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Join us, Thinking Fans, as we continue our first anniversary celebration! Our Soap Shrink Damon Jacobs, Patrick Erwin and I will be guests Friday night, 10 PM EST, on the  In the Zone Blog Talk Radio Show . We’ll be talking about our site and reviewing the many events of the last, tumultuous soap year.  We’ll all be pleased to speak with you on the air and answer your questions.  The call-in number  for the 90-minute show is (347) 996-5978.  Let’s talk soaps!   




  1. How exciting!
    Break a leg!

  2. I can’t wait to listen!!!

  3. I enjoyed that very much! Especially Marlena’s points about spoilers. I avoid them and have had to stop visiting some sites because YOU CAN’T ESCAPE them!

    I appreciated Damon’s comment about how characters grow and change; their struggles and hardships make them stronger (and deeper) characters. We see this and it gives us the strength and inspiration to deal with our own problems, and come out a better person for it … and how, when a character suffers no consequences for their actions, we are cheated of, not only the payoff, but that character *growth.*

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