Ivy and Caroline: Two Fascinating Women to Watch on The Bold and the Beautiful

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalcqua Hayman

Ashleigh Brewer

Before we begin, I’d like to thank the many of you who wrote in with good wishes for my continued good health.  I’m feeling much better now and was greatly bolstered, not just by notes from so many readers but also by the shout-outs from long ago friends and former soap world colleagues.  It’s great to know that good feelings of friendship persist despite the fact that we haven’t been in touch in years.  Cheers! And now to business:

Ivy from Down Under

I’m greatly cheered by the appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful of a truly 21st century independent and strong woman character, who doesn’t owe anything to anyone and exists solely because she is intelligent and strong. She’s Ivy Forrester, the Aussie Forrester cousin and jewelry designer who has been slowly introduced on the show of late.  She’s played with great vivacity and savvy by Ashleigh Brewer, a veteran of Australia’s Home and Away soap opera.

When Ivy first appeared on the scene, brought in to take over the jewelry arm of Forrester creations from that liar and cheat Quinn Fuller, she faced the chore of getting to know all her Forrester relatives, most of whom worked at the firm.   She got to know Hope for the Future designer Hope Logan and through her one of Hope’s suitors, Liam Spencer.  Hope has been ricocheting between Liam and Wyatt Fuller, Quinn’s son, for what seems like years.

Ivy liked Liam, but instead of stealing him, she concentrated on making him a good friend.  It’s Liam who rescued Ivy when Quinn pushed her into the Seine in Paris and that good deed has created a special bond between the two.  Ivy listened patiently as Liam bewailed  the sudden marriage of Hope and Wyatt,  and consoled him on Hope’s pregnancy.

Ivy expressed her growing romantic interest in Liam with impressive subtlety.  She threw Liam an Australian-style barbeque and invited him out to dance when he felt low.   As of now, with Hope being pregnant, it looks like Ivy has a clear shot at Liam.  But you never know, as the Liam-Hope-Wyatt triangle seems like an eternal storyline on B&B.  But whatever happens, self-confident and brainy Ivy will still be standing there. At last, a soap heroine who can truly take care of herself.

Caroline in Conflict

Speaking of soap heroines, another B&B actress, Linsy Godfrey, has been terrific of late playing one who is in a sticky position. The heroine is Caroline Forrester, wife of Forrester son and exec Rick. She is a designer at Forrester creations. Since Ridge’s accident in which he lost the inability to draw and design, Caroline has been helping him out by collaborating on designs.  But Ridge and Caroline have slowly been developing romantic feelings for each other, forbidden since Ridge is engaged to Katie and Caroline is married to Rick.     

Godfrey has done a wonderful job of playing Caroline’s inner conflict, which isn’t easy because the handsome and charismatic Ridge is a very attractive man to Caroline.  For now, Caroline has chosen to stay with Rick.  But now that Maya has publicly spilled the secret that Caroline and Ridge have kissed in the past, that relationship should grow more complicated.  We’re always hooked on forbidden soap romances! 


  1. Mama don’t watch “Bold and the Beautiful”

    Is Ashleigh Brewer Rena Sofer’s real-life daughter? They look like twins.

    Marlena says: Not that I’m aware of!

  2. Hi Marlena,

    I’m sorry to hear you have had some health issues. Having had some of my own this month, precluded visiting your site as I usually do to read the best written soap column out there. I’m glad you’re on the mend.
    I agree wholeheartedly agree with you about Caroline and Ivy, two of the best, if not the best females on B&B. I too love forbidden love stories, and Caroline and Ridge’s growing feelings for the other is one of the best written in a long time. It reminds me of one written on Loving years ago between Clay and Dinah. I liked the way they put them together with a common purpose that did not seem contrived for plot purposes. Thorsten Kaye and Lindsey Godfrey are stunning together. I was, as oldtimers used to say, ‘gobsmacked’ at the intensity of their pairing. I know many fans are hot for Katie and Ridge, but having been a long time fan of Thorsten Kaye, his pairing with Heather Tom has been my least favorite. Heather Tom is a competent dramatic actress but lacks that sizzle and crackle that is required for romance. She reminds me more of the long suffering wife. Being competent sometimes is boring and for me TK became so with HT. Thorsten Kaye came alive and just oozed sexual energy when he performed his scenes with Lindsey Godfrey and she grew in stature and allure because it seemed she let go of that propriety of a married woman and grew into a woman. As an actress Lindsey showed what she was capable of and I’m happy to say she surpassed what I expected of her since Thorsten Kaye is larger than life on screen and acts full out. She kept up admirably. Thorsten Kaye oozes sex appeal and I hadn’t seen it expressed on B&B so far until Caroline. He hasn’t shown that intensity since his Zach and Kendall days on AMC. I doubt he’ll ever achieve that kind of fan worship with Katie but …there might be a shot with Caroline.

    Stay well,


    Marlena says : Thanks for your good wishes Marlene. I agree with you about Katie and Caroline. It should be very interesting to see what happens now that the attraction between Caroline and Ridge is no longer a secret.

  3. Welcome back Marlena, your insights have been sorely missed, even when we disagree. I’m glad that you are feeling better. I agree about both Ivy and Caroline. Unlike Steffy who threw herself at Liam at every opportunity, Ivy has been content to be a friend. She realizes that Liam is still holding a torch for Hope, and she’s not trying to rush the relationship or push him into anything that he’s uncomfortable with. This has made her extremely attractive to Liam. She respects the relationship that he had with Hope. Although I thought her asking Allie for permission to pursue Liam was silly. And I’m loving the Caroline/Ridge dynamic. This story line would never have worked with Ronn Moss, although I’m told that he really wanted it. Thorsten and Lindsey are just oozing chemistry, and the dynamic of them both being designers, and the long conflict between Rick and Ridge only adds to the intensity. Lindsey Godfrey is really stepping up to the plate. She’s come along way since she first started on the show where the writers really didn’t know what to do with her or her character.

  4. I agree about Ivy. Not about Caroline. The actress is too over the top for me.

  5. I admire Caroline and I want Brooke back.. If hope has to move on please recast her character as

  6. Ivy why pick on Liam and hope for have work do as for dress up and glowing
    In sun light. Go back to Brisbane and leave them alone work on the Hunger games
    Mockingjay part 2 what happen the end. How about hook up with Rick or
    WYATT he is good guy smart from Aimee mason

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