Marlena’s “Only the Bests” List 2007

By Marlena De Lacroix

I no longer do “Best” and “Worst” lists for soaps.  After all, there have been so many “worsts” this year, why would I want to re-inflict the pain on you again?  Moi loves mon readers.  So, only the “bests” for you, darlings.

And by the way, I firmly believe that deciding on what’s best in daytime for the year is a totally subjective process.  What I like is based on my longevity as a soap-watcher and qualities I personally feel are especially admirable in a crumbling genre: intelligence, talent, integrity, creativity, originality, respect for longtime soap fans.  Here, then, are Marlena’s “Bests 2007.”  What’s yours?

Best #1 — Robin Strasser gets Dorian’s brain back and Erika Slezak gets the spotlight and Viki’s love life back on One Life to Live.  I’ve been a Strasser fan since she played Rachel on Another World.   For forty years on daytime, I’ve never seen Strasser be boring in any scene.  Ever.  But it literally hurt me to watch Strasser in the last few years, a time in which fascinatingly brilliant and neurotic Dorian was virtually lobotomized by head writer by Dena Higley.  Though dressed tres chic as always, the elegant Dorian turned into an eccentric old kook, and Unsexy Clint’s(!) gal pal.  Then, somewhere around the time of the arrival of new head writer Ron Carlivati, the impossible happened:  Dorian got her brain back!   Undeniable proof: after Asa’s funeral, she smartly forgot about Clint (she had spied him kissing Nora) and jumped back into bed with the ever delicious beyond words David.  And she’s staying her old smart self.

Kudos to Carlivati, too, for rescuing Viki from the back burner and giving her a great new hot romance with Charlie.  A salute as well to Walter Miller Jr., my old friend and president of the Erika Slezak Fan Club,  for doing the interview with Slezak in her newsletter, which alerted the world to Slezak’s dissatisfaction with being backburnered under Higley.   If only for reviving my two favorite soap characters, Viki and Dorian,  I might join the Cult of Carlivati yet.  Right now, I just have his 8 X10 up in my high school locker!

Best #2 — Luke and Noah’s love story on As the World Turns.  Here’s the love story that waited 40 years to be told on daytime.  Thank goodness, given the parameters of a daytime story today (which includes Luke almost getting shot by Noah’s dad and paralyzed) the gay love tale is being told with naturalness, class and dignity.  I think P&G and the producers of this show, as well as actors Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann, should be proud.  The gay audience for soaps has always been enormous though generally not publicly acknowledged.  It’s about time everyone’s life experiences are represented.   My friend Phil, who adores the show, says ATWT is the one soap left in this plot-centric world which actually leads from the heart.  Well, it sure does, at least in this story. 

Best #3 — Grudgingly, I pick General Hospital‘s Metro Court February Sweeps Stunt.  How could I do such a thing?  Bear with me:

The Guza/Phelps cabal launched three major story concepts into soap space this year.  Two were complete bombs, namely the often incoherently scripted spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift and the boring GH Black and White ball.  But the hostage-taking month at the Metro Court by Mr. Craig and his gang was so suspenseful, it became downright addictive on a day to day basis throughout the entire month.  My question:  if Guza can write something so entertaining in the crime genre, why doesn’t he take his talents to primetime? (And leave us alone in daytime — hint, hint!)   But then again he might be uncomfortable.  Usually criminals pay for what they do on nighttime shows.  As you know, Craig/Jerry Jacks is still walking among us free as a ouiseau (that’s French for bird), kissing women, ten months after his crime.

Best #4 – Actually, a small handful.  Assorted mini-bests from different shows:  Like the scenes in which Jack “talks” to his dead father John on The Young and the Restless.  The essence of Jack has always been interior struggle between good and bad.  The dead father-son scenes are truly Shakespearean.  John’s the only ghost on daytime who is really a conscience, not a gimmick Peter Bergman, so brilliant all year long, is the most interesting and multi-dimensional actor on soaps now.  Sorry, Eric Susan Flannery, amazing every single day she appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful as Stephanie.   Don’t you think it was curious that this very principled and opinionated actress took an extended sick leave when it looked like Stephanie was going to be officially blamed for setting up Brooke’s rape? David Canary and Michael Knight of All My Children for managing to plow through the most absurd, badly written scripts on daytime and, old pros that they are, making the shows watchable The cast of Guiding Light for spending the entire year traveling the country doing charitable work like delivering food to the poor and building houses for Katrina victims.  I find it so curious that these good deeds are featured in short segments at the end of every episode, yet I’ve never a feature on their charitable spirits done in any magazine or in the press.  Bravo to a company of actors who know how to show they really care!

