeth for sending it to!

  20. I just found this blog Marlena and was thrilled to see you back in the action but for someone who hailed Passions at one time as daytime’s best soap, you have a lot of nerve to talk about some of the actors and actresses the way you do. personally I believe 100% that Nicole Forester deserved that Emmy. Anyone who says otherwise either 1) didn’t watch or 2) is too blinded by hating the character to pay attention to her awesome performance. She brings a lot of class and vulneribility to the role of Cassie and I personally will miss her greatly.

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