Wacky Weddings on The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Kirsten Storms’ Maxie: betrothed to a would-be jewel thief

What a week of wacky weddings on The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital! Both Wyatt and Hope’s on B&B and Maxie and Levi’s on GH were entertaining enough, but when you come down to it, one was sillier and more inconclusive than the other.

On B&B, Liam was supposed to meet up with Hope on the plaza by the Eiffel Tower, all the better to pursue their nuptials, but missed her when he got distracted rescuing Ivy, who had been pushed off a bridge into Seine River by Quinn.

Meanwhile, Wyatt, who had been lurking nearby, whisked Hope off to Monaco, where Bill keeps the Spencer yacht fully manned and ready for adventure. Wyatt proposed to the indecisive Hope, who had managed to duck the wedding she had promised Liam, and now found herself trapped in a similar promise to Wyatt. She appeared in the next scene in a mini bridal gown, all set  to start the ceremony.  But once it was underway, she dashed to the bow of the boat, reached out to Wyatt and the two leapt inexplicably into the sea, where they were pronounced man and wife while treading water.

But this is a soap, so how legitimate was this ceremony?  Neither Wyatt nor Hope are residents of Monaco and neither wedding vows nor rings were exchanged. Are Wyatt and Hope legally wed? Or did Hope, the girl who can’t say no (well, she tries, but neither of her ardent suitors will listen) escape again?

Back in Paris, Liam took the news of his half-brother’s wedding rather badly and confided his misgivings about Hope’s true feelings to Ivy. Feigning sympathy, Ivy took this sharing as good news indeed, and started making eyes at Liam. We know what that means.

So is the Wyatt-Hope-Liam love triangle over? Will the dueling horn-dogs ever give up? Will Hope ever make up her mind? This is a soap, after all, so we know the answer.

On General Hospital, the nuptials of Levi and Maxie provided a week’s worth of nonstop action. Moose’s reaction, “Holy cow!” heard from the kitchen, says it best.

Prior to the ceremony on the Haunted Star, policeman Nathan (who is in love with Maxie, who is in love with him but doesn’t realize it ) exposed that Levi was a fake who was marrying Maxie so he could steal Maxie’s mother  Felicia’s Aztec necklace.  After Nathan found Levi with the necklace, Levi drew a gun and knocked Nathan out, tying him up.  Dante, who had excused himself from the ceremony, rescued Nathan, and the two proceeded to stop the wedding.

At that point, Maxie had already stopped the ceremony with her doubts about her love for Levi.  Suddenly, after Dante and Nathan burst in, Levi and an accomplice who had been masquerading as an immigration agent took Lulu and Maxie as hostages as Felicia handed over her Aztec earrings to Levi.   Then Levi, for no apparent reason at all, shot Maxie’s step-father Mac at point blank range.  When last seen on Thursday, Levi and his accomplice escaped the Haunted Star with Maxie and Lulu at gunpoint.  Will Maxi and Lulu be rescued? 

This was certainly one event-filled wedding, with a good cliff-hanger at the end. Levi, whose Australian accent is a fake, was exposed to be a con man and vows were never taken.  Nathan and Maxie were revealed to love one another.

What happens next? I’d bet on more “Holy cow!” weeks. 


  1. First, I cannot speak to the B&B wedding for it is a soap I’ve never been invested in. I’ve not found anything about it that warrants my attention.

    Maxie and Levi’s “wedding” and the subsequent kidnapping from the Haunted Star was one of the most poorly acted and scene blocked hostage takings I’ve seen in my years of soap watching. The writing for those characters of D, Nathan, Anna and Mac not only makes them appear stupid and helpless, it’s an insult to those of us in the viewing audience who have family involved in law enforcement. With this current regime in charge, the PCPD comes off as little more than inept buffoons. As regards the two bubble headed blondes, L and Maxie are mere shells of their former selves. Given her limited acting skills and range, the recasts’ version of L, compounds her problems, no longer having anything in her make up resembling her sharp and savy Spencer heritage. KiSt’s Maxie has little, if any, of the observation skills that were an integral part of her character during her time as Kate/Connie’s first assistant at Crimson. Add to this, I see actors who are struggling to sell me something that they themselves don’t appear to believe in. And it isn’t restricted to just this story. It’s a problem with the show overall, especially since this headwriter is one who has only plot points to offer as his calling card when it comes to story. I wish I felt differently, but I don’t.

  2. Marilyn Henry says:

    Hi Marlena,
    I was SO saddened by the news of Charles Keating’s death. I loved that actor on AW and he is one I have missed so much. To lose such a sterling talent, so much charisma, such charm…well, I am tearing up again.

    I was thinking one day about the wonderful character actors I admired and miss so very much once soaps were canceled, diluted with budget cuts, etc. Jed Allen is one I would love to see find a new role so I could enjoy his work again. He was tremendous on SB, and when he and Keating did their dialog on PC as God and the Devil–what a delight!
    I also still miss David Lewis, but he’s long gone, as is Gerry Anthony and Al Freeman , two more gems I will always miss.

    But where is A Martinez, Nic Coster, Lane Davies, three talents that could do so much for today’s sudsers.
    What are these fine actors doing today? Do you know? Love to hear about them…

    As for Maxie’s wedding–it did seem to drag out a bit, and we all had our fingers crossed she wouldn’t not marry Levi–but that seemed obvious from the start. Hope they don’t drag out the kidnapping…

  3. B am I happy I didn’t waste my time watching another GH wedding flop.I actually like the characters involved with the wedding, but on the off chance I might have to see the mob.I abstained..

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