Contest: Win a Pair of Tickets To See Peter Bartlett in What’s That Smell?

What's That Smell?

By  Marlena De Lacroix

In honor of our first anniversary, is delighted to have two tickets to the hit off-Broadway show What’s That Smell? The Music of Jacob Sterling to give away to some lucky Thinking Fan, compliments of the show’s producers,  The Atlantic Theater Company.

The hilarious satire on musical theater, written and performed by David Pittu with original music by Randy Redd, enjoyed a sold-out run at Atlantic’s downtown theater, and now has moved to the New World Stages, 340 W. 50th St., in Manhattan’s midtown theater district.Peter and Pittu

Pittu shares the stage with Peter Bartlett, a veteran character actor who is well known to Thinking Fans and is one of Marlena’s all-time favorite actors. He’s played Nigel Bartholomew-Smyth, the butler, on One Life to Live since 1991.  Here’s my review of What’s That Smell? I can sum up my reaction in one word: LMAO! And you will, too.

To win the tickets, plus an autographed playbill, just answer all six of the questions in the quiz below and send us your answers in a comment. The deadline is midnight Sunday EST. The winner will be announced early next week.  In the event of a tie — not unlikely, given the depth of soap opera knowledge possessed by Thinking Fans — the winner will be selected by random drawing. If you are that fortunate TF, we’ll contact you by email. All entries will be withheld from posting until the contest is over.

The Peter Bartlett Quiz

1.  Nigel was originally the butler for a now dead OLTL character:

          a. Victor Lord  b. Asa Buchanan  c. Dave Siegel  d. Mitch Lawrence

2.  Peter Bartlett was born in:

          a. London  b. Chicago  c. Surrey  d. Chicester

3.  Peter played the following character in Broadway’s Beauty and the Beast, the first play Marlena saw him in:

          a. Cogsworth the Clock   b. The Sugar Bowl  c. Lumiere  d. The Beast

4   Peter made his Broadway debut in:

          a. 1981  b. 1985  c.1969  d.1993

5.  Peter played Pluto in Stephen Sondheim’s musical comedy version of Aristophanes’ The Frogs at Lincoln Center. Sondheim said Peter’s pronunciation of the following line was the best thing in the play:

          a.  “Rivet, rivet”

          b.  “You rang?”

          c.  “Dinner is served.”

          d.  “Get out of town.”

6.  Nigel once had a semi-romance with Roxy on One Life to Live.  But his true love most likely is:   

          a.  Nora  b.  Jared  c.  Renee  d.  Viki

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