General Hospital: Robin’s Reason to Leave Is Unbelievable

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Is Kimberly McCullough’s Robin leaving again?

One of the bad things about General Hospital  is that it grows so unbelievable at times.  For example, how many would-be killer psychos can one town have at a time?  Right now, we have four:  Heather, Dr. Obrecht, Franco and Ava.

But unbelievably, the unbelievability gets worse: there are ham-handed hints that Robin is about to be written out. What? She just got back, right? And, in one of the best soap storylines in ages, laid claim to the husband and daughter she left behind. Now, Victor Cassadine has returned as the new head of the WUSB and wants Robin to leave her family to help him  resurrect three cryogenically frozen people: Stavros,  Helena and possibly Jason.

Again, WHAT? Why in the world would Robin want to leave Patrick and Emma after two long years away from them?  True, Sabrina is pregnant. But so what? Robin is too major a character for GH to contrive such a careless and improbable second exit for her.

Will smarter heads prevail? Let’s hope so.


One of the joys of soap opera is the introduction of new talent that constantly goes on as new actors are hired to play new parts.  It’s a pleasure to see how well soap casting directors do their jobs and how well actors fit into the roles.   Here are four relatively new  actors who have worked out quite well.

Ashlyn Pearce — Alexandria “Ali”  Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful.  Beautiful and a bit understated, Pearce is the perfect actress to play Ali,  the new Forrester grandchild.  She even looks like Ali’s father Thorne (actor Winsor Harmon).  Recently Aly has expressed  interest in Liam.  Can she can wrest him away from Hope, to whom he appears hopelessly attached?

Sean  Carrigan —  Stitch Rayburn, The Young and the Restless. When Dylan needed a former Army buddy confidante,  hunky  Carrigan was cast as his now doctor friend.    Carrigan is an all-around good actor who fills that role nicely, and at the same time has nice chemistry with all the women on the show, especially Amelia Heinle, who plays Victoria.

Ryan Paevey — Nathan West, GH.  Detective West came to Port Charles on the trail of Silas, who supposedly murdered his wife twenty years ago.  Paevey is quite good looking, can act well and plays a police detective quite believably.  

Ryan Carnes — Lucas Jones, GH.  Carnes who plays Lucas Jones, who has just returned to Port Charles, isn’t new to the show.  He played the role last in 2006.  He is a good actor and showed his stuff mightily in recent scenes in which Lucas told his biological father Julian Jerome (William deVry) that he is gay.  Lucas has recently Felix’ boyfriend Brad.


  1. Patrick Erwin says:

    Re: Robin…..THANK YOU, Marlena. I know that GH has to explain her absence, but when I heard what they were aiming for, I just couldn’t believe it.

    Especially when there was already such a believable reason right at their fingers: since Robert left, it would have been easy for them to say Robert needed her by his side for [fill in the blank health reason], and the audience would buy that.

    I like Y&R’s Stitch too, and I hope they expand his story.

  2. Eric Henwood-Greer says:

    Umm you mean Lucas “seduced” Brad, Felix’s almost boyfriend I believe…

  3. Actually Lucas has seduced Brad not Felix although that may change. And it is the WSB not the WUSB.

  4. Kimberly McCullough’s heart isn’t in Port Charles anymore. Good riddance. Let the door hit your arse on the way out.

    BTW, Sabrina deserves BETTER than that douchey Patrick.

  5. Marlena, the reason why Kimberly McCullough (Robin, GH) is leaving GH again is because she is going back to her directing career, and that is why Ron Carlivati is writing this exit storyline for her right now!

    • I’m pretty sure Marlena knew that. .
      That doesn’t change the fact that they’re writing another unbelievable, far-fetched exit story for her. I think it’s time to cut ALL ties with McCullough and either re-cast Robin or KILL HER OFF FOR GOOD! That would be my choice. The character is ruined and can’t keep leaving and coming back and screwing up the storylines for so many other characters. Time to move on!!!

  6. I understand that Carlivati needed to write an exit story for McCullough but why not something a little more plausible. Say…she needed some time away (maybe take Emma with her) to process the whole Sabrina pregnancy thing. I like GH but lately it’s become too cartoony and too unbelievable. Obrecht is now chief of staff at GH? Victor Cassidine is the head of the WSB?

    And the whole Heather/Carly thing has been dragging on. Carlivati needs to rein in the stupid and get back to the veterans and some good drama.

  7. I like Stitch and Kelly on Y&R a lot as well, especially considering how new they are on the canvas. The writers have done a fine job introducing them, but a lot of credit for their success has to go to the actors.

    BTW, it’s Sean (not Steve) Carrigan. Gotta make sure the guy gets his full due!

  8. Hi, Marlena:

    I enjoy your articles, but there is no “Steve” Carrigan on Y&R.

    Dr. Benjamin (Ben) “Stitch” Rayburn is played by Sean Carrigan, an amazing actor.

    Anyone wishing to see one of his latest programs (NOT on a soap), check out “Crazy Like Me: A Five Film” on Lifetime. I watched it, saw Mr. Carrigan for his few moments and tweeted him that I now understood “why Stitch doesn’t like to talk about his military career.”

    He thought it was funny and retweeted it. Gotta keep the humor going with the stars. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  9. TIIC of GH have no imagination when it comes to soaps. They can turn blue telling us how they were great fans of the show growing up, were is the word. They had plenty of time knowing exactly when and how long Robin would be here. They dragged it out, they never allowed us to see her tell what she went through.. Demonizing the character to push Suebrina is a joke. She could be gone to show other doctors how she discovered the cure. She offered to return, but if you remember, She wanted them to kill off the character. FRankenRon decided she wasn’t dead, they talked her into coming back, and then they destroyed the whole thing .Leaving Emma and Patrick is stupid. She spent two years fighting to get back, now she is going to disappear again. fergetaboutit. They poured AJ back in the bottle ,and its mob wars 2. They can watch the show themselves. I find myself not being the least bit interested in what oltl lite is about.

  10. I understand why Robin would leave. First of all, she has not dealt with the trauma of her years of captivity. But think about it, this woman was held for TWO YEARS and no one came and saved her. She kept hoping, but she found out later that everyone thought she was dead and no one was looking for her. She had a husband, a mother, a small child and they moved on and mourned her. JUST LIKE JASON!

    Robin has got to relate to this to an amazing degree. In this case, Jason isn’t her old love – he is just like her. Wouldn’t she have wanted Jason to leave his family to save her? When she got to Wyndermere, wasn’t that the first thing she said to Faison – “Jason will come for me”.

    She also has an example in her father. Didn’t he get “blown up” in a boat and stay away? It was a WSB thing, right?

    It is not abnormal for everyone around Robin to sacrifice time with their kids for the better good. Frisco, Felicia, Jax, Carly, Sonny, Jason, Olivia, Nik…have all either left their child, sent their child away, denied paternity, etc. in the name of keeping that child safe or helping someone (or an Agency) that really needed them.

    That’s my take on the situation. I am not going to be mad at Robin. I’m just not.

  11. So upset, that the writers have Robin leaving her family. That is not her character. Why couldn’t they have her on a reoccurring role. We could see her every once in a while. Or better yet recast her. Now if she comes back Patrick will never take her back. Then she will not tell Patrick where she is going and won’t keep in contact. The writers ruined their love story

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe with Robin and Jason gone G.H. will be leaving soon, the other character, such as Luke’s has played out . Sunny has gotten old ,however,might be able to carry the weight.

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