General Hospital: Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Last week we condemned an Eric and Quinn romance on The Bold and the Beautiful because of the thirty- plus-years age difference.  But this week I’m going to be a tremendous hypocrite and give a compliment to the fact that forty-something Ava slept with 19 year old Morgan on General Hospital this week.  It was good soap opera because it was entirely unexpected.

Maura West, GH’s Mrs. Robinson: “Jesus loves you more than you will know (wo, wo, wo)”

As you may recall, Ava jumped into bed with Morgan after being dejected that the man she loves – Silas, the biological father of her daughter Kiki — doesn’t care for her and is instead interested in Sam.  But what really kicked off the liaison was when Sonny blurted out that he knew that Morgan knew Kiki wasn’t related to Michael before he married her. It effectively broke up the marriage of Morgan and Kiki, finally sending Kiki into Michael’s arms. 

We can’t remember a case of the Mrs. Robinson syndrome happening on a soap before.  Mrs. Robinson, of course, was the older woman who slept with college grad Benjamin in The Graduate. Having Ava sleep with Morgan was a very daring step for a soap.

The scenes made for some good drama. GH being a soap, the liaison didn’t stay a secret for long.  Hotel owner Carly let herself into Ava’s hotel room with a pass key and was livid when she found her son in bed with the older woman. (Never mind that Carly would probably do a similar thing if it fit her agenda.)  But what really was entertaining was when Michael and Kiki later discovered Ava in bed with Morgan. “I hit the sheets with your mother,” jeered spiteful Morganl, who almost danced with glee at the opportunity to get back at his emotionally unfaithful wife.  Kiki’s eyes bulged with anger.

The sequence’s content also strengthened the acting of two of the cast’s weaker actors,  Bryan Craig, who plays Morgan, and Kristen Alderson, who plays Kiki.  Neither have been very convincing in their roles.  Yet Craig played Morgan’s obnoxiousness and immaturity quite well here.

The situation also proved overall that Ava is turning out to be the most valuable player in GH’s cast.   Sleeping with her daughter’s husband is only the latest “accomplishment” of this character who defines the word unpredictable.  As you may recall, she has lied repeatedly, she shot Olivia, she withheld her knowledge of the identity of Kiki’s father from Kiki, Michael and Franco, and she may even have shot Connie.  (The initials “A.J,” as in Ava Jerome, was found written in blood next to Connie’s body). It helps that Ava is played by Maura West who is hands down this year’s best new actress in a role.  We can’t wait to see what Ava, er, Mrs. Robinson will do next. 


Lyrics from “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon and Garfunkel


  1. I thought Donna and Matthew on AW were a bit Mrs Robinson-esque, considering he was about 2 years old when she was introduced as the (secret) mother of nearly-adult daughters. Other older woman/younger man pairings I recall are Holly/Daniel on GL (Holly also had a thing for Johnny) and Lyla/Casey on ATWT. Jill on Y&R certainly has had her share of much-younger men–I recall the IT guy and a hunky bartender just a few years ago ( who I believe was the older than he looks Steve Richard Harris of AW and OLTL).

  2. Can’t forget our favorite Mrs. Robinson: Dorian Lord when she went after Joey “Joe” Buchanan to get revenge on her nemesis, Queen Victoria 🙂

    • Yup, it was done years ago and MUCH better on OLTL.
      I do like Ava, and I wasn’t surprised at all that she jumped in bed with Morgan. But Morgan really, REALLY can not hold his own with the talented Maura/Ava. I hope this little “affair” is over and done right now.

  3. Loved your column Marlena!!! Totally agree!!!

    I am stll not liking Morgan, but this could make him more interesting. Maura as Ava is on fire!

    GH is on fire!!! Loving GH more and more everyday!

  4. There was Tad and Marian on ALL MY CHILDREN and Dorian and Joey on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. And who could forget Dennis Carrington and Elena De Pouligneac on ANOTHER WORLD when played by Jim Poyner and Christina Pickles, respectively? They looked creepy together. But I loved the pairing. Elena looked old enough to be Dennis’ grandmother. Iris wanted to prefer charges against Elena. She said there had to be laws prohibiting such relationships.

  5. lynn liccardo says:

    Dorian Lord was certainly channeling Mrs. Robinson when she seduced Joey Buchanan in 1994.

  6. It’s been awhile, but didn’t Augusta seduce her daughter Laken’s studly boyfriend on “Santa Barbara”?

  7. There have been many many older woman younger man stories on soaps. Most are short term hough. There was Donna and Matthew on Another World…theirs was popular and lasted comparatively long. Lucinda on ATWT had several playthings. Sophia and TJ on Santa Barbara…..Augusta also was Mrs. Robinson quite often. Lauren on Y and R just finished a tumble of her own. These woman must be very good because the younger man often goes psycho shortly thereafter . I love Maura West. She plays an emotionally unbalanced whack job very well. With her litany of crimes, actual and ones being planned, I can’t see long term potential for the character but I hope there is some type of Plan B to keep the character around and viable.

  8. Marlena, Morgan was the one who said “I hit the sheets with your mother” to Michael, not Michael himself, and Morgan is 19 years old, he’s not in his twenties yet!

  9. Give me Ava and Morgan in bed every day of the week if it means I won’t have to watch Michael and KiKi shoved down my throat everyday. They’re the worst coupling I have seen since the summer of 1996 on “As the World Turns”!!!

  10. I don’t remember if it was the first, but it remember it being shocking when Rae Woodard connected with her daughter’s boyfriend (played by Michael Corbett) on Ryan’s Hope.

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