Marlena Is Back

Hi Everyone.

Thanks so much for your patience these past three weeks. My father, Cosmo Passalacqua, who was 85, passed away April 18 after a two week hospitalization for a heart attack.  My dad was a career  transportation executive for the Department of the Army.  He was very, very intelligent and funny and had a persona that was bigger than life.  On the other hand, he was very straightforward and modest would not tolerate untruth or pretentiousness from anyone or anything.

He left behind a lexicon of sayings which derived from his early life growing up in Brooklyn and serving in World War II.  “Feed them beans” was his favorite, along with “Bull—- me easy, I’m your pal.” After surviving bloody Omaha Beach on D-Day, he whooped it up in Paris in 1944 and then rode across France with General Patton’s Army to fight in the Battle of the Bulge.  I guess that’s why he always mumbled silly French expressions  around the house when I was a kid.  Expressions like “Pomme do terre frites,” and “C’est la guerre.”  Little did he know how profoundly he was influencing his only child, Connie, who would one day grow up and establish a French-accented soap opera magazine critical column and blog, written by one Marlena De Lacroix.

Rest in peace, beloved Dad.  In so many, many ways,  Marlena (that’s really moi,  Connie) is your daughter.

I’ll be back in full soap mode Wednesday after the daytime Emmy nominations are announced.




  1. My condolences on the death of your father. You’ve done a wonderful job of describing him here.

    Marlena says: Thanks Rogers. It’s great to hear from old readers/friends.

  2. Marlena, you have been missed! How wonderful that you had such a great relationship with your dad! May he rest in peace. It’s good to know that you are OK!

    Marlena says: Thanks darling Dale!

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man. If only he could renegotiate his contract if heaven doesn’t work out and come back as his not-so-evil twin in 6 months.

    Peace be with you…

    Marlena says: Thanks Judi!

  4. Your father sounds like a remarkable man. Thanks for sharing him with us.

  5. It can’t be easy losing someone you love, let alone someone who’s had such a profound impact on your life. You did him proud. My heart goes out to you and Moose and my prayers for him. Hang in there, my friend. xoxo

    Marlena says: Patrick and Esther — Thanks and lots of love to two of Marlena’s dearest friends.

  6. Sorry and Prayers for your Loss, CP/MD

    Marlena says: Thanks so much for your prayers, Kel.

  7. Connie Dear,
    While I didn’t know Cosmo personally, I sure felt like I did upon hearing your many wonderful descriptions of him. In many of our conversations, Cosmo and your Mom ultimately ended up being a part of them, and I look forward to that continuing. Stay strong! xoxoxo Chris

    Marlena says: Much love back to you, cherished Chrissie.

  8. Marilyn Henry says:

    My condolences, Connie. Losing a parent is heart-breaking. Your dad sounds so very special. So good you have Moose by your side.

    Take care. We look forward to more Marlena.

    Marlena says: Marilyn, thank you. Moose is terrific.

  9. So sorry for your loss. I lost my father last summer and your father and mine sound like they had many things in common.

  10. All the best to you, Connie/Marlena, and your family. I lost my own mother 10 years ago, and I know how it feels to lose a parent one thought would never go.

  11. My most heartfelt condolences. What a wonderful man your father must have been. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  12. Marlena,

    My condolences to you. Hope you’re doing ok under the circumstances.

    Take care and it’s good to have you back.


  13. I’ve read your writings for years….and was very touched by your words on your father’s passing. What a life he lived.
    I live in NYC and happened to be in Paris when he passed. Must be why the clouds were even more billowy and lovely, hovering and inspiring the Paris skyline. Peace.

    Marlena says: Thanks, merci beaucoup everyone for writing. Your letters really help.

  14. Many condolences Marlena from this (newly moved) Brooklyn boy.

    There are some people who bring such joy, wit, and intelligence into all areas of their lives. It truly sounds like your father was one of those individuals. Thank you for sharing this with your fans.

    Marlena says: Thanks Fabs.

  15. Hi Connie —

    So sorry about your father. But so glad we’ll be enjoying your observations and insights once again.

  16. Dearest cherie,

    I lost my father (and my biggest fan, and the man who taught me how to FEEL music, and the best damn guy to EVER watch a football game with) three years ago in the most wretched way…. I was able to make it home shortly before he passed, and was able to share with him a final conversation that, no matter how brief or halting, I’ll forever treasure.

    You’re in my thoughts, Marlena. May I posit that if everyone had Dads like ours, the world at large would be a MUCH easier space to both navigate and comprehend?

    Be well.


  17. Your dad sounds like an amazing man and I’ll bet he could tell some great stories. As the song says, Marlena, you are his living legacy. Hugs to you, mon ami. (Is that French? I hope so or else I’ll feel like a fool).

  18. I’m so sorry to hear about your father, is there anything I can do?

  19. My condolences to you Marlena. Your father sure was a remarkable man.

    Marlena says: Thanks everyone for all the caring. My Dad was a modest guy, but he’d love the mentions here.

  20. HunterForrester says:

    Sooo sorry to hear about your father’s passing, Marlena. Please accept my sympathies. Losing someone you love is one of the most painful things we can experience in life, however, I’ve learned that after one mourns, one must choose to celebrate the adventurous and inpsiring life he lived, which can only prompt us all to do the same. He wouldn’t want it any other way, I bet. Live. Life. Out-loud.

  21. DS9Sisko says:


    I offer deepest and most sincere condolences for the loss of your father. During this time, you are in my prayers.

    And welcome back!

    (I kinda like that “Feed them beans”! LOL)

  22. I’m sorry for your loss and good thoughts are being sent your way. Thanks for sharing a little bit about your Dad. The bravery of the men of that era always amazes me.

    Marlena says: Thanks dear Blossy and everyone else who has written to me about Dad. It really means a lot!

  23. My deepest condolences, Marlena.

    Thank you for sharing your memories with us. I hope you managed to be near him in his last moments, and that you got to say goodbye. I believe it’s somehow special being able to be there at the end of someone’s life. I still have my parents with me and I can’t imagine how painful it must be to let them go. I am sorry for your grief, and I hope his love for you and yours for him will soon warm you and overshadow everything else. Your dad sounds like he was a very special person, like his daughter. :o)

    Please let me know if I can do anything for you. A big warm hug to you, Moose and your loved ones,

    Grazie, grazie to my very special friend in Italy! Giada, you are so-o-o dolce!!

  24. LindaNY says:

    Connie, er, Marlena: I love what you wrote about Uncle Cosmo’s influence on you – I will have to tell Pop about it. (Phil also uses the Feed ’em beans line!!) And yes – your Dad was VERY intelligent, VERY funny, and totally unpretentious – a special, special man. (and you are very special too!!) Keep in touch! With love and sincere admiration for the woman you are, Linda…

  25. Sorry for your loss of your Daddy. Thank you for sharing. Although I never had ‘that daddy’ my children did and lost him when they were 7, 8, and 11 years old. I mourned for what they would never have more than for anything else, because i knew how precious having ‘that daddy’ was/is/would be.

    Much love and empathy from a long time reader.


    Marlena says: Thank you SO much Dana! It means a lot to me since you are a longtime reader. Much love to your back!!

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