Marcie Surrenders Her Son on One Life to Live: A Rare Soap Opera Grand Slam

By Marlena De LacroixMarcie

While we were all bitching and moaning about Budig, I for one almost missed the soap opera story of the year.  This is the denouement of that Marcie-on-the-run story on One Life to Live, in which Marcie had fled Llanview with her “adopted” son (newly handed over by the court to Tommy’s biological father, rapist Todd), eventually ending up in Paris, Texas. 

The concluding scenes in which Marcie held Viki and later her own husband Michael hostage in the Bon Jour diner with the police waiting outside was just everything a soap should be but hardly ever is anymore.  It was bravura acting, writing and production all combined to make a story denouement so strikingly real and emotional it made a longtime cynical soap opera addict like moi break down and bawl like a baby.

Yes, it was a long in coming soapwise (months and months!)  and it felt as if Marcie had been on the run forever, with baby Tommy perched on her hip throughout every single scene.  This Marlena would like to pop every single internet board poster who during this time carped about Marcie’s high-pitched whining voice or Marcie’s plus size physique.  You try being the only young actress on daytime right now who can spill her guts on screen every single day, while balancing a toddler on your hip, while never once loosing character on screen during this long, long ordeal.  Kathy Brier is the best young actress we have on soaps these day, a real actress among the male and female runway models that populate daytime.

And you’ve got love this about the writing:  What character was deliberately chosen for Marcie to hold hostage? Viki, played by Erika Slezak, who has spilled her guts daily on daytime TV for forty years!  Sure Viki is Todd’s step-sister, great leverage for Marcie.   But what a wonderfully subtle way to say in joint scenes that Brier is Slezak’s natural successor in One Life to Live if not in daytime greatness.  The glory of Viki is always that she has struggled and survived all these years.  She is woman.  So is Marcie!

But back to the crucial scenes, leading up to Marcie handing Tommy over to Todd — peacefully, take great note — by way of her husband Michael, who finally and  successfully talked her into doing it.   Chris Stack — the only member of the prestigious Actor’s Studio I can ever remember on soaps — was magnificent trying to talk Marcie into handing over the baby.  A real hero, since he recently replaced Nathaniel Martson in the role, and had basically not had a chance yet to do anything else.  When it was needed, Stack stepped up to plate and delivered a home run, a performance his bosses at ABC should never forget.

And here’s where the quality of the writing kicked in.  At the zero hour, Marcie did not shoot up the place or kill anyone in the macho manner in which Sonny or Jason probably would have on General Hospital.  She was talked into surrender by her husband Michael, by reassuring her that no matter what happened he would stand by her and love her.  They would stand up to the world as a family.  May I repeat “and love her.”  This is what soap opera viewers long to hear:  This is how we  deal with our problems.  With love, with family, not with guns.  This is called writing which understands the medium it’s for.  Daytime soap opera. Not The Godfather.

And so I burbled when the dreaded moment came — Marcie actually handing Todd the baby. (And being arrested on the spot!)  What mother can not relate to this, having to give away your child, the ultimate moment of madness?  Marlena was stunned.  And I know I am not the only One Life to Live viewer who sobbed mightily for the moment  Marcie and  I had feared would come for months and months and months …

Oh, soap operas can be great … if they’re done right!  As demonstrated by the acting, writing and directing in the Marcie-on-the-run sequence and the Marcie-surrenders-the-baby scenes, thank goodness at least OLTL remembers how to make good quality soap!


  1. “They would stand up to the world as a family. May I repeat “and love her.” This is what soap opera viewers long to hear: This is how we deal with our problems. With love, with family, not with guns. This is called writing which understands the medium it’s for.” OH MY…THIS IS EXACTLY RIGHT!!!! How perfectly to hit it right on the head. And, btw, I bawled after reading your column because it’s just what I believe.

