Big Changes at Marlena and Five More Passover Questions

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

We’ve made some changes here at in an effort to upgrade our service to you, our Thinking Fans. We’ve added a search box, all the better to help you locate what we’re had to say in the past about your favorite soaps and their characters, casts and storylines. And we’re added list of links to our fellow soap opera sites and others we think may interest you, a list that is likely to grow. There’s more to come, as this site continues to evolve. As you know, darlings, Marlena has been and always will be all about you, the soap fans and faithful readers loves ever do dearly.  It makes my day to get your comments to this column. We’re here to serve you, always!

Toujours l’amour!

Five More Passover Questions

1.  Remember Jewish Jake Meyer (Sam Behrens) the lawyer on General Hospital? Adored him! Happy Passover and Happy Easter! Wasn’t Behrens great with Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer)?

Jackie Zeman, 39 years and counting!

Isn’t Zeman being her usual timeless self in the Luke/Fluke story?  Thirty-nine years in soaps!  She was a sensation in her soap premiere role Lana McClain on One Life to Live in 1976, and, after all these sensational years, she’s a soap icon today.

2.  Speaking of, how much do we all miss OLTL and my fave soap of all time, All My Children? Viva forever Agnes Nixon, their creator and the greatest writer of all time, along with her mentor Irna Phillips, the mother of daytime soap opera. Miss my Agnes, who is 88 now. She is a mother to us all!  Those soaps we miss so sorely were her children, you know! In addition to her four real children and numerous grandchildren.

3.  Two four six eight, who do we appreciate? Two time Emmy winner Maura West (Ava Jerome, GH; ex Carly Manning, As the World Turns)! She deserves this year’s and next year’s Emmys for her work as Ava. I like her better than her Carly, and Carly was immortal.  Of course Ava, who was given a terminal cancer prognosis by Dr. Silas Clay (Michael Easton) is going to live.

4.  Didn’t the ever handsome (those dimples!) and sublimely talented Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos GH, also a Emmy winner) look like an impressionist painter with the beard? So glad he shaved it this week!

5.  Who isn’t sick of GH’s amnesiac Jake Doe/Jason Quartermaine? I certainly am! He’s on every day, and stays, and stays, and stays. Even the superb Emmy winner Billy Miller (ex-Billy Abbot, The Young and the Restless) who plays him can’t keep this interesting. At this point, I just don’t care whether or not he is with Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst)!


  1. Yes Marlena, I too miss ALL MY CHILDREN and I’m deeply sorry that the online revival didn’t last. The revival didn’t have Erica, Tad and it was only a half-hour, but to me, it felt like ALL MY CHILDREN, more so than the last few years on ABC.

    There was so much I wanted to see continue with the online AMC. Such as, Miranda discovering that she was a product of rape. And who could forget Hunter, the malignant jerk who hated Miranda because she refused to engage in a threesome with him? I’m sure the truth about her conception would have found its way to his malicious ears. I loved the feud between Jessie Hubbard and David Hayward and I craved more of it. And who was sweet Celia’s benefactor? And would Billy Clyde become a respected member of Pine Valley society ala Palmer Cortlandt and Adam Chandler.

    Shaking my head in utter frustration. Had ABC allowed Agnes Nixon to do her thing, ALL MY CHILDREN would still be on the air and THRIVING. It would undoubtedly be the number one show with ratings higher than what YOUNG AND RESTLESS is garnering. Y&R is atrocious and it loses ground daily.

    Sigh, sigh, sigh. Such a waste. Shame on ABC.

  2. ICAM, Tess! I was thrilled to have AMC back and feeling more like itself online than it had in about 10 years on ABC. I was also looking forward to Miranda learning the truth about her paternity, everyone finding out Billy Clyde had bought Cortlandt Manor, how Adam would react to Brooke & Dimitri and what Celia’s past with the Mirror Man was. It is frustrating that ABC’s interference destroyed this once great show!

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