Happy New Year: Looking Ahead to 2014

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Thorsten Kaye: Will he still amaze in 2014?

The new year starts Wednesday, and I have many questions about what’s going to happen on our favorite shows next year. See if you might speculate on the answers, or pose some questions of your own:

1.  How is The Young and the Restless going to fill the terrible holes left by the departures of super talented Billy Miller (Billy) and Michael Muhney (Adam)?   Surely both roles will be recast.

2.  How are General Hospital ’s Patrick and Robin going to react to Sabrina being pregnant with Patrick’s child?  Quite the sticky situation.

3.  When will The Bold and the Beautiful’s Quinn and Donna have the down and dirty catfight they have been leading up to for months?  Both seem to want Eric’s love enough to draw blood to get it.

4.  On Y&R, will Jill ever find out the significance of the music box Katherine left her?

5.  On GH, will A.J. ever find out that he’s clear of Connie’s murder?  And did Ava really do it?

6.  On B&B, will Thorsten Kaye be able to sustain the tremendous acting success he’s already scored on his first few weeks of B&B? My guess, no surprise, is a resounding “Yes!”

7.  Will Spinelli ever come back to GH? Maybe he could return from Portlandia flush with New Age inspiration and open a boutique coffee bar/microbrewery to compete with Kelly’s?

8.  On Y&R, will Dylan ever accept Nikki as his mother? How long will it be until Nikki conquers her biological son’s heart?

9. On B&B, wouldn’t it be neat if Hope rejected both Liam and Wyatt and found herself a new love this year?

10. Sadly, in 2013 we witnessed the faltering of soap opera’s first great digital experiment. All My Children and One Life to Live are gone again, at least for now. Will 2014 bring us any new soaps? As ever; we won’t give up hope.

Moose, Nigel and I join together in wishing you a Happy New Year! 


  1. Susan English says:

    Soap fans have not given up on AMC or OLTL. PP and ABC need to settle their suit! Either PP or ABC do production but air them on ABC in the new “Love in the afternoon soap block”. Follow our meto meet at http.on.fb.me/1jv741h or on twitter @abcloveinpm!

  2. Firing egomaniacal Michael Muhney is the first and only smart move Jill Farren Phelps has ever made.

    Besides having a Jesus Complex bigger than that of Kanye West and Lady Gaga combined, look at the long list of bad deeds his character has committed over the past four years: forged a fake diary which made his father look guilty of murder; gaslighted poor Ashley into falling down a flight of stairs and miscarrying; swiped Sharon’s baby and made Ashley think it was hers; murdered Ashley’s OB/GYN; not once, BUT TWICE, faked his own death … and I’ve only scratched the surface.

    And yet one of those reasons are behind his abrupt firing. It’s time Muhney vacated the premises and so did Adam. Neither will be missed.

  3. Marlena, TPTB at Y&R already hired David Tom to reprise his role as Billy Abbott, which he’ll first air next month, and AJ was already cleared of Connie’s murder on GH when the jury found him not guilty due to a lack of evidence!

    • AJ was cleared in a court of law, but he still has no memory of those fateful moments in Connie’s office, and doesn’t yet know for sure whether he killed her or not.

  4. I am looking forward to David Tom’s return as Billy Abbott. I enjoyed his performances when he played the character in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. The character was a teen back then so now we will get to see Tom in more adult stories.
    I am sure Nikki and Dylan will connect. I just wish I liked the story better. They are both good actors but I just don’t find the story that interesting.

  5. Thorsten Kaye has been letting his British accent slip way too often.

    NuRidge must have spent a lot of time in London or something.

  6. I disagree with Kevin about “The Young and the Restless” firing Michael Muhney; he was brave and dynamic in the part. I hope Muhney lands works outside daytime. Perhaps the timing of pilot season will help him do that.

    I’m interested to see what develops on “General Hospital” now that Robin is back and reunited with Patrick and their daughter.… The foursome of Steffy/Liam/Hope/Wyatt sustains my interest on “The Bold and the Beautiful” because, frankly, I want Hope to close the book on Liam because she can have a stronger man, who is crazy for her, in Wyatt.… I look forward to that story playing out. “Days of Our Lives” losing Chandler Massey makes me sorry; but I will continue to support Will and Sonny as, especially, the “death” of Nick has great potential where it also concerns Gabi.… And for “Y&R,” I await something in the way of an interesting storyline because, to be blunt, it was the dullest of 2013 as, for example, the character of Dylan appears not to be working. (And this is major because he is supposed to be major given he is Nikki’s son.)

    I hope for strong work out of all four of the remaining network daytime dramas. And I appreciate them still being around and available for us.

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