An Excruciating Episode of The Young and the Restless

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman      

Is it right or wrong for a daytime soap opera to kill off a baby or a child?  After all, a large part of the viewing audience is young mothers, and they could find such a sequence unbearable to watch.  After watching little Delia Abbott get hit by a car on Friday’s episode of The Young and the  Restless, I’d likely vote it’s wrong to do such a storyline.

Sophie Pollono as Delia Abbott

Killing off a child provides harrowing drama. But the problem with Friday’s episode was that it was so harrowing, it was thoroughly overwrought and over played. Everything was calculated to make the viewer feel pain.

Billy Abbott (Billy Miller) did what a parent should not do: he left his daughter Delia in the car when he went into a store to buy ice cream.  She opened the door and chased her dog down the road when he hopped out.  Then Adam (or perhaps it was Nikki, who was also out driving that night) came barreling down the road and hit her.

It took almost an entire episode for the ambulance to arrive, during which Billy, alone with his comatose daughter, ruminated over his mistake.  These scenes were unbearable.  Even worse were scenes in which we saw what Billy will likely miss — fantasy scenes of his daughter’s forthcoming (if she is still alive) graduation, wedding, childbirth and grown years in which Billy and daughter operated his restaurant as “Delia and Dad.”

In these treacly scenes (in which Dad kept saying “I love you” over and over) Delia was played by a series of older actresses . Miller soldiered on as an older and older Billy, although the actor was minimally aged.  Each scene was engineered to evoke a tear. I’m sure many viewers couldn’t take the extreme melodrama of a tragically missed future and tuned out.

Meanwhile, Delia’s mother Chloe was shown at the movies, innocently making out with her ex-husband Kevin. On Monday, presumably Delia will die from her injuries.

This is not the first time a baby or a child was killed on a soap opera, but it’s certainly the most extreme. In the 1950s Lisa’s son Chucky was killed on As the World Turns when he was hit by a car.

In the most famous example of a child being killed, little Laura, daughter of Brooke and Tom, was hit by a drunken driver on All My Children.  This storyline at least was done with the cooperation of the real Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and was a critical hit.  It said something powerful about drunk drivers.

But Delia’s accident and impending death so far has been pointless.  All it did was create some excitement on a show that for so long has lacked much.  That is if you could bear watching Friday’s episode.  I breathed a huge sigh of real relief as soon as it was over. 


  1. Don’t forget that Jason (who was the biological father, but the child was adopted by Lucky when he was married to Elizabeth) and Elizabeth’s son Jake was mowed down by a car too by a drunken Luke on GH a couple of years ago, which was nearly just as bad as what happened on Y&R, but at least brought out some terrific performances from Anthony Geary, Jonathan Jackson, Rebecca Herbst, and Laura Wright!

  2. Eric Henwood-Greer says:

    I was going to mention Laura on AMC. I think if the story beats are played out, it’s good. I don’t trust this regime to do that, however.

    Still–I will take realistic drama over insulting (and oddly praised) ideas like GH using Mission Impossible style masks to reveal different characters, yet again. Where are the stakes in the drama if anyone can be anyone by just putting on a rubber mask? It brings down the characters–who apparently can not tell that they are making out with someone who has rubber skin and hair–and ruins any story, no matter how far fetched. Why didn’t Dr Obreicht just give her daughter Britt a rubber mask to disguise her as Robin in her attempt to seduce Patrick in the first place? Is all of Port Charles made up of people in masks? (Sometimes it feels that way.) Absolutely awful–GH in a few weeks has just fallen down the drain.

    • Steve Stowell says:

      I feel the same way about rubber masks that miraculously make one character look like another. Sure, there’s always some degree of implausibility in soap operas, but that to me is taking things one step too far. As you said, there are no longer any stakes in the drama if anyone can impersonate someone else at any time.

      As far as killing a child off goes, I think it can be successfully done as long as:
      1. It’s not overused. One of the ways I think OLTL shot itself repeatedly in the foot was by killing too many legacy children (Larry’s son Danny & Bo’s son Drew come immediately to my mind).
      2. It isn’t the couple’s only child. If there’s going to be such a despairing story, there should be some glimmer of hope at the end.
      3. It’s not forgotten 6 months later. I think Laura’s death on AMC was so resounding because it forever changed Brooke. There has to be a long-term repercussion or it just comes off as another bad stunt.

      I don’t watch Y&R, but reading about this episode reminded me of executive producer Jill Faren Phelps infamous killing of Frankie Frame on Another World over an entire episode. Personally, I think all soaps would benefit from banning JFP from the genre permanently!

      • Danny Wolek never died. He was played by several actors but the character never really caught on. He just left town.

    • I like the story it is heart wrenching but I think they missed the mark when they failed to show the grandparents reactions when first finding out, and I must have missed the explanation on how her cornias are able to be donated many hours after her death and the fact that she had gone through chemo and radiation. As far as child death story lines in my opinion BJs suprise death and her heart being donated to save Maxie has the most heart wrenching and well acted story I’ve seen.

  3. horselover says:

    JFP: they don’t call her the soap killer for nothing.

