Daytime Emmys next — stay tuned

It’s time again for the Daytime Emmys. Do you care? Soap opera loyalist that I am, I still do. I’ll be watching the broadcast Sunday night, June 16, at 8 on the HLN Network. I’ll bet many Thinking Fans will, too. So let’s meet back here on Monday to discuss the winners, the losers, and the whole show. — MARLENA  


  1. Congrats to the production team of DAYS OF OUR LIVES for their Emmy win. I was stunned that DAYS walked off with the coveted award. I thought BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL would win for the shows featuring Stephanie’s final days. I would imagine that the Will/Gabi story, which is fresh and innovative is what won DAYS the prize.

    I was momentarily speechless when Kristen Alderson won an acting award. I thought for sure that the girl who played Steffi on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL would take home the gold, not because she is necessarily the next Meryl Streep, but because she was the best in her category. I, for one, loathed the Steffi/Liam/Hope triangle. Many afternoons, I grabbed my remote and changed channels when they were on. Liam was perpetually torn between the two women. It was sickening and degrading watching those two women wrangle over that twerp. These were not desperate, pathetic women, but educated, talented, gainfully employed women with pulchritude, to boot. I always thought they both could do better than Liam. Steffie has left town, so the audience will be getting a moratorium from that never ending triangle. But rest assured, she will be back some day and that story will be reignited.

    Back to the awards. Doug Davidson deserved his accolades. It’s long overdo, in fact. The Emmy telecast was okay. I could have lived without those goofy songs the hostess belted out. I loved watching the unhappy expressions of the losers in their categories. But none can be compared to many moons ago when Victoria Rowell lost a Soap Opera Digest award to another actress. She looked so demoralized and disappointed that I thought for sure she was going to stir up a scene on national TV.

  2. Congratulation to all the winners. I never watched b&b so I don’t care that they won a lot. I do watch GH and this year the show brought me back, so they did deserve the best show, BUT. of the past loads of years they didn’t and they got it .So what comes around goes around. I also thought Doug deserved the emmy, but so did Jason., and I do watch him on GH. No comment on Julie and Kristen ,but KA needs to remember what show she is on now, and do her thanking to them. TPTB are certainly allowing her to eat it.
    The best show was Days.I am still shaking my head about that? This has been the year they so disgusted me I shut the thing off and do not ever peek. Sammy with EJ , jack dead and every female wanting Danial?????I loved the actor who plays Doc Dan when he was on ATWTs but not here Jennifer and Jack had the greatest on screen chemistry. Sammy is with her rapist, Rafe and Kate, I can’t even focus or wrap my mind around that. I did think Chandler deserved his win, except I had to watch the scenes he submitted because the show is nothing I will ever watch. There were of course years they should have won, but I guess these things even themselves out.

  3. Oh yes the show wasn’t the greatest especially after watching the Tonys.I always avoid the Emmys. Oscars,and most award shows. I do love the Tonys because they entertain you. This I will give HLN a chance. I think they will learn that the people watching are the soap fans not always the daytime fans. I don’t watch any of the blab shows especially the ones put on in place of my soaps they were cancelled to save money . Don’t watch them and never will. So putting our soap actors on to get us to, is not working. Chew,talk yuck. Lets give them a chance, tell them what they did wrong, and thank them for airing it.

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