Merry Christmas, Thinking Fans!

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Merry Christmas from Nigel

Merry Christmas from Nigel

There I was this week watching The Bold and the Beautiful and scratching my head.  How many interrupted weddings can Hope and Liam have?  After all, Steffy broke up the first wedding with news she was pregnant, and here she was back with the news for Liam that after her miscarriage, she was no longer infertile.  Pre-ceremony, Hope saw Steffy and Liam together talking privately, freaked out and ran away with Wyatt (for whom I am rooting because he’s so charming ) to Hawaii.  But will Liam and Hope ever get together and marry?

It’s something I ponder every week along with questions such as, will General Hospital’s  Patrick and Robin get back together now that she has returned from the dead, or will the plot will complicated by the fact that Sabrina might be pregnant? On The Young and Restless, will I grow to like the mother Nikki and reclaimed biological son Dylan even though they have no chemistry and are two of the flakiest characters ever showcased on a soap opera?

But there’s one question I’m not pondering this week.  Do I want you, my beloved readers, to have a merry and a happy Christmas?  Of course I do and I send you holiday hugs and kisses along with the best wishes of my hubby/editor Moose and our sweet dog Nigel.  We’re ensconced in our country home with our tree, decorations and many good things to eat and we’re celebrating.  There’s nothing we like better than the fact that we can celebrate the holidays along with our own dear Thinking Fans.

So from our family to yours, have the merriest of Christmases!


 Marlena, Moose and Nigel


  1. LOL I love you Marlena

    Your observation about Nikki and her new found son Dullan being chemistry vacant. Yes, it’s true.
    Steve Burton, as always, is bringing down everybody he shares screen time with. I find it humorous, though, because you used to champion Burton and now you’re telling it like it is. You’re not biased and know when to call a spade a spade.

  2. Patrick Erwin says:

    Joyoux Noel to you – and Moose and Nigel, Marlena!

    Re: Nikki/Dylan – it really seems like someone fashioned that plot twist at the last minute – especially since Stitch looks so much like Melody Thomas Scott and Doug Davidson’s son that it’s RIDICULOUS.

  3. Happy Christmas. Marlena to you and yours! Thank you for sharing the picture of Nigel.

  4. Happy Holidays, Marlena! Thanks for entertaining us with your groovy blog!

  5. Merry Christmas! I no longer watch B&B regularly, and this reminds me why. Hope and Liam have had at least four or five aborted weddings. They actually did get married in Italy, only for Hope to refuse to sign the papers after watching the video of Liam and Steffy making out. Which is just silly. She was raised by Brooke and Ridge, so she has to realize that married people often kiss others! Right!?!?

  6. What do you think of Michael Muhney being fired from Y&R, Marlena? I hope that you’ll get around to answering your fans’ questions again! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, MARLENA!!!!!!

  7. Chere Malena!

    Joyeux Noël!

    I also agree that Steve Burton has no chemistry with Nicki. Or anyone else on Y&R. The character is pretty much a dud. I guess years of playing a robotic Jason have left Burton unable to emote, rendering his chemistry free with virtually everyone he shares screen time with.

    I was hoping they’d make Stitch into Nicki’s son. He’s got so much more personality. A much better actor and much better character.

    Hope Santa is good to you all.

  8. Dear Connie/Marlena,

    I hope it was a good Christmas for you as well. And I’ll wish you, in advance, a healthy and safe New Year.
    This goes to all readers as well. (For however much all this is applicable.)

    Regarding the soaps: I just want to say that I don’t want Hope being with Liam. That’s a played-out, pointless romance. Comfy, sure, but unhealthy given his side devotions to Steffy and how that derailed his supposed true love with Hope. Hope is in need of a relationship that is healthy and it need of one that is bright and loving, and that it has a future. And I think that she has found that with Wyatt. The two are genuinely smitten. Lust at first site. Love along with it. But given “The Bold and the Beautiful” is a soap, I can tell the romance will be so wound up, I may find myself contemplating giving up. Liam is a step back for Hope. Wyatt is a step forward. Many steps, actually.

  9. Hi Marlena,

    Merry Christmas! Actually Steffy interrupted Hope and Liam’s 3rd or 4th wedding. At this point I think they (and Brad Bell) need to take a step back and discover why they are so determined to get married. Hope needs to have fun. Liam was only her second boyfriend. She should have fun with Wyatt for awhile see where it leads.

  10. Happy Holidays to everyone readers and all. I find AJ will not be on GH for l;ong.The writer wants OLTLs . I was hoping we would finally get ptb who want GH to be GH. Instead we get wash, rinse and repeat. .I just find what I don’t like,. I don’t watch. I will watch while scrubs has been reunited and when Ron ruins that.I will watch one soap Downtown Abbey.

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