  4. Billy thinking about Delia’s future–buying her her first bike, walking her down the aisle, being there when she had her first baby– made no sense to me. It just didn’t make sense. He told Delia to hold on, that help was on the way. So why would Billy think about what could or should have been. All Billy would have been focused on was getting help to his injured daughter and begging God to save his Dee Dee. But the way they played it, Billy gave up. Those fantasies should have come about after he was told that Delia was gone. And even then, who the hell needed to see those protracted scenes of what might have been? Just showing Billy with tears in his eyes while he lamented all his daughter will never experience would have sufficed.

    It STUNK. It was ill-conceived. Why don’t they get someone else to produce this show?

    • yep, i agree, Y&R need new writers, producers, etc. to kill a child to get ratings is not good, meanwhile, these other idiots such as Sharon, who needs a man keep going in and out of people lives to destroy. hopefully, Y&R bring Delia back some how, a dream which is what they always do would be the most rational thing to do.
      Y&R have heard from the fans and should comply.

      • june davis says:

        I agree Y&R need new writers, killing off a child for ratings is awful!!!! I am tired of the BB with it’s stupid story line, Hope is turning just like Brook, and I am now getting tired of Y&R!!!! your writers need to figure out how to bring this child back… I realize this is a soap opera, however your writers are getting off track!!!!

      • You are so right, the new writers need to hear us and make this right. Would be better if this was all a dream sequence. Then in time everyone learns from their mistakes and little Dee Dee is still with us.

        • I couldn’t agree more please someone make all this go away with 1 big dream. After many years I can no longer or will I watch this soap ever again.

          • Think & believe Kelly hit Delia billy”s child. I, know she framed Adam
            He is innocent, um love Adam & Chelsea, finally move to paris already.
            Love them bk together as a super couple, this wk. I, know Adam be bk
            To the set, of y&r. Hi, have faith. & bring justice od the 1 who hit & run
            Of Delia, that is Kelly. Not Adam thanks

      • Bring Delia Back NOW SOMEHOW…. I am almost at the point of ending my viewing after 30 maybe a little more years. Nothing good ever happens anymore! Maybe the writer should justify their reasoning for killing off Little Dee Dee and at the same time you’re killing off you’re fans!!!!!

      • I am a little behind on Y&R because I taped several episodes. I just saw the one from last week where Delia was hit. I have decided that if she is killed off, I am totally done with the soap I have been watching for at least 30 years. The storylines really suck lately

      • I have been a big fan of the young and restless for many years. I agree with bringing Delia back somehow, especially that she was so loved and mostly everyone that she knew. It was one thing with Catherine, because she really did pass away, so sad to say. Lets see what happens. Hopefully it keeps the ratings up without getting rid of the youngsters. This soap opera has been one of the longest running one compared to some that do not air anymore. Thank You, Carol

    • Shay Jackson says:

      I solely agree with this comment. I was so disgusted in this episode. Adam and Billy just can’t catch a break no matter what they do. I enjoy Adam and Chelsea together as a married couple. It seems they are usually best friends and lovers. They have each others back. I knew when Billy and Delia got in the car that something was going to happen, but never did I guess such a horrible scene. Allowing Adam to hit and kill this child just to get what was needed for his son’s eye surgery was totally cruel.

      We need new writers. I have refused to watch another episole of the Y&R. I am tired of Sharon and Nicholas. I hope they do not ever get back together. How much longer before Nick finds out the truth about Summer being his child?

    • I agree hold heartedly. I believe that they could’ve thought up another line to spice up the show. This is so depressing that it makes me crazy. It is the only daytime show I tape and I’m getting tired of it already. I watched this show when it first started in 1973 and I loved it, but now it is just too much.

    • i agree on that

  5. I didn’t notice any aging done to Miller or Amelia Heinle in the fantasy sequences. And Lisa’s son Chucky died in the early 70’s, I thought. Otherwise, I totally agree with you, Marlena. And I hate that , if Y&R is alive in ten years, Delia won’t be.

  6. I think the best, which sounds cold to say best in this instance, use of this as a storyline had to be BJ on General Hospital. Characters on the show still mention it, it is still being felt all these years later, and it did serve a purpose, Maxie getting the heart transplant that she needed, as well as pushing characters in many different directions.
    However, on Y&R, it just feels like another way to chip away at the Abbots. It seems that whenever an Abbot dies on that show, the death is brought on by a Newman, and it’s enough already. And that whole day being devoted to Billy and his fantasy future daughter was too much-it was impossible to feel anything because they were literally beating the viewers over the head with Delia’s soon to be corpse. A little goes a long way, but unfortunately in this case they felt that more is better. It wasn’t. The acting was not enjoyable, it felt like Billy was going through the motions with no emotion whatsoever. Thumbs down.

    • I guess the storyline came about because of Adam. Adams son is desperately in need of these corneas in order for him to see. So if she does indeed die; which I’m hoping against hope that the powers that be change their mind, but if she does die I can guarantee that Adams little boy will have his sight restored; he will have Delia’s cornea. It’s so horrible to think that a child dies, but I guess if that’s gonna happen, at least do it to donate whatever is needed.

