General Hospital: The Ugly Denouement of the Baby Connie True Parentage Plot

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Wasn’t it ugly?  Incredibly, the denouement of General Hospital‘s Maxie admitting she is the biological mother of Connie plot was even worse than could have been predicted.  The fact that Maxie – who supposedly mothered the baby as a surrogate for Lulu and Dante — is the baby’s biological  mother  was disclosed by a complete stranger, namely lab tech Brad, right after Connie was christened.  At first Maxie and Spinelli, the true biological father, denied the truth and tried to hastily to exit the church, but detective Dante kept riding the two until they fessed up.  And it wasn’t pretty!

Bradford Anderson as Spinelli: This time an Emmy?

What made this ugly sequence memorable at all was the acting.  Dominic Zamprogna’s Dante was fierce and Emme Rylan’s Lulu practically breathed fire as she found out how her best friend Maxie had betrayed her by passing off her biological daughter as Lulu and Dante’s own. But the most winning of all — as has been so this entire dreadful plot — was the acting of Bradford Anderson as Spinelli.  The loss and pain of the situation have been continuously written on Anderson’s face and in his tears. As you recall, Spinelli didn’t find out that he was a father until after the baby was born.  Anderson  has  given this horrible situation all the humanity it lacks in plotting.

We hope that Anderson, who has been nominated in the past, may finally win a Daytime Emmy for this transcendent performance. If he does, it will be the only good thing to come from a storyline in which no one won, and everyone lost, especially poor baby Connie.  Will Dante and Lulu now fight for custody of the baby that isn’t really theirs?  Does anyone out there know the legalities of surrogacy in New York State?

Speaking of GH … isn’t it great to see Robert Scorpio  and Robin Scorpio Drake  back on the show this week?   Tristan Rogers had denied several times to assorted news outlets that he was coming back and it’s been almost two years since Kimberly McCullough left GH for her directing career.  Does McCullough look a bit different or is it us?  Robin’s renewed life will certainly break the heart of nurse Sabrina, who is in love with Robin’s “widower”’ Patrick.  At least Sabrina will have the arms of her first love Carlos to fall back into.  Speaking of which, the casting of talented, charismatic and  sexy Jeffrey Vincent Parise  as Carlos is one of GH’s best choices this year.  Kudos to super GH casting director Mark Teschner for finding and casting  this intriguing new actor.   


  1. I had stopped watching GH and have tuned back in for this story. Bradford Anderson has been incredible, as has Kirsten Storms. I knew BA had comedic acting chops, but he has been stellar in this dramatic storyline.

    Yes, McCullough looks different, and I’m not sure why either.

    I can’t get used to this Lulu. Julie Marie Berman was just … harder, and this Lulu seems like a fierce fluffy Bichon Frise.

    • I cannot stand the new Lulu – she has made the character so unlikeable!! Horrible casting. Also, were there no cuter babies available to play baby “Connie” other than this baby with a toupee?!?!

  2. My comment is Roberts back, Anna and Mac see him. He remembers everything. Robin hit Dr O over the head and here we go The Scorpio’s are back kicking butt and taking numbers I hope. I really enjoyed the show. Go Robin. looks like Jerry over did it. He gave the video, Dr O pushed with *Patrick’s Baby*, and Fun time. Robin is her parents daughter. Maxie and Spins baby was so dragged out *who cares*.Go to court, fight it out .Scummy doesn’t get his way, put a hit out on Maxie and Spin they get the baby. Oh forgot Guza’s gone maybe not.

  3. I agree that Bradford Anderson has been amazing (and I am not even a lukewarm fan of Damian … I refuse to call him “Spinelli”). He will certainly be nominated for his like 250th Emmy next summer and he deserves to bring it home.

    As for Robin coming home. I keep reading all of these posts about people excited beyond belief that Robin is going to be reunited with Patrick and Emma … SLOW DOWN, SOAP FANS! Do you not know how these things work? Did you all just begin watching soaps last Tuesday?

    Patrick will have several close calls with Robin but probably not see her in the flesh until months from now and even when he does, there will not be an instant reunion. Instead, Robin will tell Patrick (who is by then wed to Sabrina) that she does not want to come between him and his new wife.