Best #5 — Whatever honorable methods that have been invented by individual shows to extend the life of the soap genre.  For example, bringing back veteran actors (a.k.a. fan favorites) in their old roles.  When I tuned in Days of Our Lives to watch John Black’s funeral, there sitting before me was the entire cast of Days, circa 1985!  Marlena, Bo, Hope, Patch, Kayla, Tony, Anna, Stefano, even my beloved Doug and Julie.  Wow, what a thrill one show gave me!  We soap fans love nothing more than “the old days” of our favorite shows, so bringing them back isn’t a half-bad way to save the shows.   Now comes word that in the New Year AMC is also bringing back the original Jesse and Angie.  The problem is that no one’s bringing back the quality head writers from those years (many of whom have retired or passed away).  But it will take more than familiar faces to save soaps.  The two most essential elements of good daytime drama — romantic love! family! — must lead the parade home. 

Happy New Year 2008




  1. Marlena, I am so happy that there is still hope for Mr. Carlivati to become a major crush for you, rather than just a fleeting blush!

    Isn’t it wonderful how Dorian has been woven into several storylines? She is racking up airtime! LOVE it!

    Regarding ATWT, I don’t watch that show, but they are to be commended, congratulated and awarded for their commitment to the Luke/Noah storyline, even when it goes off track a bit.

    General Hospital? What a headache inducing mess! Pass me the Tylenol…stat! Do you have any influence over there, Marlena? Maybe you could call JFP and discuss the state of the show over coffee. Or hard liquor!

    Marlena says: Dale, I haven’t seen Jill since the days when she was producing Another World. When she went to One Life to Live, I (justifiedly) wrote terrible things about the terrible things she had done to the show (the Rappaports, bringing on all the friends) and that was that. I’ve always wondered what happened to a framed review I did of Guiding Light in the blackout days which Jill had hanging over her desk in several of her offices on soaps. Who knows–maybe it’s hanging in Anthony Zacchara’s cell in the institution in lalaland right now.

  2. Curse you, Marlena… I didn’t want to add a 4th soap to the three I currently follow (and frequently wonder why!)…but your comments about OLTL are driving me to it! Your tone in describing it reminds me of the way I used to relish so many of the daytime dramas. (I, too, was mesmerized by Robin Strasser’s fascinating high-wire act as Rachel on AW.) If OLTL can bring that joy of the genre out in you, it’s certainly worth a watch by me. I’ve already programmed my DVR to provide this weekend’s OLTL marathon on Soapnet!

  3. I loved your #1 pick. RS is fantastic and I like Viki and Charlie also.

    ITA with your top 3 and part of #4. I also love PB and agree there is no one in soaps today who can hold a candle to him and I also love ATWT. It is still my #3 soap. Y&R/GH tied as #1 and OLTL as #2.

    Love your blog and look forward to reading it in 2008.

  4. bakedghoti says:

    I cannot fathom all the praise for ATWT’s Luke and Noah. It’s been butchered and destroyed, yet people still keep praising it. As a queer fan of Daytime, Luke and Noah are a trainwreck!

    Van Hansis is a terrible actor and a young Ronn Moss! Jake Silbermann is worse since he’s a young Drake Hogestyn! Luke was paralyzed, which is one of the lamest soap cliches, since that’s all the limited acting of VH and JS can portray! DH has his signature eyebrow-raising move. JS has his signature constipated-face.

    The beard angle was awful and offensive! Noah merely used Maddie while Luke was a horrible friend to Maddie by making out with Noah. The actors have no chemistry. Yet because it’s the first gay relationship between boys on Daytime, people are calling it “brave” and crowning it as a critical darling. Uggh! Yuck! Pheew!

    Of course VH is a virtual lock to win best younger actor. With all the media attention from GLAAD and other publications, he should be writing his speech. A certain journalist made it his mission to push Luke/Noah and the actors non-stop. Instead of valuing actual acting talent and good storytelling, Luke/Noah must succeed at all costs because it’s the first gay love story. How sad and pathetic.

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