Oh No, Not Again! On General Hospital, Sonny and Carly Redux

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Carly and Sonny: The heart wants what the heart wants, with pepperoni and extra cheese

Soaps rarely go backward.  So it was a big surprise this week on General Hospital when resident baddies Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Carly Jacks (Laura Wright) slept together again. Carly’s love Franco was stuck for the night in a hospital elevator with Nina when Sonny showed up at Carly’s house with a pizza — and so much more.

Carly and Sonny’s history stretches back nearly twenty years. They have been married to each other four times and have two sons — Michael (whose biological father is the late A.J. Quatermaine, but was raised by Sonny) and Morgan. In between marriages and other periods of togetherness, both Carly and Sonny have been involved with others.

Sonny went with Connie Falconeri before she was murdered and was last seen with her cousin Olivia, before the two amicably broke up just last week.

Meanwhile, Carly has been involved with Franco, who had a long sociopathic past all his own before he was operated on recently for a brain tumor, which suddenly transformed him into a benign art therapist at the hospital. Sonny’s irresistible late night pizza delivery notwithstanding, Carly still claims to love Franco, who came home from being stuck in the elevator and almost found Sonny in bed with Carly. But through a series of improbably lucky circumstances  Carly got away with it. But still …

Is there an ulterior motive in this sudden Sonny-Carly rematch?  After all, Franco knows the secret that Sonny murdered A.J. and if Franco turns him in, Sonny could go to jail. This being a soap with Sonny a central character, taking him out of the action for a long time seems highly unlikely.

But in the interim, the latest Carly-Sonny rematch is underway. Is this good news or bad? What do you think?  

Too-sweet Young Love on The Young and the Restless

The most sickeningly sweet new couple daytime are the newly married Summer Newman (Hunter King)  and Austin Travers (Matthew Atkinson). I simply can’t stand their fake billing and cooing and endless making eyes at each other.

Summer met Austin when he was a cameraman on Summer’s Aunt Avery’s cooking show.  At the time Austin was planning to kidnap and kill Avery, an attorney who had gotten Austin’s mother’s killer off a previous jail stint.  Austin and Summer fell in love, but not before Austin mistakenly shot Paul the police captain in the kidnapping attempt.

Serious business, kidnapping and attempted murder. But never fear, young lovers. The generous Paul agreed to a plea deal in which Austin doesn’t have to go to jail for his evil deeds. Not in any real court, of course, but this is soap opera. We get it. Our problem is, now we’re stuck with this cloying couple, probably for the duration. Ick!


  1. What a spot on assessment of the vomit inducing Summer/Austin coupling. It plays to me like another example of how poor writing keeps our soaps dumbed down. This mechanism doesn’t seem to be attracting a large volume of new eyes to soaps and continues to alienate the long term ones they do have.

    Austin, like a lot of Y&R new characters, was poorly introduced. He had a beef with Avery about an offscreen tragic past (a favorite writing tactic of Altman/Passanante) that produced little to no interest in the character by the shows fan base. Eliminating Austin from the equation would seem the best solution. Learn and move on. But no, not these scribes. NO one commits to a bad idea like mediocre writers. I don’t begin to understand their thinking. If Austin was seen as someone with long term potential, why even consider the route they took with him? Now, we have to sit through more insulting storytelling as these scribes create their own version of the law, to undo their own pitiful decisions. So in one episode, in a court hallway, Austin was set free after shooting the cities chief of police (many soaps died overplaying idiotic shit like this). In the process, Austin is now written one dimensionally icky sweet. Apparently to manipulate any member of the fan base into caring for him because as it stands now, he’s got no interesting purpose on the show. For the thinking fan, Summer looks like an idiot and their love affair is nothing if not corny as hell.

    Daytime thinks that by speeding up storytelling they are keeping up with the demands of our current fast paced world. It isn’t. It’s only given these writers an opportunity to be even sloppier with story development. At best, Y&R is a mediocre soap. It’s no longer the lush, captivating affair it once was. And to be fair the digression of Y&R has been happening as far back as the LML days. Y&R has been comfortably cruising down skid row for a long time now, throwing peace signs at the grave markers of soaps gone by. Evidently, not the least bit concerned its traveling the same path, just reaching its ultimate destination slower. With the current regime at Y&R (JFP needs to do the fans the biggest favor and retire already), combined with the lackluster vision of Steve Kent and Angelica McDaniel, I think Y&R is destined to be no more than average soap. No one making decisions for it has the talent to make it dynamic, must see tv. We see their skill level on display daily. What more proof does anyone need?

