The Bold and the Beautiful’s Most Excellent Recast

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman 

Cheers to The Bold and the Beautiful for the most exciting soap recast of this or any other year: Soap superstar Thorsten Kaye has been signed to played Ridge Forrester, the show’s lead character, who was played from the show’s 1987 debut until last year by Ronn Moss.  Kaye, of course, played Patrick Thornhart on One Life to Live and Zack Slater on All My Children, and was last seen in primetime as Anjelica Huston’s shady but adorable boyfriend Nick on Smash

Thorsten Kaye: How will he change Ridge?

This bold recasting coup is so fascinating because Kaye and Moss are so different as actors. Both have the leading man’s requisite virility and good looks. But whereas Moss, with his legendary chiseled cheekbones, could have stepped off the cover of a romance novel, Kaye’s unshaven ruggedness is less generically handsome but much more down to earth.

Moss played Ridge, son of the Forrester dynasty of clothing designers, as a spoiled, mildly pompous rich kid.  He was always under the thumb of his domineering mother Stephanie, played by Susan Flannery, who has retired from the show.

Kaye, a classically trained theater actor, has a lot more range than the somewhat flat Moss. Kaye can play romantic, he can play tender, he can play tough and he has fabulous diction (as demonstrated by his Patrick’s many renditions of the poem “Brown Penny” on OLTL.)   He really is the quintessential soap leading man.

How will Kaye change Ridge? We hope the character will become more assertive, more nuanced and as a result more interesting.  The Ridge who has been residing in Paris for the last year will come back to find a changed scene in his hometown of Los Angeles. Ridge’s ex-wife Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has become secretly engaged to Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), a married man and a significant force in his own right. We can hardly witness the inevitable clash between macho Diamont, all bedecked in his trademark bling, and the fiery Kaye.

Speaking of male roles on B&B

I have reached my limit and am fed up with that ultimate wuss Liam Spencer, as played by Scott Clifton.   Although he spends his life huffing and puffing and sanctimoniously trying to hang on to his now ex-fiancée Hope Logan (Kim Matula), at heart he really can’t commit to her.  Why else would he send a love montage email to his ex-wife Steffy?   He’s already left Hope at the altar and has kept her hanging on for years.  Now, Liam’s half-brother Wyatt (Darin Brooks) has fallen in love with Hope and has done everything to sweep her off her feet.  We can’t help rooting for Wyatt as Liam has become unbearable.  Wyatt at least has a clear allegiance to Hope, the only woman in his life.  No matter how much the now unattractive Liam  whines and carries on, he has no natural right to Hope’s love and affection


  1. Marlena, how do you think that Thorsten Kaye leaving AMC will affect the character of Zach Slater on the show when it (hopefully) returns for a second season online? Will he be recast or will they either write off or kill his character? And what did you think about Prospect Park shelving OLTL until their lawsuit against ABC is settled? Do you think that OLTL will ever come back again for a second season online once the lawsuit is settled (hopefully) sooner rather than later? I think that PP is using the lawsuit as an excuse to “shelve” OLTL because they can’t figure what direction to take both shows, and how to distribute the order of episodes of both AMC and OLTL, at least that what I heard from a trusted source that I can’t name that I got from a website’s message board that cover daytime soaps, who is usually mostly right on the money with his inside info! And did you ever watch the first seasons of both the revivals of AMC and OLTL on OWN this past summer? What did you think of the first seasons of both shows, Marlena?

    • I’m not Marlena or maybe I am. Perhaps, I am her doppelganger. Just joking. But I thought the online version of ALL MY CHILDREN was compelling soap opera and it would have been better had they stayed with four shows a week. It would have given the writers time to flesh out the characters. I loved the sex trafficking story and Billy Clyde buying Cortlandt Manor. What will Opal’s reaction to that be? If we ever get to see it. I loved Celia and Pete and the new AJ and Miranda’s embarrassment over her mother’s lesbianism. The show was considerably better than it had been on ABC for quite a few years. I was appalled that it was a good show without Erica. I am an Erica fan and would like to see her come back, but she is not indispensable. They did the show without her, after all.

      • Steve Stowell says:

        I’m not Marlena, either, but I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the online AMC. As a viewer for over 30 years, I thought it was the best this show had been in over a decade and was loving all of the new characters, especially Miranda & AJ. I thought it was clear that Agnes Nixon was back in the way Pete & Celia were set up so similarly to Cliff & Nina and with the show letting Cassandra have an abortion, which I don’t recall happening on a daytime soap in at least 15 years. I also would like to see Opal’s reaction to Billy Clyde buying Cortlandt Manor (as well as Dixie’s).

        I was also pleasantly surprised how little I missed Erica, but I would like her to make a guest appearance whenever Miranda learns the truth of her paternity and if/when Brooke sleeps with Dimitri!

  2. Girlfriends, this week’s column is a ghost town!!!

    They still back at least week’s column, last I checked, they had 80 comments. You know they still talking about show killing witch Jill Farren Phelps killing off that child. Girl!

