Marlena’s Midsummer Night’s Questions

Thinking Fans' summer thoughts on Destiny et al.:  JTG says Shenell Edmonds' Destiny is no stereotype. "It's obvious OLTL's writers are positioning Destiny as Matthew's first girlfriend. Most of the time, the stereotypical 'mammy' character is either sexless or oversexed. That is not the case with Destiny" ... while Mike Goldberg confides Destiny … [Read more...]

On the Soap Shrink’s Couch: Days of Our Lives’ Marlena Evans and John Black

Thinking Fans Comment Update July 30:  Kim wants Marlena and John to fall in love ... Casey thinks John is having a middle-age crisis ... but Angela thinks Carrie can help. See Comments below. ________________________  By Damon L. Jacobs  OK, Thinking Fans, Pop Quiz: Which couple's problems are most like the kind the Soap Shrink would … [Read more...]

Days of Our Lives: A Soap in a Vacuum

By Patrick Erwin Days of Our Lives can be called many things, but "boring" is seldom one of them.  The show's twists, turns, and red herrings sometimes make The daVinci Code look like Dr. Seuss in comparison! … [Read more...]