Archives for August 2022

Marlena Says: “Save General Hospital”

Over the last four decades, Marlena has written many, many stories on “General Hospital” (which premiered in 1963). Now that NBC is moving “Days of Our Lives” to its streaming service, Peacock, as of next month an alarming question arises: Will ABC send its soap standard bearer “GH” to streaming as well? Marlena certainly hopes not! So perhaps … [Read more...]

Michael Malone: A Loss of Llanview’s Best

This past weekend came the tragic news that former One Life to Live and Another World headwriter Michael Malone passed away in Clinton, Conn. at age 80. He’s remembered lovingly for his Emmy-winning work on OLTL, recognized with the Best Writing award in 1994 and nominations in that category in 1992, 1995 and 1996. He was also a prolific … [Read more...]

Anne Heche: In Memorium

In my many years watching and writing about daytime soap operas, I can’t remember any time — other than Luke and Laura’s wedding on General Hospital in November 1981 — when the national media paid more attention to our daytime world than it did on Friday when Anne Heche (who played twins Vicky Hudson and Marley Love on Another World) passed away at … [Read more...]

Sob! The End of Broadcast Network “Days of Our Lives”

Wednesday night brought the alarming news that NBC is relocating Days of Our Lives from its familiar broadcast berth to the network’s streaming service Peacock on Sept 12. At first, it felt like our beloved Days, a soap mainstay since it premiered in 1965, was being cancelled. Horror of horrors! Well, no such thing, thank heaven. But this … [Read more...]