Marlena Returns Monday 8/31 to Review Daytime Emmys

Hi, everyone! What a week!  Moose and I had to cancel our August vacation to take good care of our 12-week-old puppy, Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe.  And then my computer crashed, and it took days to find and set up a new one.  Today I realized that the Daytime Emmys are Sunday!Nigel BS  I will also be resuming regular postings now that my  official summer-long hiatus is over.  As you all know, I couldn’t resist posting a bit this summer and the promised Part 2, to “Marlena’s Summer End Review, Part I” will appear here next week.

Darling readers who may have looked  here for Emmy predictions,  forgive me. I didn’t do them this year.  I was  offline all week.   I assure you I will have plenty to say about the awards and the broadcast itself Monday.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of our beautiful beagle, Nigel  (yes, named after the One Life to Live character, played by Peter Bartlett. )  The first Emmys I wrote about and attended were in 1980; whoever thought a puppy would upstage them 29 years later?


  1. Welcome back, dahling. And I can think of several reasons a puppy should upstage the daytime emmys …
    1) the soaps have gone to the dogs
    2) for what they’ve been writing, soap scripts are better used as doggy pee pee pads
    3) after seeing Kim Zimmer in a tube top, can we not be grateful the long dog days of summer are gone (but sorrowfully not the old Guiding Light)
    4) the best storyline on Y&R, which may explain why their ratings keep dropping, is among Peter Bergman (Jack), Paw (Paul), and Mary Jane (Paul’s demented sister born from his undeniably annoying mama Mary) who might have a better grip on things if she was attached to a puppy and not Kitty Kitty. Do you hear me!!

    I could go on but can I get a little bada bing. LOL

    Marlena says: Renee, you are priceless! Marlena and Nigel (the dog) love you very much!

  2. On behalf of cat lovers everywhere, I’m calling Renee out on her comment in #4!!! I love dogs, but cats rule!!! 🙂

  3. I only say this to defend my character to leona … renee is proud to be godmommy to Selby the cat, AND Sophie the dog. She wouldn’t trade eyethere one for ether LOL one.

  4. Dear Marlena,

    I, too, just bought a new computer (and won’t go into the details). So I can relate.

    By the way: Previous to the Sunday, Aug. 30 Daytime Emmys, there’s little to regret. Watching the Daytime Emmys, though, is an entirely different story. (Lord help us!)

    Marlena says: Great to hear from you DSO. As you will read, I actually liked last night’s Emmys. We’re all getting older and more mellow–together!

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