The Bold and the Beautiful: Inconsistencies and Smokin’ Seduction

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Heather Tom: award-winning weeping

Storyline inconsistencies bother soap viewers who want their storylines to be thoroughly believable and linear (not to mention being true to a soap’s actual history).  We’ve seen plenty of them in the unfinished (as of this writing) Fluke story on General Hospital. Now I’d like to complain about one on The Bold and the Beautiful.

This week we saw divorced spouses Bill and Katie get re-engaged with Bill giving her a gigantic ring and a pledge of his forever love.  When the hell was their courtship?  When last seen Bill was madly in love with Katie’s sister Brooke, for whom he had left Katie.  Bill and Brooke would have been married if Ridge had not stolen Brooke away from the beach side ceremony in Dubai.   Bill continued his pursuit of Brooke, but Brooke told Bill to go back to Katie when Brooke left for Italy and ended up being gone many months.  During that time Katie broke up with Ridge for basically little reason.  So when did Bill fall out of his mad love for Brooke and fall in love with Katie again?  And when did Katie fall in love again with Bill?  We never saw any of this.

And isn’t Katie absolutely crazy to want to remarry her rotten ex-husband?  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Bill wants to reunite his family with their son, Will.   As I said, Bill originally left Katie for her own sister Brooke and that was disgraceful. Hasn’t Katie grown up at all since the break-up and when did she forgive Bill?  Despite Bill and Katie’s inexplicable current happiness, I’m sure trouble is ahead because 1) Brooke is back in town now, although she’s given Katie and Bill’s engagement her blessing, and 2) multiple Emmy winner Heather Tom as Katie is so good at her trademark crying scenes.  Why Katie would want to wear Bill’s big old gaudy engagement ring is a mystery to me.  Will they really remarry?

Hot Stuff

Speaking of B&B, did you see the really, really smoking hot seduction scene in which Ridge, suddenly a painter, painted an almost nude Caroline, who posed backless in a sheet in Ridge’s modest new apartment?  Wowsa!   They kissed at the end of the episode and Monday I guess we will learn whether that kiss led to them making love.

Young Caroline and older man Ridge are together despite Steffy and Brooke’s rabid objections.  And Brooke told Deacon she plans to steal her multiple ex-husband Ridge away from Caroline. I don’t think so. Ridge is too much in love with Caroline.

Yes, this Ridge and Caroline romance might be a bit unpalatable because of the older man-younger woman thing and that Ridge was once married to Caroline’s aunt Caroline, for whom she is named.  But the always sexy as hell Thorsten Kaye and the very beautiful Linsey Godfrey have undeniable chemistry.

By the way, we’d like to wish Ms. Godfrey, who was seriously injured when a car ran into her on a sidewalk in L.A. last week, a speedy recovery.   


  1. Marlena, I completely agree with this piece. I too wondered where was the Bill/Katie courtship. I never saw Bill ask Katie to go to dinner at their favorite Indian eatery or spend a day at the amusement park with Will.

    Bill never sent Katie freesias or chocolates flown in from Switzerland. I didn’t Katie resist Bill’s overtures and tell Donna that she had conflicting feelings about Dollar Bill, that a part of her hated him for leaving her for Brooke, but she still had love for him. I didn’t see Katie have flashbacks of Bill’s crummy treatment of her and Bill asking for forgiveness, while remaining cocky, of course. I didn’t see Katie experience chest pains, which necessitated a trip to the hospital and Bill watched out for her and Will, even breaking hospital rules by bringing Will in to visit her. Steffi could have seen Liam babysitting Will, which made her discuss the baby that she lost. But I digress.

    Yes, Katie and Bill reuniting was a statement and not an actual story brimming with falling action. But on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, women always let men get away with treating them horrendously.

    Marlena says: Thanks Tess. I certainly agree with your last statement, but this engagement really makes little sense and is egregious.

  2. I’m actually happy Katie & Bill are back together. Katie makes him palatable! I feel like there were enough scenes with Bill trying to make things right with Katie and get her back. Why does there need to be a big courtship thing when they’ve been married already? That didn’t bother me at all.
    Bill & Brooke were gag-worthy and should never have been together. I never felt that relationship was anything more that a temporary obsession for them both. Thankfully Brooke did one thing right and left town so Bill & Katie could get back together.
    I’m having a little trouble with the Ridge/Caroline affair, but I really DO want them together just to spite Brooke. That bitch needs to be put in her place. Who does she think she is? Of course this is Brooke, so I’m sure she’ll win out in the end, but I hope Ridge is truly done with her!

    Marlena says: Oh SZima, any lifetime B&B fan knows Brooke and Ridge will never be over. But I’m really glad he’s going to ignore her now for Caroline!

  3. Marlena, the reason why Katie broke up with Ridge is because he was cheating on her with Caroline!

  4. SZima, in MY opinion, that is what is wrong with today’s soaps. They no longer bother to tell stories. The writers state an incident and the characters emote to it and it’s comes across hollow and doesn’t resonate. It doesn’t seem real or genuine.

    Bill treated Katie like dirt and we should have seen him WORK to win her back.

  5. I fast-forward or flip channels when “The Bold and the Beautiful” shows Bill and Katie. With there being no development to “show us” why they have reunited…it comes across the way “Guiding Light” did when it wanted us to accept off-screen developments with some of its characters’ lives. This is not acceptable [to me].

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