    OLTL is the best show out there right now. This was one of the best episodes in FOREVER on any show–and it’s a credit to not only the actors but to the writers (and producers) as well. Kathy Brier’s performance was absolutely superb, so believable. This quality writing is what’s missing on every other show on ABC at this moment; I’ve said it before–other shows need to take lessons from OLTL right now.

  2. I agree — I caught it earlier today and it was good.

    The slam down on the car was a helleva scene!

    Her face was so pained …

    What a great week on OLTL.


  3. ANOTHER important reason WHY that particular scene — of Michael TALKING Marcie into surrendering — could NEVER take place on General Hospital — as far as I can detect, the ONLY husband in town is the frequently forgotten Jax. While I would NOT put baby-napping past Carly (Carly has, after all , done her fair share of baby-napping) I find it hard to believe that GH’s writers would remember that Jax is currently Carly’s husband long enough to have Jax talk Carly into surrendering. NOW — a scene like that WOULD have been brilliant back in the days when A.J. first learned that MICHAEL was A.J.’s son. However, what we got on GH was Sonny hanging A.J. on a meat hook in an abandoned meat packing plant until A.J. signed over all of his parental rights to Michael!

    ANOTHER recent brilliantly soapy scene which occurred on Young and Restless but could NEVER occur on GH were the scenes of recently elected State Senator Jack Abbott ADMITTING to his step-son, Noah, that Jack HAD made a pile of mistakes and the stuff that the newspaper reporters were saying about Jack were true!

    This scene could NEVER take place on GH because the only step-father the audience has EVER been allowed to see bonding with his step-son is Sonny. (There ARE other step-fathers in town — such as Mac — but Mac would have to get SCREEN TIME in order to do a scene like that! Likewise with all of the OTHER forgotten men in Port Charles).

    So — what would happen if Port Charles newspapers started reporting that Sonny did, indeed, murder nine members of the Sandoval family in broad daylight at the Metro Court restaurant and that Sonny DID order that EVEN innocent bystanders should be murdered to prevent the innocent bystanders from being able to give any eye-witness accounts of the slaughter. We could see Sonny ADMITTING to Michael that Sonny did, indeed, order the murders of all of those people — but Sonny only murdered people who “deserved” to be murdered — no room for due process there! Michael would just slap Sonny on the back, assure Sonny that Michael totally understood WHY Sonny felt it was necessary to murder all of those people and go on to praise Sonny — once again — as the best father in the whole, entire world!

    Tiny technical glitch — I believe that Viki is actually Todd’s HALF sister — they have the same father – but different mothers.

    If it weren’t for the numerous times I have been burned when tuning back in to OLTL — I might be tempted to give an old favorite another try.

    Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that OLTL really DOES seem to be improving and does seem to have stories which are actually watchable — I notice that OLTL is STILL sturggling in the ratings!

    But, if the writing continues to improve, I can see OLTL moving ahead in the ratings race at some time in the future.

    There are a LOT of good people in the cast at OLTL — all the writers need to do is start showcasing ALL of their available talent and OLTL could once again become a ratings winner!

    Sincerely, Lois

  4. I loved the last two weeks of the story. The stand-off scenes were done very well and all the actors involved stepped up, especially Chris Stack and Kathy Brier.

    I won’t go so far as to say Kathy Brier is the best young actress on soaps. She had magnificent moments with this storyline, but she also yelled out her lines one too many times when I think a more subtle approach would have worked better on me (and my eardrums).

    Chris Stack blew me away in the diner scenes. His performance was flawless; he was the one who made me feel so much that I actually cried.

  5. I, too, silently compared how beautifully OLTL handled their hostage crisis compared to the usual carnage on GH, not that I watch that horror-show any longer.

    What happened on OLTL was good soap opera in a time when no one knows how to create good soap opera. It was about love and pain, hope and heartbreak. When did daytime forget what it is supposed to be?