  2. I guess Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati never got the memo left by Jill Farren Phelps: Maurice Benard and Laura Wright have NO CHEMISTRY.

    Sadly us fans will have to witness this over again. Sonny and Carly had no appeal in 2005, they had no appeal in 2008 (when they last slept together) and they have no appeal now. Let sleeping dogs lie.

  3. Marilyn Henry says:

    I’m afraid I agree with Mama–to repeat what was bad to begin with is sad (boring tedious revolting tiresome) indeed. Of course, I hate Sonny so that colors my opinion. I’ve hated the slimy little criminal for many years, almost from when he took over the whole show and was on every single weekday for years and years and years, until there was absolutely nothing new to learn or enjoy about the character and his gd dimples. I’ve hated most of the Carlys as well, though Laura has given her a sunnier (never mind pun) personality and she is much less irritating than the others, more relatable and human.

    There is nothing good that can be said about this pairing now. I don’t want to watch it. Maurice (and us) desparately needs a six month vacation–without prior tapings to cover it. Maybe in that time they could change him or at least think of something–ANYthing–he hasn’t previously done.

  4. Sonny + Carly = BAD NEWS! I have never seen any romantic chemistry between Laura & Maurice. Friends yes, lovers no! And Carly’s affair with Franco is horrendous! She, unfortunately, has chemistry with NO ONE on the show right now. If ever we needed Jasper Jacks to return, it’s now! He is the only man I’ve seen Carly/Laura have any spark with.

    As for the insipid Summer/Austin pairing, I agree 100% with both Marlena AND the excellent posting by Chris. I need say no more than “Ditto!”

  5. Who could care about Summer and Austin? There is nothing there to invest in. Summer met Austin and in a blink, she was professing to anyone who would listen that she was madly in love with him. There was no buildup. And it seems that Austin and Summer have no obstacles to overcome. Everything has been handed to them on a proverbial silver platter.

    Austin lost his job and he and Summer had no place to stay. Well, Jack came to the rescue and got them an apartment. It would have been more interesting, at least to me, if they struggled to survive and ended up living in a hovel. And Summer complained about having to eat oodles of noodles and having to use public transportation.

    Austin shoots the Chief of Police and Nick gives him a job at his bar. To me, it would have been better if he had trouble finding work because of what happened with Paul. Summer is busting her rump waiting tables and they live off her tips.

    He gets off scot-free for kidnapping Avery and shooting Paul. All he has to pay is a hefty fine. Does he struggle to do so? Hell to the no. Victor takes care of that.

    Rolling my eyes over here. What was the point of any of it? These two had no struggles, strife or hardships. It would have been interesting to see them fight to survive.

    Remember on ALL MY CHILDREN when Agnes Nixon was in charge how the young couples lived in depressing digs and struggled to make ends meet and still came up short. The writers convinced the audience that the star crossed lovers were in love and were willing to suffer to be together.

    YOUNG AND RESTLESS has become a crappy affair. Lord, they need to reinstate Kay Alden as head writer or if that isn’t doable, at least hire someone who knows how to write a decent story.

  6. Sonny and Carly on screen together again. My main reason for not watching. No dvr ing no FF just not bothering. Sonny and Carly *doesn’t matter who plays her* turn my stomach. Sonny kills and gets away with it again This is where I came in. No thanks. I can’t .I just can’t. I don’t watch Y&R, but I see Kill Farren Phelps is up to her old tricks killing another soap opera. Tristan Rogers can’t even entice me to watch her muck.

  7. The Sonny/Carly scenes were ridiculous. Olivia kicked him to the curb because of his one-night stand with Ava, and since he can’t get her back, he’s sniffing after Carly. Sonny can’t be alone for one second. I’m amazed actually that he has never tried to hit on Elizabeth. So instead of mining Sonny’s singledom for hilarity, Michael and Kiki signing him up for the Port Charles equivalent of Match.com or OKCupid, it’s back to Carly who put up the weakest protest ever. One second, she’s telling Sonny no, she loves Franco, the next she’s hopping in the sack with him. Why? because the pizza he brought was extra cheese and double pepperoni?

  8. No…Carly and Sonny have ONE child . Kidnapping a child from his biological father does not make the kid yours.

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