The Young and the Restless: And They Call the Double Mariah

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Camryn Grimes: Mariah, or the ghost of Cassie?

Bringing back an actor who played a character now dead can be tricky.  The options are to bring the character back from the dead or create a double, commonly in the person of a long lost twin.

On The Young and the Restless, the dead character of Cassie, the daughter of Nick and Sharon, has been “resurrected” over the last year as Mariah, who this month, among several awkward plot twists,  has been revealed to be Cassie’s twin.  (Both Cassie and Mariah have been played by Camryn Grimes).

Mariah first came to town hired by Victor to impersonate the late Cassie and thus spook Sharon, and to get her to disclose her long buried secret that Summer is really Nick’s daughter, not Jack’s.  In an unintended consequence, Sharon went into a motherly swoon over her dead daughter’s doppelganger and adopted her to be her own, taking her home to live with her and Nick.

Mariah repaid Sharon’s affection by betraying her. In a very icky twist, Mariah developed a crush on Nick and one afternoon came down the stairs in lingerie, expecting him but finding Sharon instead. The disillusioned Sharon threw Mariah out, but too late!  Nick had just found out through some investigative work that Mariah was indeed Cassie’s twin, born to 16-year-old Sharon while she was unconscious.  Mariah was brought up by an unloving baby nurse named Helen Copeland and her father figure, cult leader Ian Ward.

Back in up a bit, when Victor hired Mariah, she was still in the clutches of the evil Ian and Helen. Ian had been out to get possession of Mariah and her grandmother Nikki since he seduced Nikki as a young cult follower.  So last week he kidnapped Mariah, and in another icky twist dressed her in a wedding gown, got her drunk and married her.  An inebriated Mariah even signed wedding papers.  Meanwhile Nick and Sharon found Mariah in Ian’s storage unit.  When last seen, Ian was headed to Nikki’s to either harm her or pick up a pay-off.

This tangled plot has been suspenseful if only to answer the question of why Mariah has Cassie’s face.  As the creepy Ian ward, Ray Wise has managed to be both conciliatory and creepy. And as always Sharon and Nick have had something big to fret over.

Will Mariah escaped all this unscathed and will she be able to be successfully reunited with her natural parents?  Will Sharon’s secret be exposed?   Can this storyline get any more complicated? My guess is, of course it can.

Charm, Romance or Not

Very rarely does a couple come forward who are truly charming whether they are romantically involved or not.  On The Bold and the Beautiful, not romantically involved but charmingly up to no good are Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) and Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan). Their scheme is to pul apart the engaged couple Bill and Brooke, who each wants for their own.

The actors, Sofer and Kanan are quite good together and are incidentally both veterans of General Hospital where Sofer played Lois and Kanan played A.J. Quartermaine. Carrying on admirably on B&B, their chemistry is true and they are always entertaining.


  1. Could be worse.

    Could be Dullan running around with an equally as boring doppelganger. Surprised Jill Farren Phelps didn’t go down that road since Steve Burton is her favorite person in the whole wide world.

  2. I hope I can get through this post without losing it. I cringe at what is happening to Y&R. The stories are so ill-conceived and preposterous.

    Many years ago when Nikki was a sweet young thing, she became involved in a cult and was sexually involved with the cult leader, Ian Ward. She erroneously thought she gave birth to Ian’s child when in reality, the child was Paul Williams, another man Nikki had been intimate with.

    When Ian ran around town claiming to be Dylan’s father, trying to forge a relationship with Dylan, not one time did Nikki question that Paul have been Dylan’s child. Wouldn’t Nikki have known that Paul was possibly Dylan’s father? Surely, she didn’t forget her sexual encounters with Paul.

    Also, Sharon gave birth to twins and didn’t know it. Possible. After all, she was a 16 year old girl enduring excruciating pain from childbirth. The crooked doctor drugged her and two babies emerged. Sharon didn’t have a clue about baby number two.

    Now Ian Ward stole baby number two from Sharon and years later, Sharon just so happen to become the daughter-in-law of Nikki, Ian’s former cult member. Rolling my eyes over here, BIG TIME. What utter nonsense.

    I always admired Y&R for being methodical and thorough where storytelling was concerned. Sure, the stories would drag, but oftentimes the payoff was worth the wait.

    All the other soaps, at least in later years, AS THE WORLD TURNS, GUIDING LIGHT, ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE told goofy, implausible stories that frequently lacked intelligence. And the audience responded to the revelry by tuning these shows out, which eventually led to their demise. So bearing that in mind, why would Y&R model themselves after failed shows? And hire the writers and directors of these failed shows. Additionally, why would Sony employ Jill Farren Phelps to produce Y&R.?She damn near destroyed GENERAL HOSPITAL.

    I’ll continue to watch Y&R, but I am appalled by what is happening on my screen each weekday afternoon. If Sony and CBS truly cares about the future of Y&R, someone who understands the show should be in charge of producing and writing it. Please return Y&R to its former glory.

  3. I saw the reveal with Mariah on “The Young and the Restless” coming because, frankly, the show wanted to keep Camryn Grimes whose first character, Cassie, was killed off in 2005.

    The “twin” reveal reminded me of how “Guiding Light” brought back Vincent Irizarry after his first character, Lujack, was killed off in 1985. Just like “GL’s” Alexandra having that shocking revelation about Lujack and Nick, “Y&R’s” Sharon now has it with Cassie and Mariah.

    What’s old is new again. And given the long stretch, in which there is risk of losing credibility, taking the chance was worth it in the cases of both.

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