  6. The big question is can these scenes be submitted for Emmy consideration for 2007? Technically, the episodes were taped in December? However, I think the rules state that when the episodes air, is what counts. However, Kathy does have great episodes from Oct. and Nov. The problem is which category? I do not think she can beat Melody Thomas Scott for best actress. She can only win in the supporting category. Does everyone agree with me?

  7. As this storyline was wrapping up, I said to myself, “This is just like the great soap storylines of the 70s.” It felt so much like the wonderful stories that Henry Sleasar used to write so routinely for Edge of Night.

    So gut wrenching, yet so true to life. Every bit of it was totally believable because it played the emotions of the situation — a distraught mother about to lose her child going on the run to save him from a rapist father and then when cornered, holding a hostage in one last desperate attempt to save him.

    And yes, Marcie being slammed against the car hood as she was cuffed was so realistic. Very painful to watch as Marcie didn’t even get a moment to mourn before being arrested. Kathy Brier was phenominal in that scene, as she was throughout the entire storyline.

    This is how soaps SHOULD be done. Carefully plotted out from the beginning with unexpected twists and turns that keep the viewer on his/her toes until the end. Who would have thought that when we first saw Viki at the Bon Jour that it all would end in that hostage situation? Who could have imagined when Marcie went on the run that her stroy was going to cross with Viki’s story?

    And along the way, it also laid the groundwork for great plots to come — introduced Gigi and her son, Shane, who will undoubtedly turn out to be Rex’s son; introduced Charlie Banks who will undoubtedbly end up in a triangle with Dorian and Viki (great to see that rivalry reinvigorated) and will surely be an unwitting pawn in bringing down Jared’s charade as Asa’s son.

    Again, this is how soaps SHOULD be written, one thing leading into the next thing so naturally.

    And speaking of Dorian, those scenes where she questioned Charlie about waitress Viki in that photo were priceless. Robin Strasser was fantastic as she played her cards close to the vest while she held back her venomous opinion about Viki while Charlie waxed eloquently on his new ladylove.

    And Chris Stack! An emergency recast who so completely took over the role in just a few episodes that I’ve almost forgotten completely that Nathaniel Marston ever played the part! As Marcie came face to face with Michael when she let him into the Bon Jour to check on ailing Viki, I started crying! Yes, crying. The two actors had barely even shared any scenes together before that moment. But the instant Michael was standing at the door, tears were rolling down my cheeks. And this was even before either of them had uttered a word. Tears merely from seeing that look of love, devotion, concern and surrender on Chris Stack’s face. When an actor who’s only played the part for 6 weeks can get that kind of reaction from me, I saw give him an Emmy!

    Many, many thanks to OLTL for showing us that soaps can still be great as they were in their heyday of the 1970s.

    Let’s get this writer’s strike settled quicky so Ron Carlivati can get back to giving us great stories like this!

  8. Marilyn Henry says:

    I have a feeling the day is coming when I will take GH off the VCR and go only for OLTL. I am just so sorry I missed so much of the Paris TX story with Viki. And only caught a scene here and there of David Vickers and Viki. I watched all of the last week, the hostage thing and surrender, and the marvelous back and forth flow between TX and Lanview where family folk were astonished to be seeing Viki on TV — it was all SO well done, so heartbreaking. And I didn’t even have the emotional investment regular viewers had.

    And now Dorian trying once more to screw with Viki’s life — delicious. They don’t come any better than Robin and Erika. Over on GH we have the glorious Nancy Grahn, but she seldom has a real story of her own and now she is mere comic relief — what a shameful waste. She seems to be popular with all but the writers and her bosses at GH. GH fans love her and long for her to have something real to do, but I don’t see it happening. TPTB love Carly.

