General Hospital: The Wyndemere Curse

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Kelly Thiebaud’s Dr. Britt, embryo thief

Wyndemere has always been a center of plot action — and frequent plot tragedy — on General Hospital.  Although owned by others, most of that plot action has centered on the Cassadines, the evil family that has manipulated so many of Port Charles residents.  They have thrown events — mostly parties like the Black and White Ball and the Bacchanalia Ball — that have led to sorrow.  Stefan Cassadine and Katherine Bell both met death at these events.

This month, GH spotlighted another event at Wyndemere. Current resident Nicholas Cassadine threw a party to celebrate his engagement to gynecologist Dr. Britt Westbourne.  The two had met at a Fourth of July event and had an idyllic courtship.  At the time, Britt was pregnant and later delivered baby Ben.  Britt and Nicholas had a whole new life to look forward to.

But that was before events overtook them and truth-telling took over.  Elizabeth found a note from Britt in which she confessed to having stolen the fertilized embryos of Dante and Lulu Falconeri, one of which became baby Ben.  It was already known that Dante was the father to the baby, but Britt had hidden the identity of his true motherhood.  Elizabeth presented Nicholas with the note and Britt confessed her guilt.  After throwing Elizabeth out of the house, Nicholas broke up with Britt, leaving her all alone.  She was later arrested.

Of course Dante and Lulu were ecstatic to find out they have a son, almost high fiving each other at the news. Lulu demanded that she be given her son.  But Dr. Obrecht kidnapped the boy and brought him to Elizabeth’s home, where she held the two hostage.

General Hospital being a soap, many other things happened the night of the engagement party.  Luke revealed he is somehow behind a plot to bring down Sonny, and this may be the reason why he is acting so strange lately.  Later. Alexis and Julian made mad passionate love.  Elizabeth rejected Rick’s advances.

Good acting marked this sequence.  Tyler Christopher and Becky Herbst were particularly good in the scenes in which Nicholas threw Emily out of the house for being the bearer of Britt’s letter and thus the truth.  In a side note, GH has earned high marks by bringing on bravura actress Donna Mills to play Madelyn, Silas Clay’s evil mother-in-law.  It’s been almost twenty years since she starred on Knot’s Landing as evil Abby, and it’s hard to believe this dynamic actress is 73. She certainly doesn’t look or act  it!


  1. Marlena, I think that “Luke” isn’t really Luke, and that “Luke” is really Bill Eckert, Luke’s back-from-the-dead cousin, who somehow switched places with his cousin to avenge Luke for being responsible for his death when one of Frank Smith’s hitmen mistaken him for Luke, and Bill was shot and killed by the hitman while he was trying to protect Luke’s son Lucky and his son Sly from being both shot and killed, and to reclaim ownership of Barrett Enterprises!

    • No, I don’t want that.

      Because then we will have Anthony Geary on our screens playing both Luke and Bill and probably the mere mention of that idea to the Emmy panel will get him his 225th Emmy award before the scenes even air.

      If anything, Geary needs to retire.

  2. Jacklyn Zeman and Donna Mills need to compare plastic surgeons.

    Because Jacklyn Zeman got the shaft!

  3. I don’t for the life of me understand why these beautiful women need to do this to themselves. Your older play older.You have a choice age or die. Just watching Bobbie, Donna, Monica, Taylor on BB. etc etc makes me sick for them. They don’t look real. I find that lately this show is Guza’s GH. enough said. AJ is dead again and we all know Sonny will never pay for it. AJ is sooo bad why because he is an alcoholic. What a shame tiic couldn’t see what the fans have Michael actually likable, Monica with a family. Sonny needed to be locked in a small dark room cell ,and scream all the time. I have decided to do what I did the last time they decided to kill AJ. Shut the show off. I refuse to watch the mob show mobs and molls are not my thing. The rest of the show is just as bad. I have no interest in watching .Oh yes I am also sick of Tony Geery he needs to take scummy and retire. Stick a fork in them. They are beyond done!

  4. I love gh says:

    The Britt/Nicholas pairing is classic old-school soap. Love, love, love it! Love that Elizabeth finally realizes she loves Nicholas. Love that Rick pointed out her flawed motivation for revealing Britt’s secret. Love that Lulu fell in love with Ben the same way Tracy loves her. Love that Brad is likable now and was pushed off a ledge only to survive and be held to task by Lucas. Love that a tiny bit of me feels sorry for Britt because she clearly deserves no pity.

    It’s very entertaining.

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