Disgraceful, Delightful and Disgusting: This Week’s Soap Events

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Ashlyn Pearce is Aly

From The Young and the Restless: This week Nick found out that a doppelganger for his dead daughter Cassie has been in town for months disgracefully spooking Sharon into getting shock treatments.  The look-alike (who doesn’t even have a name) admitted the sham and said that Victor had been paying her to impersonate Cassie.

When confronted, Victor tried to use every trick in the book to get out of admitting his guilt.  His main tactic was to say that Sharon herself has a secret and that she is no good for Nick.  Sharon decided not to press charges against the fake Cassie and Victor, so the net effect is that Victor gets away with yet another crime.  Why is Victor never caught or prosecuted for his treacherous, often criminal acts on Y&R?  It gets unbelievable after a while.

From The Bold and the Beautiful:  This week a delightful romance bloomed between late teenager Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) and Oliver (Zack Conroy).  Their kiss-filled scenes were very refreshing, including a pool sceneat the Forrester mansion involving underwater photography.  “She did a 180,” Carter raved about Alex’s personality switch from sour to sweet and in love to Maya, who didn’t believe that Oliver was sincere in his new affections for Aly.

But Aly is going to need all of her strength now that it is revealed that her father Thorne is sexually involved once again with Taylor.  Fifteen years ago, Taylor ran over and killed Aly’s mother Darla in a car accident and Aly has been a troubled, mercurial soul ever since, frequently acting out her anger.  Will the young sweet romance of Oliver and Ally, one of the nicest thing to happen on daytime in ages,  be able to survive all of Aly’s troubles and personality swings? 

From General Hospital:  Sonny just gets deeper and deeper into his troubles after shooting and murdering A.J.  This week, the very day of  A.J.’s funeral (which questionably centered more on Sonny than on memories of A.J.)  Sonny and Ava disgustingly made love in the Quartermaine tomb.   They were immediately caught by Morgan, Sonny’s son and Ava’s longtime love.  Can you imagine a father making love to his son’s girlfriend?  Yuck!  Morgan  is just about to tell Olivia, Sonny’s love, of his infidelity.  Will Olivia be able to forgive Sonny?   Regardless, Sonny is on a fast road to self-destruction.  Even though it is fascinating watching Maurice Benard’s performances as the disintegrating Sonny, this is indeed a sad story to watch.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Marlena, Morgan (not Michael) is the one that is dating Ava and is Sonny’s younger son that had his poor heart broken by his father sleeping with his older girlfriend! Michael is Sonny’s adoptive son (and the late AJ’s biological son) that is currently dating Kiki!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Marlena, Morgan (not Michael) is the one that’s dating Ava and had his poor heart broken by her when she slept with his dad Sonny! Michael is Sonny’s adoptive son (and the late AJ’s biological son) that is currently dating Kiki! Ironically, Ava found Morgan hugging Michael’s girlfriend (and Morgan’s ex-girlfriend) Kiki in the Q mansion before she had sex with Sonny in the Q crypt!

  3. I don’t think the ramifications of what Victor did on “Young and the Restless” are over by a long shot. Just because Sharon didn’t bring in the authorities doesn’t mean Nick, Victoria and Nikki won’t punish him in the worst possible ways.

    This could be good. Something I rarely say about Y&R post 2005.

    • Y&R has become a confusing nightmare. The stories stink and the characters no longer make sense. Billy has sex with Kelly and Victoria throws him out. Okay. That was the appropriate thing to do. No woman needs a cheating husband.

      Billy’s big brother Jack pursues Kelly romantically. Huh? Of all the women in Genoa City, why would Jack take up with the woman who had an extramarital affair with his brother? And while pursuing Kelly, Jack gushes about how much he admires Phyllis, how he wants his beloved Red to come back to him.

      Suddenly, Jill has become desperate for male affection. She is allowing Colin to snow and hoodwink her. Huh? Almost 40 years ago, Jill successfully stole Kay Chancellor’s husband from her and for a while there, she even stole Kay’s house. Remember, she moved her family–Liz, Snapper and Greg–into the Chancellor estate?

      Jill stole Stuart Brooks from her very own mother. Using her feminine wiles, Jill won over John Abbott, had sex with his son, Jack and when John ejected her from his life, she finagled shares of Jabot. Jill Foster Abbott is the schemer and deceiver. She would never allow Colin or any man to outwit her.

      And it appears that Chelsea is about to get involved with Billy, the man who tried to kill her husband. Why in the world would she do such a thing? She claims to love Adam so much and she thinks he’s dead and she knows Billy tried to annihilate him, so why would she get mixed up with him romantically? Doesn’t make sense.

      Lily has become a caterwauling shrew without explanation. She’s a striking woman, with a clean bill of health, a handsome husband, and a rollicking sex life (she and Cain frequently carry on like newlyweds) and two rambunctious children. So what is up with her perpetual bitchin’ and whinin’?

      Also, I don’t understand her sudden friendship with Kelly, who clearly appears to be in her forties and Lily is in her twenties and she advises Kelly about getting involved with Jack, a man in his sixties. Most people in their forties don’t seek advice from people half their age. Lily and Kelly are being written as contemporaries.

      Also, for some inexplicable reason, Y&R brought in directors, writers and performers from cancelled shows. They didn’t do anything to enhance the axed shows, so what makes the Y&R people think they will benefit Y&R.

      The show is being managed by imbeciles. It is in dire need of an overhaul. I wish the show would try Ginger Smith who executive produced the online version of ALL MY CHILDREN, which was marvelous and original and made sense. Sony should get Jill Farren Phelps out of there before she does irreparable damage to this daytime institution.

  4. What is sad to watch is, having to watch Scummy shoot another character in cold blood, and blame them for getting in the way of his bullets. Sonny is done they need to stick a fork in him and shoot him dead,. MB mumbles and stutters and can’t seem to remember his lines ,he is an old man and seeing him with all the females turns my stomach. I have stopped watching .The fork is now in me, I am done.As for the drugs, Sonny forced those drugs on Karen to get her to forget she had been molested as a child and dance on the pole in Sonnys club,. .She was still a kid in high school at the time. When Jagger tried to help her and Stone get away from Sonny, Sonny put hits on them. Now he is doing all he can to destroy his own son.. Both of them actually.

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