    I am dreading the return of Sarah Brown — I hated her Carly so much I cheered when she left before. I know, I know, she is a good actress. But if they were bringing someone back to boost ratings, why not the much-loved Genie Francis whom the fans have been pleading for. I could think up a good story for her in an instant. Genie could have easily been to GH what Viki is to OLTL if the bosses hadn’t been so short-,sighted. With Sarah it is just more mob and it sounds like she will be playing a ruthless rotten, bitch, a la Carly, but with a new name. Seen that, didn’t like it. Can Guza write any other kind of woman!?

    Marlena says: I agree I would have rather seen Genie than Sarah Brown. But I just don’t think ABC Daytime thinks in terms of one or the other. BTW, distinguished movie historian and author Marilyn Henry used to write for me at Afternoon TV. In 1983, she produced the best series of articles on the history of Luke and Laura I’ve ever seen in the soap press. Marilyn, it touches Marlena deeply that you still keep up with me! And dear, I don’t think either of us will ever give up GH, as long as Tony Geary is on it!


  9. Now I know I’m the lone heartless wench in the audience who was happy as Marcie was slammed on the hood of the car. I’m so sorry but she put that child in danger for her own selfish reasons. Had rapist Todd (since it seems he must have a handle on his name least we all forget his rapist Luke, rapist Mitch and any of the other rapists in soapland I guess) not suggested shared custody before the verdict I may have possibly felt a twinge of compassion for her. But alas I just want her locked up for life never to be heard from again. And all taking Viki hostage did was totally annoy me since I know St. Victoria of Llanview will forget all of Todd’s anguish and be totally on Marcie’s side. As a mother I know what it’s like to put my children first, not my own selfish need to possess them. Sure I may not want them to spend time with that horrible man who is their daddy … but they love him and he’s their father who has not harmed them or any other children. So I let them go.

    I will agree that Chris Stack is a marvelous find for the show, though. I know many in the audience were prepared to hate him. He is so talented and he seems to “get” where Michael is coming from in this horrific story line which should have ended by Thanksgiving. There is only so much of Kathy Brier I can take at a time. Hearing her shrill every day for I don’t know how long has made me totally want Marcie D-E-A-D! It has nothing to do with her size; I think she looked wonderful. But that shrieking worked my nerves for years now but it was only heard so often. Making her front and center and giving her endless reasons to shriek was not good for anyone. I will now be happy for her to get life and for Michael to get a new wife who doesn’t shriek.

    Sorry I don’t agree with you but that’s the way I feel.

    Marlena says: Great letter Jesse. That’s cool. But if my child was about to be taken away from me, I’d shriek plenty

  10. Marlena, first off, I do hope all is well with your family. Aren’t the soaps a great way of taking us out of our own daily dramas and struggles?

    Secondly, I was hoping you might have a mention for OLTL and the Marcie/Tommy climax. You never disappoint me!

    What a week! It’s been months of good old fashioned soap drama on this show, so I knew they’d hit this one out of the park. Brier was terrific, but it was Chris Stack that blew me away. He stepped into the role of Michael with ease, grace and skill. Couldn’t have been easy. THIS is an actor!

    I am going to miss the Bon Jour Cafe more than I originally thought I would. That place breathed life and heart through its characters. Alas, all good things must come to an end! But with OLTL right now, that just probably means that we are going to be treated to the beginning of something else new and fun. We are already onto the next chapter, as Dorian’s machinations against Viki, Charlie and Jared escalate.

    Marlena says: Dale you are so sweet! Of course, I share your admiration for Chris Stack and I hear they are bringing Noelle (January Lavoy) to LLanview. I, for one, won’t rest until they bring affable Moe to town too. He was adorable; such cute chubby cheeks; such joie de vivre. He can be a cook for either Viki or Dorian. A match for nuAddie? But please don’t get me started on that subject….

  11. I gave up OLTL after REG left. I also used to be a big Marcie/Michael fan. Two years under Higley destroyed all my good will for the show. I’ll never be a regular viewer again (sorry Frons, I guess this is one monkey you’ll never train).