    So we will then see Patrick and Robin fighting off their urges for months and months and months … until Kimberly McCullough returns to finish get her degree at that director’s academy. I have seen it all before.

  4. horselover says:

    Yea! Robert Scorpio is back! Finally. I’m back watching GH full-time again. Not even airtime domination by the OLTL3 can stop me watching now. Long live the Scorpios!

  5. I started reading your column and started out being defensive and then embraced it when you were praising Bradford’s incredible performances over the last few weeks. I agree completely and would add Kirsten Storms exceptional and incredible performances in this painful story line. All performances have been great but… Bradford and Kirsten’s have just been so stellar and so emotionally heart wrenching. they both deserve to be nominated and win! I am rooting for them getting custody of their little Georgie!!!

    Having Robert/Tristan back is so delightful!!! I would so like to see him get a contract or at least recurring. There is something so wonderful for us long time viewers to have our favorite characters come back in any capacity and for any duration. Robert and Anna are two of those favorite characters and I so want them to find their daughter together. It’s great having Robin back and I like how she is getting up to speed on what is going on in her absence… even if it is not complete and totally accurate. She knows her parents will find her. We are in for a stellar few months here with all of these storylines converging and resolving them selves. I can’t wait!!! Robin looks different because she has gained weight and is very tan.

    Congratulations to everyone at GH!!!

  6. It is not going to take out for months, there’ll be no Sabrina/Patrick engagement. Even though Patrick removed his ring now he will be thinking of Robin more and more and realize he’s still not ready to move on, Sabrina will try to hold the relationship together and then turn back to Carlos because she’ll realize she doesn’t have Patrick’s whole heart. Listen to what Carlos said Friday–Patrick is touching his ring finger and remembering Robin–Friday he flashed back to their wedding. Listen to what Patrick says–he couldn’t take his ring off because he feels she’s still out there. The Patrick/Sabrina pairing is a failure and trying her with someone else to see if she can gain some kind of acceptance–if this pairing fails I bet she’s gone. Nik & Britt end up on Cassadine Island. Robin/Nik some back to PC for supplies but if she contacts anyone her parents will be killed. Robin watches a Halloween Party where she sees most likely Emma who’s unhappy and she comforts. There is a rumor it’s Sabrina who sees her–if that were true–then their relationship would end immediately, but if it’s Emma then no one would believe her. Patrick/Robin reunion happens sometime around TG.

  7. Thad Bosley says:


    To be blunt, she must have put on 20 pounds.

  8. I think the reason why Kimberly McCillough looks kinda different now is because she must’ve gained some weight since we last saw her on GH!

  9. Sadly with the recast in the role of L, there is no real depth or layers that were peeled back exposing any of the destruction of the hard won trust and friendship that Julie Marie Berman and Kirsten Storms brought to their “pairing” as Maxie and L. I think this young woman is the type of actress who is “carried” by the acting abilities of those around her. If it weren’t for Miss Storms, Dominic Zamprogna, and Bradford Anderson, I’d be less inclined to watch. As it is, I’ve become less engaged in either Lante or this entire, full of plot points, saga that has grown tiresome. The young woman playing L may be a lovely person in her life outside of GH, but in terms of talent, physical chemistry and acting sympatico with her onscreen partner, Mr. Zamprogna, as well as her other castmates, she doesn’t hold a candle to Julie and her three time Emmy award winning portrayal. As it is, I watch her and feel absolutely nothing for her “pain” when realistically I should be crying my eyes out at the whole tangled scenario.

    • I so agree with you. I feel nothing for this new Lulu. They need to go back to the drawing board on this one. New Lulu is annoying. I disliked her as a cheerleader in Bring it on all or nothing and I dislike her in the role of Lulu.

  10. i think baby connie is the spitting image of maxi…….is she maxi’s baby in real life ?

    • Kirsten Storms’ baby girl with husband Brandon Barash is due in early January 2014. She’ll be on maternity leave acording to some reports as Maxie is supposedly being written off canvas for a period of time.

  11. Are they using the same baby for both connie and ben

  12. The new Lulu is a terrible actress AND could they not find a cuter kid to play baby “Connie” other than this baby with a toupee?!?!?

  13. Maybe Robin is pregnant!

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