  3. Chere Marlena,

    I was amazed B&B cast Thorsten. It’s one of the, dare I say it, boldest departures for a recast ever. So completely different from Ronn Moss. But Kaye is a strong actor who like should be able overcome Ronn’s long shadow. I’m really looking forward to Thorsten adding some depth to the character, but I also know it’ll take several weeks before I no longer seeing Zach Slater interacting with Brooke and Eric and Thorne.

    Usually soaps cast similar types when doing recasts, but some of the most radical departures in recasts have worked exceptionally well. Mary Page Keller was a bold recast as Sally Frame on AW; Kimberly Simms was a startlingly different recast for Mindy Lewis on GL. I expect similar results for Thorsten as Ridge.

    Scott Clifton does a very good job at playing dumb and indecisive. But that indecisiveness has been dragged out far too long, making the character so irritating to viewers. It doesn’t help that the show plays Liam and Hope 4-5 days a week for the past two years. The audience needs a rest. Pair Liam with someone else and let Hope get together with Wyatt.

    Speaking of Wyatt, I think Darrin Brooks has been a breath of fresh air on the show. Never particularly cared for him as Max on Days, but am loving him here. He’s got a backbone and knows what he wants, which puts him miles ahead of Liam.

    As for Chris’ question above about the AMC and OLTL reboots, knowing those were your two favorite soaps, your continued silence on the matter indicates you haven’t seen the reboots. That’s fine. Not everyone wants to watch online or has access to the OWN cable network. You missed some good shows, especially the AMC reboot. It will be interesting to see if PP actually does produce a second season; although I’m growing doubtful.

    • James, I did see the reboots of both AMC and OLTL online and on OWN already!

      • Chris,

        Glad you’re seen the OLTL and AMC reboots. That was obvious from your initial post.

        I was merely referencing your message in my post. I was speaking to Marlena, not you. However, my wording might not have made that entirely clear. The fact that Marlena hasn’t written a critique of either show indicates she hasn’t watched them. They were her two favorite shows, so its surprising that she hast watched the reboots. Perhaps she doesn’t have time and/or access to them.

  4. With Thorsten Kaye, Ridge is almost twenty years younger. Ridge is now younger than the actor who plays Thorne. I wonder if Ridge will call Thorne, baby brother. Haha.

  5. I have a problem with Wyatt. His character did 180 after he found out he’s Bill’s Son. In the beginning he was so humble and had a grudge against rich people etc. and then, all of the sudden he’s arrogant (and wears black while Liam wears white, of course) and frankly, quite annoying. I really can’t stand him romancing Hope. Not that I think that she’s better off with Liam but come on, this is really hard to watch.

  6. I’m not too happy with this news!
    It’s not that I don’t want to see Thorsten on a soap every day. I would just rather he was on GH or DOOL…you know, a GOOD soap! Oh well, I’ll take him on B&B and hope that HE now becomes the focus of the show rather than that horribly boring Liam and his neverending-triangles. And please, please keep him away from Brooke. The LAST thing I want to see is a Ridge/Brooke/Bill triangle. I’d rather see him go after Katie or Quinn or anyone but Brooke!

    Thorsten has always been a favorite of mine…incredible sexy and fun to watch. In the looks department, I MUCH prefer Thorsten to Ronn (with 2 n’s) Moss! To me, Ronn (with 2 n’s) is a little creepy looking/acting, but Thorsten is ruggedly handsome and utterly appealing!

    The bad thing about this news? I was going to stop watching B&B. Now I have to continue. I’ll probably FF everything not Thorsten/Ridge, but I’ll watch him!

    • Girl, I don’t think “Days of Our Lives” has been “good soap opera” since about 1983. Pretty much a Jerry Springer-like soap since then. The poor man’s soap opera.

  7. I’m not on board with Thorsten Kaye taking over “The Bold and the Beautiful” lead role of Ridge Forrester.

    Strikes me as odd.

    As for Liam/Hope/Wyatt—”B&B” will milk it for all its worth. I’m thinking, in real life, Hope would end up with neither man. Liam is a fool. Wyatt makes for a good rebound. Hope needs to branch out. (By the way: While Scott Clifton and Darin Brooks—the latter for “Days of Our Lives”—are both Emmy winners, I am really digging the grounded and convincing work from Kim Matula. She is impressive.)

  8. I don’t like Thorton Kaye playing the role of Ridge. Bring Ronn Moss back, we love and miss him.
    I don’t like Wyatt either. I hope that they put Hope back with LIAM , I think they are a great couple. Can’t stand Wyatt, he isn’t even good looking like LIAM IS. I KNOW LOOKS ARE NOT EVERYTHING BUT I DON’T LIKE THIS GUY AS AN ACTOR AT ALL. . hOPE YOU GET THE SHOW BACK WHERE IT IS GOOD AGAIN CAUSE RIGHT NOW IT IS NOT THAT GREAT, GET RONN BACK PLEASE !!!

  9. Absolutely agree Joanne!

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