  7. It doesn’t help that Y&R lacks the writing talent to pen really moving, affecting drama. (Katherine’s recent passing was hokey as all heck.) Any death story, especially its aftermath, is difficult to write believably and free of stilted, leaden, cliched moments. Only the best dialogue writers have ever done it well. (Go to YouTube and watch Mary’s death on SB and Maureen’s death on GL to see it done right. Yes, Patrick Mulcahey is a genius.) This Delia story does indeed feels more like a clunky, prefab “big event” designed to grab attention–“Y&R’s shocking twist! Genoa City will never be the same!”–rather than a natural, emotional development for the characters, and Y&R’s current dialogue writers have shown no real talent for the raw but uplifting follow-up necessary to elevate this over standard soap treacle. Not sure whose idea this was–although Jill Farren Phelps will get the blame, no doubt–but I hope this is not Y&R’s new direction. I will, however, second Eric’s opinion and give Y&R credit for at least opting for real human drama over the empty-calorie schlock that now stinks up the once-mighty GH.

  8. Alessandro says:

    I am not a fan of Y&R but I do hope little Delia doesn’t die.
    I have been a GH fan for 30 years (with a few years hiatus during the Guza regime, which almost got the soap off the air) and I remember GH during little Jake’s accident storyline. No matter how much Emmy material the actors got from this story, it filled the show with pain and sadness that lasted for months and are still palpable sometimes. And the character of Luke never really recovered.
    Obviously JFP was EP at the time and she is known for using the death of legacy characters to generate ratings for sweeps. The Q family got decimated on GH. Let’s hope the same won’t happen to the Abbotts.
    Sadly, children getting killed makes headline news everyday. Soap fans don’t need and don’t want to go through that.
    In response to Eric Henwood, long live the “mission impossible”-like storyline that sometimes are on our screen these days VS the unnecessary death of a kid like Jake or a legacy character
    And long live the magic Cartini (with a few exceptions like the Franco fiasco) brought to GH after years of depression, dark stories and mob glorification.
    I am sure every longtime GH fan will agree.

  9. Omg she died. I haven’t seen this show in years; and this has to be the episode that welcomes me back. I was addicted to my soap lineup: The Young and Restless; The Bold and The Beautiful; As the World Turns; General Hospital; until I had a baby who became a toddler and took over the tv in my room (lol ). So now I want to get back into the soaps that are left, before they get cancelled too, and this is what I begin with? Funny thing is the last show I actually saw (no lie) was the one where Chloe gave Delia to Victoria and her daddy, because Chloe didn’t think she could care for Delia better than Victoria could. That was a tear jerker for me back then.

    • Y&R should be canceled too, if they kill off Delia, Cassie and Colleen was bad enough, if they killed Delia off, hope the show is CANCELED.

      • We as humans every day experience death of a friend or loved one. This is the circle of life. Y do we also have to watch our favorite soap ophra lose a child on it. To much fricking Dramma in all our lives. Come on here cant things be normal and cant we enjoy TV that makes us happier people instead of being sad and depressed? Wake up writers. im discusted over this Y and R chapter.

      • Once a beacon on the horizon, “Y&R” is now a fast fading glamour girl of Hollywood, seeing its final scenes play out.

  10. OMG, I cannot believe that Young and the Restless has killed off DELIA. Can’t this be fixed or changed??? It is WRONG! That little girl gave us such light and happiness of which there is too little today on this show. Wake up PRODUCERS and WRITERS before you lose all your fans and your show. Way too much sadness and for what? Eyes for Conner. Come on. Really getting fed up with the sad story lines.

    • I fear they have lost many of their fans. I was in a club in my area with some older folks who used to watch and they are done watching for awhile with the senseless killing off yet another major characters child. Teach the lesson without killing the child. Plus this child already had her illness and that drama was sincere and lasted awhile. This was uncalled for.

  11. It was too hurting to accept I turned the channel. there is too much crime going on with children already, and I have to see a beautiful little girl be killed off in a show in this day and age is too much. I love Y&R but they need to rethink about how people’s mind is today and the hurt is the parent going through pain.

  12. My problem with current EP Phelps is that she has not learned lick about what plagued her past shows. On a professional sense she is the very definition of insane. Someone who does the same thing over and over expecting different results. Its clear JFP is bankrupt of ideas and that alone should be enough to get rid of her. She brings nothing new to the table.

    As for the story in question, it simply reeks of a creative team bankrupt of ideas. Michael Muhney gave an interview to Michael Fairman’s, On Air With Soaps, saying this is Josh G’s swan song. Not buying. With less than a week left of his work Jill would have nixed this idea if she wasn’t behind it. Much like Frank and Ron nixed killing Robin on GH. A character death that would have happened had Jill stayed in charge there. I think this story arc is 100% JFP’s creative interference in the writing process. Many fans have already taken to twitter and facebook saying its a carbon copy of Jake’s death on GH (which I did not see and glad I missed). Clearly Phelps is washed up and needs to retire. Her tenures get worse and worse.

