Marlena’s Summer Plans

By Marlena De Lacroix Bonjour, everyone!  I'm sorry I haven't posted in many weeks.  As you know, my mother passed away.  It happened amid the frenzy of the end of spring semester, at the end of a long academic year.  I need the summer to recharge, so I'm going on relaxed summer mode until the Daytime Emmys at the end of August. However, … [Read more...]

On Soaps, Suicide Is Rarely Painless (Even for One Life To Live’s Todd)

Thinking Fans on the roof with Marty and Todd:  John isn't convinced Todd jumped out of remorse ... Steve cringes at soaps' attempted suicide for pity stunt ... while Damon L. Jacobs (our Soap Shrink), on the serious side of the subject, points out the greater risk of suicide among gay teens ... and more. See Comments … [Read more...]

One Life To Live’s Todd and Marty: Way Beyond Merely “Disgusting”

  Susan Haskell as Marty, Trevor St. John as Todd -- ABC Photo by Heidi Gutman _________________________ Thinking Fans Comment Update Nov. 9:  Miajere laments the misogyny in daytime ... Christian in Boston is disgusted by Todd's elevation to "redeemed and tortured anti-hero" status ... Steve protests Todd-Marty story exists "for no other … [Read more...]