General Hospital: Where is the Love?

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

“Where is the love?”  This is a famous soap world quote from the late beloved headwriter Doug Marland (As the World Turns, etc.) spoken when he used to look at other soaps and find anything but.   This question can now be most fairly asked of General Hospital, once a good soap opera but now nothing more than a bunch of plot manipulations, double crosses and characters with anything else but love on their minds.

Take Franco and Carly, who supposedly “love”  one another.  When minister Lucy asked Franco during the wedding ceremony if he’d take Carly as his wife, he said, “Definitely not.  She’s a lying, cheating whore.”  Franco picked that “romantic”’ moment to disclose that he knows Carly has been cheating all along with her ex-husband Sonny.  Before the ceremony, Carly had accused Franco of hiding the truth that he tapped into her computer while Nicholas was secretly hiding out at their house.

Then there’s Sonny, who supposedly loves Carly.  Who he really loves is himself, and his whole motivation these days has been plotting to keep secret (and not get arrested for) the fact that he killed A.J. Quartermaine for killing his fiancé Connie (Ava really did it).  He has done everything he could to keep the truth from his son Michael (A.J’s biological son.)  He has also plotted to kill Franco who knows he murdered A.J.   Sonny was going to try to frame Heather for the murder of Franco.  But Heather overpowered hitman Sean when she kidnapped and tied up his lady love Jordon.

Will Sonny beat the law this time?  We bet not, as police chief Anna is finally on to the fact that Sonny killed A.J.  We bet he’ll be arrested soon.

Sonny also plotted to kill an expectant Ava as soon as she delivers the baby that is either his or his son Morgan’s.  In a related plot that is anything but a celebration of love, psychotic Nina Clay is now holding Ava hostage and has just injected her with both a paralytic drug and a drug which induces labor.  Nina, in cahoots with her mother Madeline, plans to take Ava’s baby once it is delivered and keep it as her own.   This is to get back at Ava for her long-ago affair with Nina’s husband Silas   There has rarely been a soap opera character who is less full of love as a motive than crazy Nina.

Speaking of, to get Dr. Silas’ current attention away from her, Nina had Madeline seize Danny’s  medical records and change them to look like his leukemia has returned.  What an ugly moment for GH, and especially for poor Danny’s mother Sam!   Silas is finally onto Nina and is now searching for her, as she is holding mother- to-be Ava hostage and injecting her with all kinds of drugs.

General Hospital, where is the love indeed?


  1. This current headwriter is about anything and everything but love. I truly believe hes not the heart or sould to know and/or understand that particular emotion when it comes to writing any type oter. His creationand blod character. His creations are soul-less and bloodless, merely engaged in games of “Gotcha” or “How horrific a situation can I put these characters in for my own enjoyment and edification?” Forget the audience or what they’re tuning in to see from this “once upon a time” venerable and quality driven daytime drama. This regime headed up by RC and FV should be ashamed of themselves for their trashing of a once iconic show. Their appealing to the tastes of a less than picky, as well as a “held hostage” viewing audience may net them ratings that keep GH on the air, but even those who do like what they’re seeing will grow tired of these plot point studies in manipulations. The question for me is how long before ratings start to truly reflect that these men are charlatans and that they’ve been fooling so many as to their supposed “love” for GH? The thought of my beloved show being cancelled at the hands of these two makes me sick. And that’s just me being honest.

  2. Apologies for the typos. Sentences in my opening comments should read as:

    I truly believe he has neither the heart or soul to know or understand that particular emotion when it comes to writing any type of story. His creations are soul-less and bloodless….

    Thank you for allowing me to correct this.

  3. Marlena, you’re wrong when stating that Carly and Franco are “in love.”

    They’re not and I don’t think the show is trying to fool us that they are. Us viewers are aware of it and I think both characters are kind of aware of the other’s feelings. And because of that, I think this whole sick twisted story works.

    Plus, any excuse to see Robin Mattson, I can handle.

    As for Michelle Stafford? She is simply amazing. So is Maura West. Would love to see both of them duke it out for the Lead Actress Emmy at next year’s show (even though Heather Tom will probably snatch her 270th trophy).

    • I’ve been watching B&B since Nu- Ridge arrived. I love Heather Tom, and I know her acting through the discovery of Bill and Brooke was amazing. I haven’t seen her do much this year. But , just the past 2 or 3 episodes of General Hospital have been undeniably Emmy worthy for Maura, Michelle and Roger!! General Hospital is ON FIRE!!!

  4. Nikolas’ son Spencer was hiding out at Carly’s house, not Nikolas!

  5. There is actually some love on GH. Lulu and Dante are in love and raising their little boy Rocco. There is the hope of a love story between Maxie and Nathan, Sam and Patrick and nuJason & Liz. I also believe that Julian Jerome really does love Alexis. Brad and Lucas, and even Britt and Nikolas.

  6. Ron and Frank’s weakness is romance. They are not good at building it up so people can invest in it. Their version of love feels rushed because each couple hit the sack before any kind of romance can build They rely on past love storylines (Liz/Ric, Alexis/Ned, Carly/Sonny, etc) or use the past to create a romance (Alexis/Julian, Sabrina/Carlos, Liezl/Faison, Liezl/Victor, Jordan/Sean, etc). The exceptions (Brad/Lucas, Britt/Nikolas, etc.) are created based on something each of them have in common. Other than that the storylines are good.

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