    Story wise, I find Adam’s reaction to baby Connor going blind over the top and on the unrealistic side given his past. He was raised by Hope, a strong woman who never saw her blindness as a handicap. Hope was wholesome and fiercely independent. Never a victim of her condition. At one point during her marriage to Victor he inquired with a doc who thought he could perform surgery on Hope that may give her sight. At the time I read Bill Bell declined going that route because it would marginalize the strong woman he had created. In the story Hope assured Victor she was happy with her life as it was. So far the writing for this story is painting Adam as a frantic parent who has no background in dealing with this. They even penned a scene last week where Adam claimed his mothers blindness made for a difficult life for her. Not true in the least. Victor meeting Hope and being humbled by her spirit was one of the most beautiful love stories Bill Bell told on the show. Hopes strength and fierce independence turned her into an instant fan favorite. I wish the Y&R regime would learn the history of these characters and stop with the lazy bullshit writing. But going back to Adam, I have never bought his as Hopes offspring. She took him away from GC and Victor because she wanted Adam to be raised in a community of faith and love and peace. A lifestyle Victor didn’t offer. Adam comes across like he was raised by Victor with Hope as the absent influence. A major flaw in how Adam has always been written.

    From this story, to Nikki’s insta-child (that cements a lackluster Dylan into the canvas), to Carmines pointless murder, to the lame fallout of Katherine’s death (whose story seems to have already been swept under the rug). I’m on pure “FU” where this show is concerned right now. Completely manipulative and not derived from truth or heart.

  13. Move young and the restless says:

    As for the person who wrote that Billy should not have thought about the future when he was there with Delia must never have been faced with this type of terror in the life. I think that the writers nailed it. At that moment your mind does not know what to think so it compensates. I do realize that it is hard for anyone to watch they made it real. I hope they take this story line a little farther and show how this type of loss effects parents and how they can deal with the loss. Many parents that have this great loss in their lives do not know how to deal with the grief. Maybe they could help some if these parents that watch by showing the grief and the ways in which it could be handled. Even though it is heart renching it is reality.

  14. Tamara jacobs says:

    I watched these episodes and yes it was heart wrenching. But you know what, it happens in life. Death is a part of life. I think the Y&R writing staff wrote an excellent story. I think Billy Millers acting was exceptional. BUT ..;. thats all it is, acting, that little girl is alive and well, and doing another tv show. Its all make believe

    • Right but this show kills off all its younger actors it seems, this wasn’t the way to teach a lesson, this was terrible in my opinion.

    • Kawana Fobb says:

      Tamara, you are so correct. I’m glad you commented because these folks are delusional if they don’t realize that children do indeed die and it is not pleasant but indeed reality.

    • Momto2kidz says:

      Tamara, I completely agree with you. Death is part of life. It’s always difficult to watch someone die. Children are worse because it’s not the way it’s “supposed” to be. I though Y&R did a good job with this episode. Was it difficult to watch? YES! But it also “set the scene”. Who actually hit Delia? Was it Adam? Was it Nikki? Only time will tell. Plus, in my opinion, the writers wrote in Delia’s death so that Connor could receive Delia’s corneas. Oh course, the drama continues because the child to possibly receive Delia’s corneas just happens to be the son of the very person, who may have hit her. I also I read that Sophia Pollono, ( Delia ) is moving on to be on another show. As Billy was waiting for the ambulance to come, they kept showing the time on his cell phone. All of those “visions” he was seeing happened in about 3-5 minutes. It broke my heart to see the adult Delia waving good-bye, turn into young Delia waving good-bye. I knew at that point, Delia was going to die.

  15. It’s almost as if show killer Jill Farren Phelps is TRYING to alienate more viewers.

    Imagine that.

  16. I disagree completely. It was not a pointless accident or death. I am stunned to this day by the number of parents and caregivers who think it’s ok to leave a child alone or unattended, at home, in the yard, and buckled in a car. Most intelligent people seem to understand its illegal to leave a baby in the car, but I am stunned that even otherwise well-meaning or educated people would leave their 8 year old in the car to run into a bank, or alone for a couple hours in the evening to grab dinner. If you don’t believe that, ask your friends, family or coworkers at what age it’s ok to leave a child alone in the car. You would be shocked. In my state, it’s illegal under the age of 10. Now think of the number of times you’ve Contemplated or even done this yourself. I bet this episode gets a few more mothers or viewers to Google the age at which you can leave a child unattended

    I am sure a Billy will be arrested, and sadly he will deserve the punishment for the crime. In fact, his ex wife may file a civil suit. If this episode prevents even one tragedy due to heightened awareness, I say it was worth it.

    • Momto2kidz says:

      I agree Heather. I would think Billy would be arrested for Child Endangerment. I too, believe there is a lesson to be learned here. People should never leave a young child alone in the car, even if it’s just for a second. Anything can happen in a split second.

  17. I disagree, I love this storyline. And you said it yourself: “All it did was create some excitement on a show that for so long has lacked much.” Much better storyline than boring corporate takeover lines. Yawn!

  18. I ‘m frankly tired of the writers at Y & R . Killing Delia off is so ill done. Connor wasn’t going to die. There was no need to kill a child. Its bad enough we have to watch the pain constantly of losing Cassie. Now Delia. How many more children are they going to kill? Can ‘t anyone be happy on that show anymore.

    • And don’t forget Colleen, that was terrible and every time I see Traci it makes me sad when she talks about losing her only child. Now Billy loses his daughter? No one is happy on this show, this show has gone downhill.