    On a friend’s recommendation, I had to check out Chris Stacks as NuMichael. All I can say is “wow”. What a way to step up. If I had never seen old Michael and Marcie, I’d never suspected. The love was there. He’s also slipped right in with the rest of the cast.

    Kathy Briar is definately a stand-out. If she doesn’t get a nom behind this, I call B.S. I cannot believe she and Stack had me CRYING when they had to give up baby Tommy. Just incredibly well done and not overplayed by anyone (including TSJ or KB). That ep was really just pitch perfect for me.

    BTW, Marlena, I enjoy your updates. Starting with your first one tackling the lack of diversity in daytime. You often express my sentiments. Kudos.

  12. I’ll second Marlena’s praise of Marilyn Henry’s writing! I read her L&L series faithfully!

  13. Jesse, you are not alone!!!! I was so happy to read your letter. While we call him rapist Todd…isn’t Tommy the product of Todd being the one raped??? And did he shun his child? No, he wanted to find him and raise him. But he was STOLEN from him. So what happens? Marcie and Michael find out the kid they’ve grown to love isn’t parentless but rather has a father who loves him and wants to raise him and they refuse to give him up — knowing he was STOLEN? I was appalled. APPALLED. I now hate Marcie and have no respect for her. Kidnapping? So how is she now morally better than Todd? I understand loving your child and not wanting to give him up but hello — you went to court. Todd even offered a compromise. Sorry, call me cold hearted but I just wanted Marcie slapped. She didn’t move me at all. And I don’t even like Todd. Hell, I used to like Marcie but no longer.

  14. I loved the whole story arc of Vicki and Marcie on the run. Vicki on the run from her life and demands of family who at times are self-centered, and Marcie on the run with her son. It was very sophisticated and well done how the Buchanans at Asa’s will reading were juxtaposed against Vicki at the cafe, her fledging relationship with Charlie against Clint, Nora, and Dorian — and David Vickers making a reappearance in the middle of it all made it all the better.

    Also I loved the whole Paris, TX turn, I kept thinking of the movie Waitress, and also the book Nickel and Dimed (David even referenced that in his tirade against “Nicki”). A diner is such a classic situation against which characters work out their dilemmas. OLTL is the best of all the soaps for creating quirky yet believable situations and characters and for giving mature women strong leading roles and stories. Also for Marilyn above, there are clips of the Paris TX arc on youtube, just FYI.

    I also loved that instead of overhyping Farah Faith’s introduction they had her be a hard luck single mom who flowed effortlessly into the story and was supporting when she needed to be — she was very believable and likable and also, that she didn’t overwhelm the story (see GH with the introductions of Kelly Monaco and AMC’s return of Greenlee for how not to do it).

  15. This story was so well done that it had me in tears as well. Kathy Brier has long been my favourite actress on daytime, but like so many others Chris Stack has blown me away with his sheer talent. To take over a role and so effortlessly make it your own… I don’t like the reasons Nathaniel Marsten was fired (innocent until proven guilty is my opinion), but I do have to say that Chris Stack seems to have more depth as an actor than his predecessor.

    Let me preface by saying I have a very complicated family history. That being said, this story touched home because, like Tommy, I was adopted by a mother when I had a mother already alive and who wanted me. However, she did not kidnap me and hold my father’s sister hostage, but the emotional ramifications are still there. Today I have a great relationship with my biological mother, but I cannot imagine how I would have felt – even at Tommy’s age – if she had come and taken me like that. I am thankful that she was selfless, not selfish like Todd, and that she never tried to get me back simply because I was biologically hers.

    Todd’s insistence that Tommy won’t remember anything is farcical; I was raised by my grandparents until I was 2, and though I can’t remember my time with them, my bond with them is still just as strong as that with my parents. When they moved far away when I was still a small child, I couldn’t help but to feel devastated. I wonder how this will impact Tommy’s life; I hope they stay true to reality and show him having issues with this in the years to come.

