An Open Letter to Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Congratulations, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman, co-headwriters of General Hospital. Marlena loves your GH!  I’ve been watching since 1981, the year of Luke and Laura’s wedding.  GH hasn’t been this good in eons.

Why do I love the new GH?  Let me count the ways.  Foremost, it is ultra feminist.  When Olivia Falconeri (Lisa Locicero) was arrested for breast feeding in public, it was something daytime soaps haven’t been in years: socially relevant.  I cheered the day attorney Alexis Davis (Nancy Grahn) and the ladies of Port Charles shed their blouses in court, showing their bras.  Sisterhood is powerful.

There is also more romance on this show.  Dante Falconeri (Dominick Zaprogna) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) are back together after his brief affair with Valerie Spencer (Brytni Sarpy).  Dr Curtis  Ashford  (Donnell Turner, a new actor I like very much) is having a romance with police commissioner Jordan Ashford (Vanessa Antoine).

There’s also so much drama here with high stakes.  Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) had a seizure,  complete with blood running out of her nose.  She thought she was going to die.  Elliot’s Tracy will never die.  She is immortal — at least Tracy thinks so.

There was even a storyline that made me gasp.   It seems Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) was seen shooting up what appeared to be heroin.  The heroin scourge on daytime TV — tres incroyable!

Jean and Shelly, you are doing a great job.  GH and daytime are lucky to have you.   Keep up the good work and soon I will start using the word  “superb.”

So, mon chers, what do you think of Jean and Shelly’s new GH?    Marlena would love to hear from you.  Write to me at and I’ll post your comments on this site.  Marlena loves, loves, loves letters!


  1. Victoria Foxton says:

    Growing up I loved your columns in Soap Opera Weekly. After reading your love letter to the hacks known as Jelly I’ve lost all respect for you. General Hospital is uninteresting and dull, a show filled with mobsters instead of doctors. I’m pretty sure Frank Valentini and Nathan Varni dictated to Jelly what to write. Once upon time a healer called Dr. Steve Hardy was the moral compass of GH. Now we get the killer Sonny as GH’s moral compass. GH is filled with 500 newbies with no real ties to the canvas. Frank has all his buddies on playing horrible characters. Back in the day you kept it real. It’s sad how people change for the worse.
    Marlena says: Thank you very much for writing.

    • OldandNewGH says:

      Kudos to you, Connie, for “keeping it real” with so-called “fans” like Victoria Foxton with your mature response.
      Marlena says: Chrissie, thank you very much.

      • Victoria Foxton says:

        You love Roxie the lizard? You love all the continuity errors? You love all the character assassinations? You love how a once fierce Carly has been reduced to a Sonny apologist? You love Howarth and Stafford chewing the scenery? You love all the cartoonish played out mob nonsense? You love all the bad acting by Frank’s harem of pretty boys? You love all the Sonny butt licking? You love how all the killers are written as heroes? I’m a true GH fan since 1987. I say it how it is. Mob Hospital is a joke.

  2. The things you talk about, I love. Unfortunately, lately, it’s the Carlos show……I’m so incredibly sick of this story line that I pretty much skip entire episodes……I love the reunification of Dante and Lulu, love Maxie (although I’m a serious Spixie fan) and am enjoying the Tracy storyline and the reintroduction of Michael Easton.

    Just PLEASE wrap up the Carlos misery….

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