  19. This whole story line is rediculous! Another Abbott killed to save a Newman. Why Delia? What did she do? Why does every child born on Y&R now have to have some horrible story or condition. This soap already has enough ghosts floating around every episode, let’s not add another! And of course no shock that Adam again will get his way through his reckless actions! I’m so over Adam always getting away with things! Hopefully with Connor in the picture, he will change some but I doubt it! This will be just another reason to hear Victor bash Billy and the Abbott family (althought I think Victor forgets that his legacy Johnny is not only an Abbott but Johnny Abbott….like his Grandpa). It would be nice if Y&R could finish one story line (like the overdone, drawn out, boring, pointless Winters family storyline) before starting another and killing off characters every month….or in this case 2 in a week.

    • Karen, I so agree with you and after Mrs. C’s death, we needed some happiness, some peace. Carmines death, the right around the corner, little Dee is gone for NO REASON and stupid STORYLINES. This show is gone downhill.

  20. Please bring her back, by some miraculous miracle. She did not deserve, to be taken off that way.

  21. I too think it was a very dramatic episode HOWEVER it also served as a good public service message. If the episode pops into the mind of one parent contemplating running into the store for just a minute and leaving a child in the car alone then it was well worth it.

    • I agree !! Please DO NOT leave a child ANYWHERE unattended…I know we get tired but NEVER,
      NEVER leave a child someone is ALWAYS watching or that child will do what a child will do…
      Something that can cause them great harm. The episode was one that every parent does not want
      to even think about, less known watch…it was very hard….this young lady is a great actress… I hope
      she did not watch this episode.

  22. scorpette says:

    She has signed to be on “The Millers’ . I can only guess they wanted to teach yet another lesson .. this one being Never leave children alone in a car for a moment. I wish her great success on her new role!

  23. The writers are trying to give us the impression that Adam hit Delia. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. But remember Nikki was also on the highway. She had discovered that Dylan was her son and she was distraught about that. I wonder if Nikki had a drink or two off screen to deal with her pain and while driving recklessly, ran over little Delia.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am not watching this show anymore………the writers should be ashamed of themselves! I have been a fan for many years and to kill a child in the story line really sucks!

  25. june davis says:

    I agree with everyone comment that feel it is time for the Y&R to get new writers, killing off a child in the name of ratings is awful!!!!.. Who ever is writing the story line for Y&R and BB need to become more creative. They now have Hope turning into Brook, I stopped watching, BB when they brought Leams brother on the show, it’s too much nerve. Who lives like that? I realize they are SOAPS, however, it is becoming over kill. Why can’t you let some one be happy some times…Killing off a little girl has no merit!!!!, Your writers need to figure out how to bring her back, like you do, with so many other ridiculous things, I.e. lost son’s etc…Make this a dream, or a Holloween “Trick or Treat”. This is not excitement, it is depressing, in a depressed world!!!!!

  26. i am done with this show, this episode did me in, why not keep her alive and learn the lesson. Why keep killing of major characters children, enough! We lost Cassie, Colleen, Ricky, etc. Just had Mrs. C’s funeral, this was so stupid. I wish this story had been about him dreaming about her growing up as she was recovering from her injuries. Killing children makes me say, good bye YR. Too many people dying recently, makes me say goodbye YR. I am done with you for awhile.

  27. I think this was a tasteless story line developed for shock value. I have watched this show over 25 years but this turns me off as a viewer. Other friends agree.

    • I think that all of us that have watched this show for year and connected with the characters and the families will find Deliah’s death tasteless and unnecessary. You can teach everyone lessons about leaving children in a car a different way, teach the lesson and let the child leave to see another day!

  28. Kathryn Mackinnon says:

    Sophie Pollo ( Delia) has signed a contract with The millers night time show.. Sure they could have recast her as with Faith.. I will Miss her I felt she was family . Great child actress

  29. Maryann Hunt says:

    Maybe she will haunt Adam. Another ghost. With Connor having her corneas. Sheknows website already reveals Nikki talking to baby about her son Dylan. In daily update. Or did miss something.

  30. Please bring her back, by some miraculous miracle. She did not deserve, to be taken off that way.It sucks big time

  31. What the hey! Delia was the best part of Y&R, she was a bright spot at an otherwise low point in Genoa City.
    * Writers are you trying to get Y&R fans to stop tuning in? And I am so tired of Adam always being the villain.
    It was a bad move to kill of little Delia!

  32. I hate that Delia was killed off, but I would hate it if it turned out to be a dream. Some fans are begging for such a story line “twist.” Such a twist would make the writers appear indecisive and incapable of sticking with their convictions. Once a character is killed off, for the sake of verisimilitude, let them stay dead. All these coming back from the dead stories is one of many things that destroyed soaps.

    The show needs to get rid of Jill Farren Phelps and not just because of the decision to kill off Delia. The show stinks. The sets don’t look as great. The costumes. Forget about it. Nikki is married to the wealthiest man in town and lately, she dresses like she’s on her way to Walmart to pick up some cleaning supplies. Nikki was always soignee with perfect makeup. She was snooty. She had that noveau riche attitude. I’d like Nikki to get a makeover and once again become the glamour girl we know and love. Melody Thomas Scott could be an inspiration for other ladies in their fifties. I appreciate that she looks natural and her face has expression and doesn’t appear to have been pumped up with filler. The show just needs to do something about her wardrobe. Paging Lily Rubin.