    This was soaps at its best, reminiscent of the great soap storylines I remember growing up with back the UK. Soaps in the UK are of such a better quality than soaps in America as of late, but OLTL raised the bar with this storyline, proving that American soaps can be and are great – when they find their heart and soul.

    Marlena says: Skylar, thanks for your thought-provoking personal history. British soaps have long been a passion of Moose’s and something we’d like to cover; if anyone is interested in reading about them here, drop me a line.

  16. WOW! You were editor at Afternoon TV??

    I read that one first! Well I read that one and all of Daytime mags… Was ir Rona Barrett;s Daytime mag that was first?

    No surprize Marlena… you are the best! I love reading your stuff; I don’t always comment because i dont have anything of substance to add to your already concise coverage. If I had the energy and creativity i used to… I could be so passionate and insightful… thus feeling like i had something to contribute here I will catch up on you here. Tamara Braun coming to DAYS,,, any thoughts on her?

    Marlena says: Yes, as I have mentioned several times here lately, I was editor of Afternoon TV. It was founded in 1970 and it was the first soap fan mag. Thanks for liking this column, Dana.

    As far as Tamara Braun goes, I have learned that tempting as it is, a soap critic should never comment on a perfomer until they actually see them on screen. Days has a long history of hiring GH actors and vice versa. Therefore I definitely am looking foward to seeing Braun with Stephen Nichols; Patch and Kayla is the only storyline I actually like on Days. Which is odd, because I was never a fan of them the first time around. I guess what I like about them now is that they are so recognizably middle-aged, and thus have a rare quality of ripe maturity your never see on daytime anymore.

  17. I love this column — not only Marlena’s commentary, but all the thoughtful comments!

    During the parts of the hostage standoff I saw I kept thinking — Wow, this is how you evolve a character. It’s not like Marcie became a supermodel CEO (as would happen on other soaps). No, this is still the young college girl who was thrown into the garbage five years ago for standing up against the war in Iraq. Only now she’s a gun totin’ desperate mama. It didn’t happen overnight; her transformation was gradual and subtle. Thanks to the brilliant (and very gracious in person) Kathy Brier, we were able to see so many facets to Marcie over the years that this didn’t come as a total shock.

    Did she shrill too much? Yeah, maybe a bit. But didn’t that help you empathize with Viki sitting there exhausted, in pain, and also annoyed by what was happening around her? I sure felt bad for her!

    And yes — I’m rooting for Moe to come to Llanview and cook Dorian off her feet too. Her rapport with him reminded me of Mel (who’s body was never found by the way!).

    Hope thing are better with your family, Marlena. Thank you for giving us this forum to vent!

    Marlena says: Fabs, thanks as always for asking after the family. Mom is much better, thank you.

    I just finished watching the movie Waitress on DVD and I screamed out “One Life to Live!” five minutes in. Besides the fact that our dear Nathan Fillion (Joey) stars in both, the similarities between the movie and OLTL’s Bon Jour Diner storyline were amazing. Both featured the diner and a cook and waitresses in blue uniform as milieu; the characters in both were quite lovable. The main character in the movie, played by Keri Russell, like Noelle, is a waitress who is obsessed with making pies and eventually even enters and wins a pie-baking contest. Joe, played by Andy Griffith who owns the diner, is friendly and ornery and reminded me a lot of Moe. Am I the only OLTL fan who suspects that the whole Paris, Texas diner storyline was “inspired” by Waitress?

  18. While Todd has an awful past, I was on his side when it came to the baby. He tried to work with the McBains and was willing to share custody. Considering Michael, Rex and Adriana hiding the truth from Marcie and Todd, they should have taken a deal.

    I think in some ways they pushed Marcie too far, and I don’t know how they are going to “fix her.” Keeping Viki from her medicine made my blood boil. That is something a monster would do and that’s now who Marcie is.

