Celebrating All My Children’s Phenomenal Women!


As a writer and professor, one of my very favorite things is finding new talent.  I got to know Norn Cutson this year because, as one of our Thinking Fans, he frequently writes to this site.  It turns out that Norn is a Thinking Fan who has more than one way to express his enthusiasm for soaps.  When Moose and I saw this illustration, we flipped.  Wow!  What talent!  We asked to share it here at marlenadelacroix.com, and Norn kindly gave us permission.

Norn’s illustration is, of course, of All My Children.  It’s the Kane women, Erica and her daughters Kendall and Bianca.  Phenomenal women characters created and watched over by the phenomenal  Agnes Nixon.  So, happy 10,000th show to Ms. Nixon and everyone who loves AMC

Norn is a graphics designer and illustrator who lives and works here in New York City. He is also a huge fan of One Life to Live.  You’ve got to see his portfolio at Norn’s Island . There’re Charlotte Rae, and Judy Garland, and Ann Magnuson and gaggles and gaggles of impressive illustrations of the celebrities we love.   Norn, what a find!




  1. HipSoCalGuy says:

    I love this. I think that older lady is Mona.

    Marlena says: No, it’s Agnes. Notice the original creed to All My Children which Erica is displaying. Agnes wrote that. It ends in …”You are All My Children.”

  2. Hi Marlena,

    Kudos to Norm! Fantastic artwork! I must visit his site and see more!



  3. HipSoCalGuy says:


    It’s Mona, per Norn’s blog:


  4. Thank you for posting this, Marlena, and all your kind words!
    Actually, i hoped that she could be interpreted both as MONA & Agnes!

  5. YES, WOW … absolutely beautiful … Besides being such an amazing talented artist, he is also a great friend and wonderful person. I am proud of you Norn … The world is your Oyster:) -Zarina.

  6. Cheers to Norn for capturing the spiritual essence of AMC far better than Chuckie P ever could!

  7. Isnt Norn cool!

    I ‘met’ him on the SoapNet Board (Mimi’s Board) about 6 or 7 years ago.

    I visit his site every so often to see his new illistrations!

    I’ve seem Catherine Hickland, Ilene Kristen, Eriika Slezak, and a few more. He is very creative! (and pleasant in conversation on the boards!).

    Cool that you showcased his wok!


  8. It’s beautiful. Perhaps Norn Cutson should do illustrations of the entire “All My Children” cast we see in the opening credits. And replace today’s “AMC” opening with what Custon would render. (Just an idea.)

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