    The new house is a joke. The Newmans are billionaires, Their home is supposed to be sumptuous, tasteful and spacious. I’d enjoy seeing a servant or two. The show can’t be so broke that they can’t hire a performer to play a maid or majordomo for the Newmans.

    The music isn’t what it used to be. Why don’t they get Ed Scott and some decent head writers to come in and fix this show. The show’s ratings are frequently 3.5 and a 12 share. Improved scripts and a better looking show should hike those numbers.

    I repeat, get rid of Jill Farren Phelps. She ain’t all that.Y&R needs a producer who likes soaps and understands that particular show.

    • Tess I so agree with your assessment. I was cleaning out my DVR last week and came across an ep of Y&R from last November. It was the show were Nikki/Victor hosted guests at their new penthouse. For starters, that set is much more elegant than the drab ranch. But also the actors were dressed like elite people. I was amazed because they were Jills shows and in a years span she seems to have ditched the glamour part of Y&R and settled into a more vanilla style of presenting these characters. Also the show still featured a lot of the old music. I got teary eyed listening to a few of those classic strings. So much more effective that than the mediocre music that replaced it.

      Jill just seems washed up to me. She has come into every show she’s run and taken a sledge hammer to it. Never learning the show for which she was running and what its strengths were. She’s kinda like an F5 tornado, creating spectacular events but the aftermath of her work leaves people feeling beaten down and no one wants another round of it. I’m exhausted with her already. She just lacks that special skill that the great producers like Bill Bell, Wendy Riche and Gloria Monty had, to name a few. Now shes hired on writers who in my opinion are part of what crumbled soaps in the first place. Its replacing bad with bad.

      The Soap Opera had two significant influences. The people who built it and the people who destroyed it. Y&R is being run by people who destroyed it. I get furious with CBS executive Angelica McDaniel and Steve Kent at Sony for being so ignorant about the people that they hire. Angelica takes to twitter like everything is roses and sunshine at Y&R. She’s even defended Jill in spite of her earned reputation.

      One of the things I respect about the greats like Bill Bell, Agnes Nixon, Douglas Marland, etc. is that they were honest about their work. They could not only tell you why a story worked but they were also introspective enough to be able to say when a story didn’t work and move past it. They were honest and that part of themselves as an artist came through in their work. Legions of fans and the people that were fortunate to work with them loved them. In contrast current day writers and producers are not that insightful. They will give interviews where they dodge questions about stories or characters that aren’t working. They show you in their work they are mostly incapable of reversing plot and getting rid of characters that are being mostly rejected by the fans. They force on the audience their stilted vision. Something the greats were mindful of. I just read an interview with new Y&R HW Shelly Altman and it’s a lot of dismissive, oblivious answers. Just hacks whose careers should have ended years ago. None of them seem in touch with their audience. Not Maria. Not Jill. Not Josh. Not Shelly or Jean. The only thing these people have in common is they all did their part to destroy what the greats built. Like black widow pulsars.

  33. I hate this storyline too. I figured there’s some reason the little actress who plays Delia can no longer do it, but they should have recast her, although I agree the child was so perfect because she looked just like Chlloe. She was one of my favorite characters even though she was just a child. Now they’re going to milk this for all they can get out of it. They’ve already fired their writing staff and replaced them once . . . time for another infusion of talent, you think?

  34. You may have lost a long-time fan.

  35. Worst storyline ever. FB message boards are loaded with disgust and anger at the writers. I’ve watched this show for 30 years and I am done. I lost a child as have many other viewers, and this is not why we watch the soaps!!!

  36. I hated the show and don’t want to watch anymore

  37. I agree, Delia’s death was pointless…..not about drunk driving or something like that, but even so, leave the drama to the adults and don’t traumatize the audience…..many have probably had this happen to their children or someone close to them; writers ever think of that? Definitely NOT worth it, just for a few moments of “exciting story line” Plus, I think it was out of character of Billy to do something as stupid as leave her alone in the car AT NIGHT in the middle of nowhere…….definitely grasping at straws here!!

  38. This storyline is too difficult to watch. I understand the significance of such a storyline the lessons to be learned – poor Billy has to live with the fact that he left his child in the car alone – Chloe feeling that she wasn’t there for Delia (out on a date with Kevin) – Victoria who asked Billy to stop for ice cream – Adam who hit Delia trying to avoid hitting her little dog not knowing she was there,was relieved when he saw the dog runaway . Adam didn’t realize he hit her until later when he put it together, it was an accident but the longer he waits and tries to cover it up the more guilty of wrong doing he will look to police. Argh !
    This sucks!

  39. Oh, and regarding the comments about Nikki & their home –

    Nikki looks great! Why flaunt her wealth? She is not Mrs C! Nor should she try to be.
    And they live on a HORSE RANCH!

  40. First of all, it is completely out of character for Billy to leave Delia. He loved her so much and would do anything to keep her safe and happy. The whole story line is horrible and to kill off a child is ridiculous.

  41. I will have to give up watching Y&R. This was too difficult for me to go through and I don’t want my soap opera to make me feel this way!!! Stop! Don’t kill off children. It’s been a long run for me but now I am done. Bad choice, writers!

