Two Tone GHers

By Marlena De Lacroix. a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

What’s with the dip-dye hair on General Hospital?  When I first saw that Finola Hughes’ (heroine  Anna Devane)  usual dark hair was blond in the lowest regions when she first came back to the show, I thought it was unusual as a hairstyle   But I chalked it up to the fact that super-intelligent Finolafinola Hughes really is the coolest of the cool  hip urbanite.  I like it!  Now Robin Mattson’s (vilest villainess Heather Webber) hair has the opposite color scheme:  The lower region of her blonde hair is suddenly brown.

Now I ask you, mes cool amies, is this dip dye hair a widespread trend right now?  I’ve never seen it before and Marlena lives in Manhattan, teaches college students (who start all the fads) and reads women’s magazines at the hairdresser’s.  Is it an LA thing?  Marlena’s trademark red locks wouldn’t look bad with a touch of blonde or brunette at the tips. Which would work better do you think?

Speaking of GH, why oh why am I falling for the man I now call Todd Lite?  I’m being brainwashed!   As I’ve written a million times, I have always hated Todd the rapist and now the unpunished murderer (of his twin, Victor.)   But the writers have taken advantage of Roger Howarth’s amazing versatility as an actor to make him into a character who could charm the birdies out of the trees right now.

If you tuned in the show for the first time, you’d think he was a good guy!  It’s like Todd is no longer two tone (villain/hero) but one tone — good.   He’s being super-protective of Sam, whose baby he switched with Tea’s dead baby.  He hired Sam as his assistant at his newspaper.   And he’s even refused to publish a picture of Sam’s recent hot kiss with John.  Yes, I know he really didn’t want to do the baby switch, but he is feeling super-guilty now.  It’s still a crime!

Quite the writing trick, n’est ce pas?  I don’t want to ruin everyone’s summer, but the most entertaining character of the season is also its biggest fraud.   To get, moi, Marlena, the most moral of the moralists,   to almost believe …


  1. Connie Dear!!! It’s shades of Luke Spencer circa 1979!!!

    Marlena says: I thought you were talking about Luke’s hair color at first. But no—it’s Luke, the rapist turned hero. But Tony Geary had been on the show how long in 1979, a year or so? Todd’s been evil since 1994. If that’s what Carlivati is trying to do—yikes!!

  2. m. einnim says:

    Victor is not dead though!!!

    Marlena says: Well, we who watched One Life to Live know that, but pure General Hospital viewers don’t. They–and we–know Todd got off easy on a murder charge.

  3. Sounds pretty typical for these writers. Ugh. They finally feel they have a blank slate cause they’re on a new show with him, I guess.

    As for the hair, beats me…what IS up with that?? I really don’t think I’ve seen others with it.

  4. Drew Barrymore was hosting some “classic movies” marathon on one of the cable channels about a month ago and she had the exact same hair styling/color/length as Hughes. I am afraid it’s going to become uber popular within the next couple of years.

    You know Kate Gosselin is pretty upset hers didn’t take off.

    Marlena says: LOL Kevin!

  5. It’s a trend called “ombre.” It’s actually starting to die (dye?) out where I live in NY.

    Marlena says: OK! Thanks!

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