Introducing Our New Column: Soap Shrink by Damon L. Jacobs

How many times have you seen a soap villainess or villain — or even a soap hero or heroine — do something that is so wrong and so bizarre that you’ve jumped up from your armchair and screamed:  “WHAT IS WRONG with her/him?”

In the vast, messy world of today’s soap opera — where cheap thrills usually trump character development, history is all but forgotten and illogic reigns — how does the Thinking Fan cope with daily assaults on credibility?  Perhaps it’s time to do what every New Yorker does in times of stress:  call our Shrink!

Introducing Soap Shrink, a column by a real life practicing therapist, Damon L. Jacobs, that diagnoses and analyzes our favorite characters.  Damon has an M.A. in psychology and is a New York-licensed marriage and family therapist.  What is going to make this fun is that Damon is also real life longtime soap fan, one of Marlena’s Thinking Fans who looks at soaps from the same sophisticated and humorous perspective you and I do.  Each week Damon picks a character and analyzes him or her.

We start with General Hospital‘s Carly Corinthos Jacks,  because she just proved with her recent erotic backseat performance with Sonny that she may be the most twisted soap character of all time.




  1. Damon, welcome!

    So, you are a shrink to soap characters, eh? Well, you have your work cut out for you! LOL!

    Can’t wait to read your columns! I love psychology AND soap operas, so I look forward to some fascinating reads!

    Damon says: Thank you, Dale. I look forward as well to your comments and perspectives.

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