  42. Patty Cake says:

    I Adam or maybe Billy is having a bad dream…ans all this shit playes out in
    The dream…I know they cant really be killing this kid off this show…Ms.C
    Just passed on…in reality and fans are still trying to get over that.,.I mean really
    The writers are really starting to such….they lacking too much…How long
    Sharon gonna chase ghost? How long does it take to recast Phyills? How long
    Is gonna take for these writers to get a clue…I may be changing to something
    Else to record…as this is drying out!

  43. Patty Cake says:

    And when is Adam gonna catch a break?

  44. I wonder if these writers have thought about the future of this show… The main characters are getting up in age, no children – no show. I’m out as well as my mom and a few friends! We won’t watch anymore.

    • There won’t be a future unless they all keep having more babies and we get attached to them as they grow up and then, bam! We kill some more children’ off! We aren’t watching YR in my household either, as many of my friends at work.

  45. I agree with most of you out there, why did delia have to die? For Adam, again I do agree, when does things work out for him. Adam look so nice with Connor, I do like the statement he made yesterday, not sure of the
    wording “you’re the reason I exist”. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but Nick and Sharon’s daughter, I wouldn’t miss her if she left the show, that little girl was something else with Avery. Getting back to the hospital, you
    would have thought it was Victoria’s daughter, I think she cried worst than Chloe.

  46. To all of the folks that have a problem with us folks expressing ourselves in regards to this horrible storyline: We do have common sense and know that this is just television & yes children do die. Unfortunately, it’s happening all too much so why do we have to see it on our favorite soaps when we see it all the time on the news, in the newspapers, on social networks, etc.??? We watch soaps to try to drown out the sadness that goes on in the “REAL” world so why the hell do we have to endure pain watching a fictious show? And yes, it was just television but it still hits home to a lot of people so sorry if you don’t have a heart!

  47. The purpose of killing Delia was to give Connor what he needs. There actally was a point!

  48. i along with alot of others were disgusted with this episode of the young and restless….why did they hire this writer if she has killed off other soaps why put her on the y&r staff…..this episodes needs to be a dream sequence …i have a daughter who was almost killed in a car accident …so it hit home for me but the writer doesn’t seem care about that…….it was so sudden the death of delia nobody was prepared for it …billy should not be punished for it ….one thing is he feels bad enough about it ….but i feel it ws done in bad taste so soon after mrs. c i think they should have done something with sharon i am tired of her and her pity parties and her brat faith that child gets on my nerves ……..why couldn’y adam’s baby be born normal without any problems …instead they want to take away a loved and beautiful girl who everyone loved with her witty comebacks ………as of right now the young and restless writers SUCK big time

    • why is it that when the newmans need something in the way of organ transplants that it seems to be the abotts r willing to give to them …but then victor is always hating the abbotts… if it wasn’t for the abbotts he wouldn’t be alive and his grandson would go blind…how ungreatful can one person be ??????

    • You got all that right Sally, your points make sense, its too make believe and stupid now, the heaviness wears on my soul and my heart! Killing little Dee Dee did me in, BYE TO YR.

  49. Horrific storyline
    U just lost me watching
    And i am hearing this all over facebook….
    So soon after losing jeanne cooper…
    A Veryyyyyyy bad decision …
    Turned it off

    • Me too, haven’t watched for over a week now and I dont care. My friend at work says its still depressing and stupid!!!!

  50. I can’t believe that Y&R killed off Delia!! OMG!! It was too sad to watch. I have been a fan of the show for so long. I think now it will be a while before I watch again. It made no sense to kill a child off. I had to turn thursday episode off when Billy kept watching the video of Delia on his lap top. I know this is all make believe but it was far too emotional and heart breaking. Please consider bringing Delia back some way. I really feel this is going to make your ratings drop!!

  51. Do you realize that every one of the Abbott children have lost children. Jack and Nikki lost a baby. I seem to recall something about Nikki tumbling down a flight of stairs while pregnant with Jack’s child. Ashley aborted a baby, lost her mind, ended up in a mental hospital. Later on, she miscarried a baby. Maybe she fell down a flight of stairs. Traci lost her daughter, Colleen and before that, she lost a baby. Billy just recently lost his beloved Delia and maybe he and Victoria lost a baby. All the children in the Abbott family have lost babies. Is this implausible? Does it bespeak of the writers lacking imagination? Seriously, maybe one of the characters should point out that any child born to an Abbott is cursed. Maybe Kyle could meet some lady, fall madly in love with her and proposes. Her mother Zoe is a homebody and a superstitious type, who tells her daughter to steer clear of Kyle. “He will bring you nothing but heartache and anguish,” Zoe says. “If you become pregnant with his child, the baby will die. Do you want to deal with the pain and heartache of losing a baby?” Maybe Zoe could try and poison Kyle to get him away from her daughter. LOL!

    • Good points Tess. That is the point, you can’t carry this show on killing all the younger characters, heck they just killed off Carmine too. This show has lost it for me, you can teach stories and responsibility by developing the story and the characters, not killing them all off.

  52. Y & R really shoud listen to their viewers expecially the loyal ones. I will probably still tune in but it was absolutely wrong to kill Delia off. I thought in the beginning she couldn’t act but as she got older she was much better. What was the point of killing her off. No one in their right mind would use any of her organs and if Y & R justifies using her corneas for Conner then I am finished. Y & R needs to fix this big mistake or get new writers. By the way the new head writer needs to take lessons from the previous one on creativity, GET A CLUE !!!!

