The Ho-Hum, Overly Violent Carly Kidnapping Denouement

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Laura Wright’s Carly: Of course she was rescued!

We’ve already said that General Hospital’s Heather-kidnapping-Carly plot was a big ho-hum. Heather tried to blame it on Franco, her son, who had previously tried to kill Heather, his mother. No surprise, the accusation went nowhere and the outcome was predictable: Carly, a central GH character, just had to be rescued. And what of Heather getting loose from the asylum? So what else is new? No institution has succeeded in keeping her locked up for the past thirty years.

Sorry to report that the denouement of the story in which Franco found Carly in the Wyndemere catacombs was every bit a disappointment, despite its excessive violence – calculated, perhaps, to cover the lackluster story in fake blood. First, Franco was shot escaping prison, and then shot again by his mom, a wound not grievous enough to prevent him from stabbing her in the leg.

The rescue of wounded Franco and the trussed up Carly was finally accomplished by Anna and Nathan.  Franco and Carly  were seen declaring their love for one another.  How sweet. We can’t tell you how happy we are that two of the most unsavory characters in all of soap operas have finally found romantic nirvana with one another.

Three Couples and One Friendship to Watch in 2014

Romance is, after all, the soul of soap opera. So, if Franco and Carly don’t : warm your heart, here are three pairings that just might :

Ridge and Katie (Thorsten Kaye and Heather Tom) on The Bold and the Beautiful. These two characters, played by uncommonly terrific actors,  are in love but haven’t declared it yet.  You know that because they have had a recent romp in the park and suddenly Ridge and Katie have developed a mutual interest in poetry. Now they can read to each other, a particular treat when it’s Kaye’s turn, given his English accent and dulcet tones.

Ava and Morgan (Maura West and  Bryan Craig ) on General Hospital.  Who would have thought that a lurid affair between a 19 year old and an older woman could turn into GH’s deepest, most meaningful love story?  Chemistry and very good acting have lifted this pairing from something superficial to something sublime.

Julian and Alexis (William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn) also on GH. Who would have thought that an almost renewed  affair between grandparents would be indescribably sexy? After all, this pair conceived Sam over three decades ago.  DeVry and Grahn have great chemistry despite what looks to be an age difference of about a decade.

And in the friendship department, keep an eye on Chloe and Chelsea (Elizabeth Hendrickson and Melissa Claire Egan) on The Young and the Restless. These two are best friends and are always refreshing to watch because of the great degree of honesty between them.  Chloe was right when Adam turned out to be a louse, running over and killing Delia.  What Chelsea didn’t count on was that Chloe was so jealous of her motherhood of Connor she’d wind up kidnapping him, as she did on Friday.


  1. So yeah, Mar, everything you said about Carly and Franco is true. Some days I would rather scrape broken glass against my eyes than to watch another forced pairing moment between Laura Wright and Roger Howarth, whom don’t hold 1/10 of the chemistry they had when paired a year ago, but ya know what, the queen of daytime TV (sorry, Susan and Deidre), Robin Mattson was handed the store in this particular arc and for that I am forever grateful.

    I adore, worship and love, love, love la mattson and would probably root for her if she was boiling little Emma in a pot of water.

  2. Sorry. I would make a comment about Carleys kidnapping but, My give a damns busted. I knew Hether wouldn’t kill her, and Froud would end up saving her because Re-Ron needed to make him a hero because most fans can’t stand him. His smirking and so called jokes make me not bother to watch at all. He also did the same thing for me when he came to AS THE WORLD TURNS.He made me shut that off Paul Ryan, Franco fraud or Todd its the same character. Same jokes etc. OLTL2 doesn’t do it for me. Was I wrong did Heather kill carley ? please, please.please ????? Guess I will just watch Downton Abbey instead!

  3. I agree with pretty much everything in this post. However, must the age difference btwn NLG and WDV always be brought up when discussing Julian and Alexis? I’m in my 20s and am not bothered by the age difference. Hell, if I wasn’t an “onliner,” I would’ve never known (or guessed) that NLG was older. I would also like to point out that if the situation was reversed and WDV was 10 years older than NLG, no one would be mentioning each time the couple was discussed. Just my observation.

  4. anonymous says:

    I don’t think carly learned one thing from being kidnapped by heather.
    I don’t care about carly and franco. Except for tony and jax everybody the writers pair her with have been really bad men worse than aj. He didn’t kill connie her son morgans’ much older girlfriend, ava jerome
    did it.If it wasn’t for aj, she wouldn’t have her beautiful,wonderful son, michael. If it wasn’t for aj ( well more
    because elizabeth is a good person nicholas!!!)she wouldn’t have been able to spend halloween with her
    daughter,josslyn.AJs’ newphew jake dying is what made that possible.There’s no reason micheal couldn’t have grown up with his father. Carly fell in love with sonny and he got a micheal corinthos the third out of it.
    Who knows what kind of father aj would’ve been to micheal when he got older if sonny hadn’t made aj sign
    away his parental rights. I hope the writers don’t let aj die. If
    sean kanan won’t stay, do a recast. I’d rather see sean as aj but don’t kill him off yet. There’s still more things with ajs’ relationship with his son, his mother. When he was brought back to life, there was a fight
    for ELQ. There’s going to be another one. Neds’ supposed to come back to visit tracy or to help with the
    company? Did he really find happiness in his professional life managing rock bands? Didn’t Carly get ELQ stock when she and aj got married? Micheal has shares and ajs’ power of attorney this turn out to be a really good storyline. Did heather lie about susan having 2 sons or is they really another quartermaine heir?
    If there isn/t how does tracy get the company?
    aj wouldn’t be in any shape to be the head of it now anyway. Maybe there’ll be a nurse or a doctor in his rehabilatation when he comes out of his coma, that he can have a romance with. I wish carly would say to aj while he’s in a coma,”Aj sonny wasn’t much better of a choice of a father for micheal I didn’t know he was going to hang you on a meat hook. I just wanted out of the marriage. I hated you because I lost the baby I was carrying the day we were arguing.I was afraid micheal would grow up to be under Edwards’ infulence.” That won’t happen I know . It would be better than seeing her claim that yet another crazy man is different changed and it will end up badly again. Why was it okay for her son to be exposed to that over and over? The Derek/Julian has quite the chest doesn’t he? Him and Alexis hot hot hot. Why does he have to be in the mob? Sam who come to like probably love her father and lucas would too. Danny would have a grandfather who’s a good man. To think alexis hiked up her bridal gown and ran out of the church instead of marrying ned because she didn’t want life as a quartermaine .
    But, she ends up with a grandson who’s a quartermaine. Another storyline that’s way better than the franco heather carly thing.

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