B&B and GH: Real Love and Lackluster Crime in the Afternoon

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Kim Matula and Darin Brooks: Real love in the afternoon (CBS Photo)

For ages we’ve complained about the absence of romance — real love — in the afternoon.  Someone must have been listening because this week The Bold and the Beautiful gave us a mega dose of love scenes concluding in a real beauty: the carefully orchestrated “first time’ for Wyatt Fuller (Darin Brooks) and Hope Logan (Kim Matula).

The two had been kissing for what seemed like forever against the backdrop of Hope’s oft-interrupted romance with Wyatt’s half-brother Liam, who she almost married several times.   Wyatt and Hope had even chastely gotten through Hope’s supposed Hawaiian “honeymoon” after her latest spoiled wedding to Liam. Wyatt nominally filled in for the rejected bridegroom. Later, Wyatt decided what Hope needed was a memorable “first time,” which he choreographed on a road trip up California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

B&B went all out with this remote. Wyatt bought an antique Airstream trailer for the occasion, and the entire sequence was shot outdoors on location along the breath-taking California coast. The couple, often half-naked, made out copiously on the beach. Their actual first sexual encounter took place, quite beautifully, in silhouette in a closed tent set up on  the beach. It was indeed a memorable “first time,” about love almost as much as it was about sex.

Now, this is the kind of fantasy good love stories — and superior soap opera – are made of.

Meanwhile, over at General Hospital , the storyline of the month — Heather’s kidnapping of Carly — was falling very flat.  All of Port Charles was properly upset over the abduction. But where’s the suspense in this storyline?   Heather hasn’t been caught in 30 years of crimes in Port Charles, and there was no reason to believe this would change. At the same time, the life of  Carly, a central character on GH ,was never really at stake.    Luke couldn’t save Carly after a chance encounter, and neither could the adorable trio of Spencer, Cameron and Emma, who ran into Carly and Heather in the Wyndemere stables.

Heather kidnapped Carly to get back at her own son Franco, who had previously “killed” her with a shank to her side. (She survived, something Franco does not know yet.)  Now, Franco is about to be arrested for Carly’s kidnapping. But we know that he didn’t do it and that Carly is very much alive and surviving.   Again … ho hum.


  1. No seriously somebody needs to tell Darin Brooks to stop making so many ridiculous facial expressions in one scene. If it’s not the overused eye arch or innocent look, it’s something else. The guy is trying too hard and doing too much acting with facial gestures.

    Or maybe it’s because Kim Matula just has one expression: bored

  2. I guess no amount of begging and pleading will get TPTB to allow heather to just do it. Off carley ,and let franco froad Todd whatever his name is this month to rot in jail for it Off Screen.Both of them.

  3. So I finally “watched” (not really) that B&B love scene and, as usual, I FF’d almost the entire thing. I think my problem in all these triangles has always been Hope. I think she’s incredible insipid and certainly not worthy of every young man in town falling all over themselves to be with her. She’s very much like her mother that way. Can’t figure that out either!

    As far as the Heather Kidnapped Carly S/L, There. Are. No. Words. It is beyond ridiculous! And after liking Heather for a long time, I’m finally so sick of her I can not watch her any more! It’s time for someone to kill her off and keep her dead!

    And these are just MY humble opinions. Sorry to those who disagree…

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