One Life To Live Ups the Stakes, But Does It Dare Fire Superstar Slezak?

Thinking Fans Comment Update: Cherry Ames declares, "OLTL is so good in some ways, but in other ways it's just sick and sordid and as bad as reality (global recession, wars, mass killings in Darfur and Sudan, Octo-mom).  I want something more uplifting and positive" ... while Beth predicts, "Forcing Erika Slezak from OLTL, in my view, is something … [Read more...]

One Life To Live at 40: That’s Entertainment!

Thinking Fans Comment Update July 18: EricMontreal22 recalls OLTL 1980 ... Dale salutes Phil Carey ... norn calls Llanview home away from home ... and more. See Comments below. ____________  By Marlena De Lacroix Happy 40th birthday, One Life to Live!  I've been wracking my brain for weeks, trying to come up with an overall through-line … [Read more...]

On the Soap Shrink’s Couch: One Life to Live’s Dorian Cramer Lord, Part One

Thinking Fans Comment Update:  cher shares on Dorian and respect ... norn on Dorian and revenge ... and more. See Comments below. _________________________  Part 1 of 2-Part OLTL 40th Anniversary Appointment! By Damon L. Jacobs Each week the Soap Shrink tries to offer a glimpse into a soap character's history, symptoms, and hopefully suggest an … [Read more...]