    The one thing that was kind of disappointing was the pacing. Not of this week, but the material beforehand. While I understand why they had to stretch things out due to Erika’s vacation time, so there would be an investment in the Bon Jour Cafe workers, it was too bad that this couldn’t air during November sweeps. Looking at last week’s ratings OLTL is the only show that gained week to week so at least people saw the stand off though it is too bad part of the show was pre-empted in the NYC market.

    Thanks Marlena for giving me another reason to see “Waitress,” as it is on my to see list, and glad to hear the good news about your mom.

    Marlena says: Thanks, Blossy — another Thinking Soap Fan who has been wonderful to Marlena throughout many, many years!

  19. I read a few comments here that basically said since Todd offered joint custody and Marcie turned him down, that she deserves what she gets.

    May I remind these viewers, that Marcie and Michael offered Todd basically the same thing in the very beginning and he turned them down flat. He wanted the kid because he was HIS and he did not want to share.

  20. Marlena, I am starting to look so forward to your insightful columns. Right on again! The Marcie/Todd/Baby story has been great soap. Kathy B. is one of the few younger soap actresses that I belive in when she acts. So many others merely “indicate” the emotion they are supposed to be feeling. The pain of losing everything and being completely grief stricken came across.

    I watched Waitress a few months ago and saw so many similarities to the Bonjour Cafe story. Nathan F. is sure cute. Too bad he portrayed such an adorable cad.

    Afternoon TV was a classy publication. I know this isn’t a Q&A type forum, but I am curious if you have ever seen the daytime soaps in such backstage turmoil with hirings, firings, and a lot of really sad behind the scenes happenings that are all over the ‘net?

    Marlena says: Thanks Cherry. Goodness, the soap world of the Afternoon TV 80s couldn’t be more different than today. The ratings were sky high, the real (non-soap) world was paying attention and there was money and fresh new talents everywhere. And the actors were very friendly, not afraid of the press. Fantastic, expensive parties for Christmas and anniversaries for each show at the best boites on New York! I have such stories!

    Here’s one to show how much things have changed: When former Miss Alabama Pam Long came on Texas in 1982 or so as Ashley, before she became head writer, we and NBC took her out for a boat cruise in New York harbor one summer day. We shot cheesecake photos of her in a bathing suit! She was so magnolia sweet and Southern. I still have that issue of the mag.

    Plus the soaps were very creative in the 80s! In the press hardly anyone gave a wit about interviews with headwriters and soap criticism, but I am proud to say we spearheaded all that at Afternoon TV. We’d hear through the grapevine when someone was fired; but since we had a four month (yes!) lead time to publication we were hardly publishing news. Things were so healthy backstage on soaps back then; now it all seems so toxic.

    BTW, I love Nathan Fillion. Remember how adorable he was when Joey had the completely believeable affair with Dorian on OLTL?

  21. Marcie DOES have a high-pitched, annoying voice. She says, “Okay?” after EVERY dadburn sentence, which is so irritating. I guess she’s just interjecting her own method – how she actually reacts in certain situations – which isn’t bad, but is quite annoying.

    Every time she tells Lindsay “you’re like a mother to me”, I have to remember that Marcie is supposed to be very young, but to me, she looks at least 40.

    On OLTL, the one I despise is Jessica. There’s always too much stupid drama associated with her. The actress overacts waaaaayyyyy too much until it’s not enjoyable, entertaining or believable.

    I’ve watched OLTL since it started in 1968, except for some periods of pre-VCRs and my work schedule kept me from watching. What happened to the original Viki? When the show first started Dorian Cramer was in her 40’s and had a scandalous affair with a 20-something resident doctor played by Tommy Lee Jones. Dorian should be at least 80 by now. I liked the original Michael McBain better than this mouse they now have.

    Oh well, in spite of the annoyances and irritation that the writers and producers think we are stupid and don’t notice certain things, I still can’t look away!!!

    As for her size….that’s no big deal. It’s about time they are realistic in their characters, realizing that not all women are a size 4.

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