This Week in Soaps: A Terrible Tragedy and a Stunning Debut

Katherine Kelly Lang and Don Diamont on location in Dubai

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman         

The Bold and the Beautiful just finished two weeks of exciting drama centered around the soap’s on-location trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for Brooke and Bill’s aborted wedding.  The sequences featured great scenery and exciting action footage.

As you know, Bill planned a memorable elopement for himself and Brooke to the Middle East.  Unfortunately, Quinn sent a photo of herself and Bill in bed to Ridge, and Ridge immediately  jumped on a plane to the glitzy emirates to stop the wedding.

The wedding ceremony held on the beach, and was as beautiful as could be in this stunning setting.  But Ridge arrived, halted the ceremony and absconded with the bride, dragging her off to a waiting helicopter.  Then Ridge, shocked to observe that the helicopter was being piloted by one of Bill’s men, Justin, actually fell out of the flying chopper! It was a spectacular fall and as of now it’s unclear whether Ridge survived.

It’s also unclear whether or not Thorsten Kaye did his own stunt work in this sequence. (As a longtime fan of Thorsten’s, I’d like to think so.)

In any event, Kaye’s new Ridge is too strong a character for the show to lose, though chances are Kaye just won’t be seen on screen for a few weeks.  This is a shame since his performances have become one of the great highlights of B&B over the last few months.  We have a feeling he’ll be back.

A Promising Debut on General Hospital

Also spectacular this week was the debut of Michelle Stafford on General Hospital as Nina Clay, Silas’ wife, who had been in a coma for twenty years.  She showed up all full of sweetness and clinginess at little Danny’s birthday party. Only the day before, Silas and Sam had declared their love for each other.   Stafford of course  played the show-stopping role of Phyllis Summers Newman  on The Young and the Restless for fourteen years.   Her strong performances in her first GH scenes show great promise for a Nina-Silas-Sam triangle, which should make quite a strong story for a long time to come.

Daytime Emmy Broadcast

The Daytime Emmys, which for the first time in decades will not be shown on television, will be streamed live at on June 22nd at 8PM EST. This should be an interesting show and we’ll be watching!


  1. Patrick Erwin says:

    Marlena, I still don’t understand why one of the networks hasn’t taken the Daytime Emmys back to daytime. It was done that way for years and could be again.

    It would be a commercial for one of the network’s daytime lineups…and would have to be more dignified than the mess it’s been in recent years at night. Plus hey, one less show to produce that week.

  2. My favourite wedding or near-wedding for Brooke yet!

    Her running and looking back with Ridge pulling her along was pure soapy goodness. Funny, dramatic – just what I want in afternoon escapism.

  3. As much as I love Michelle Stafford, I have to disagree with your assessment of her GH debut. “Spectacular” is hardly the word I would use…I’d say it was more creepy.
    There haven’t been too many positive comments in the soap group I belong to, or any of the comments I’ve read on other columns. I truly do hope she gets better. I know it’s unfair to judge by just a couple day’s appearances, but so far it’s not looking great for the character.
    This is not Michelle’s fault, but rather the writers, who are writing her very strangely, IMHO. I’m hoping MS will hit it out of the park, but she’s not playing a character anyone cares about in the least, so she has a steep hill to climb.

    • Girl, you need to join another “Soap Group.” They just a bunch of haters over there. You tell ’em mama said so!

  4. David C says:

    I think it’s an absolute slap in the face of all those who work on daytime tv programs to relegate the Emmys to online streaming only. Come on, HLN prefers to run ancient Forensic Files reruns all weekend long and think THAT will get a bigger audience than the Daytime Emmys?! Also, ever since ABC invested so much wasted money in dumping One Life and All My Children for the two millions viewers of The Chew and dearly departed Katie Curic show,maybe it’s just too proud to accept their mistake and air the Emmys.

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