Team Marlena

Patrick Erwin, Writer at Large:

Patrick’s reportorial work has been featured in daily newspapers and periodicals in the Midwest.  He writes frequently about arts and entertainment.  In addition to his published works, Patrick also maintains a blog on the local newspaper’s website.

One of Patrick’s earliest memories is watching Rachel and Iris fight on Another World, Patrick keeps an eye on all the soaps, though the P&G soaps are particularly close to his heart.

Ray Melnik, Design Assistant and Technical Consultant:

Ray is an author, lyricist and IT network architect. He was lead singer in the rock band, “Fine Malibus” which played regularly in New York City in the 1980s, and wrote  lyrics for dozens of original compositions. As an audio engineer, Ray wrote a monthly column on professional audio for a local music magazine.  He wrote regularly on home technology for the website, New Technology Home. His debut novel, “The Room,” was published in April, 2007. For information on his novel visit,  He can be reached at

Ira Blutreich, Artist:

A native New Yorker, Ira is a painter, illustrator, cartoonist and life-long student New York City history.  His work appears regularly in several weekly newspapers.

Christopher Lucente, Publicity Associate:

Chris is a long-time soap fan who keeps Marlena apprised of all soap world happenings, and the soap world apprised of Marlena.

Ed Hayman, Managing Editor:

It’s not a glamorous job, but somebody has to operate the spell-check, assure that subject and verb always agree, pay the bills and make pudding for Marlena.  Though Ed’s bona fides as a bean counter aren’t all that great, and, truth be told, he doesn’t know anything about soap opera, he has had his moments as journalist, author, editor and journalism professor.  He’s your go-to guy with questions regarding editorial content, advertising and pudding recipes.  Contact him at