  53. You writers suck!!!!!!!
    Bring back Delia!!!!!
    Make it a dream or a miracle!!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    I think Sally Sussman and Kay Alden should head write the show. They both understand it and they learned soap opera writing from the master, the late Bill Bell. I think Kay exited Bold and Beautiful. I doubt if her talents were appreciated there.

  55. Oh, Jill Farren Phelps, you crazy show killing witch, you’ve really pissed them off this time!

  56. 80 Comments!!!!

    This has to be Marlena’s most popular column and all it took was show killing witch Jill Farren Phelps murdering a small beloved child.

  57. Karen Kemi says:

    Marlena on Days of our Lives had a baby die of crib death years ago also.

  58. Has anyone stopped to think that it might be her “normal childhood” needs to focus on her education. She’s young and the writers seem to always bring back some of the charactors in spirit….She’ll be back…..

  59. I am DONE with Y & R if Delia dies. Been watching for at least 30 years, but this storyline really is bad

  60. Bring Delia back! She must be saved and all this drama had been a horrifying nightmare!

  61. I don’t think they overplayed the memories that could have been. You think the worst you think what could have been. It doesn’t matter if you feel the child may still be alive. There is still that pending fear and everyone thinks differently and handles death differently. I don’t think the writers did anythhing wrong with this scene. They are just too predictable. That’s all.

  62. Shame on Y&R killing Delia. They need to get rid of Sharon and her brat daughter.

  63. I get it that the actress that played little Delia was signed on to another project, but why not recast? Killing her off to propel a plot that we’ve already seen on other shows is pointless. This show has become so morose and very slow and boring. I don’t root for anyone anymore and there is no sense of romance, fun, nor compelling plots. And Dylan being Nikki’s long-lost son was another nail in the coffin for me. So long Y&R! I will forever cherish your golden years!

  64. I don’t watch much TV. I like many others grew up watching the soap operas. I tape the show operas to watch, unwind after work. I really agree with alot of what was said. Y&R and B&B have some EXTREMELY POOR WRITERS!!! I am soooo tired of the weak love triangle storyline on B&B. First it was Liam, Steffy and Hope. Now it’s Hope, Liam, and Wyatt. It’s Rick, Maya, and Barbie Doll. It’s Brooke, Bill, and Katie. For Liam and Steffy same stupid storyline of someone interferring to keep them apart. FOLKS GET SOME CREATIVITY and INNOVATION. I have stopped watching B&B. It’s BORING!!!

    Y&R is not far behind. I can write better than this. HECK everyone who has commented can probably write better.

  65. Girls, did you see that the ratings went UP the week that they killed Delia?!!!

    Mama thought you ladies were gonna tune out?

  66. I agree with most of the comments. Y and R should give Adam a break. Let Adam and Chelsea fall in love again and raise their son. Killing Delia is the most stupid episode. Y & R writers could still re-write to ensure Adam is not the killer – maybe Adam’s car got to the scene after Delia was hit by another car. On another note Y & R should stop destroying lives. They should resolve the situation with Summer – Nick needs to know Summer is his daughter. The whole story with Nikki does not make any sense, yet destroying more lives.
    I am almost done with the show. It is sad after watching the show for 30 years, I am getting tired with the stories and the writers. This is why Y and R do not win awards any more. The writers are just not getting it. By the way, please bring Phylis back.
    Concern Fan Nora

  67. This story line was brought on because the actor (Sophie Pollono) has gone on to another show. I had no problem with the way it was done. These things do happen in real life. I did want to turn off fridays show where she was dying, only because its a pain I wouldnt want to experience and i was tired of crying….. i think the show did a wonderful job, people it wasnt for ratings…….. Do your research before u call it!!!!!

  68. The little girl who played Delia had to leave Y&R for certain reasons. I understand that. Instead of killing off her character, why couldn’t her role have been recast? After all, the role of Faith Newman was. It was certainly not like trying to replace Jeanne Cooper. Speaking of which, the loss of Katherine had taken its toll on Jill, Esther, and Chloe as well as many others. The pain of losing a dear little daughter and granddaughter will be more than devastating to them. Two funeral/memorial services in just under two months is just terrible. I will miss that sweet little girl who was so obviously loved by everyone who knew her.

  69. I think this is an awful storyline. I think they should turn it into a dream and replace Delia with another actress. I have watched Y&R since its inception and this is the worse storyline I have seen. Accept for the cornea transplant it had no meaning. Y&R was the best soap for many years. What happened?

  70. Girl, let it go!

  71. I no longer watch Y&R because of the death of Delia. Why don’t they kill off Devon or Lilly or boring Dylan. Why don’t they finish the storyline of Sharon and the paternity test. Nick and Sharon are getting so old with their storyline. Dylan and Avery could go away and never be missed.

  72. Why don’t they kill off Faith. She plays such a brat. No one would miss her.

  73. Gurl, mama is hearing that some of the higher ups are not happy with Jill Farren Phelps and tendering her resignation might be the next step.

  74. Adam is innocent I, know Kelly hit Delia because she wanted BIlly
    All to herself, but reunion Billy & Victoria, bringing more romance
    Storyline w Billy & Victoria this wk. Thanks

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