They Make My Day

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Who are your current favorite soap characters – the ones who make your day as soon as you see they will be in an episode of your favorite daytime drama? Here are my current faves:

Jessica Collins

* Avery Clark (played by Jessica Collins), The Young and the Restless. She’s the only soap character I can think of that I ever wanted as a personal friend.  She’s mature, intelligent and compassionate.  In other words, a great soap heroine.  Everything’s gone fine with her for a while, but will her heart be broken before her scheduled walk down the aisle with Nick Newman?

* Dr. Liesl Obrecht (played by Kathleen Gati), General Hospital. There are many different kinds of villains on daytime: nasty, snide, self-deluded, pathologically dishonest and even downright vicious.  But very few  are sheer fun. The Machiavellian Dr. Obrecht is one. Unburdened by any moral compass, she happily employs any means to her end. Plus she’s in on several of GH ’s big plot secrets such as who is the father of her daughter Britt’s child. This is a great performance by the spirited Gati.

* Maya Avant (played by Karla Mosley), The Bold and the Beautiful. Whether she’s kissing her “true love” Rick or making out with Carter, I root for Maya.  Perhaps it’s her big brown doe eyes, which seem to be a window to her soul.  Mosley is very pretty and looked downright beautiful in this week’s Forrester fashion show.

 * Bill Spencer (played by Don Diamont), B&B.   No, I don’t really like him, but I love to hate this adulterous cheater. His macho attitude and silver jewelry are so over the top they make him laughable. Here’s a guy whose ego always walks ten feet in front of him,  guaranteeing trouble for all the ladies on the show.

 Which soap characters make your day in these dog days of summer?  



  1. Loved your column!!! I agree about Dr. O! It’s so hard to pick just a few… I narrowed my list down to six.

    Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) – Have always loved her character but, am loving her so much at this time in her life. I just wish we would see more of her and see more of her with all of her many sides. She is a strong, intelligent… formidable woman who is also beautiful and righteous about the people she loves! I want to see her in action as the commish and former spy… but I also want to see her with Emma and Patrick and Duke and Maxie and everyone she cares about. Of course that includes Robin and Robert too!!! I love her interacting with Tracy and Sonny and Dr. O and anyone… she is that amazing!!! She makes my day everyday she is on GH!!! Can’t wait to see wait happens with the strorylines in the works!

    Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliott) – Another strong, intelligent, formidable… business woman who has always been all about her career with a few dalliances on the side!!! I love that she is a business woman… but I just love that she is a complex character with so many facets… not unlike Anna! They both have such strong wills and yet they both have such wonderful hearts! Tracy is Tracy but just a bit of Jane comes through evry now and then and I think Jane makes every actor she works with just that much better because they are working with her. Jane of course would not want the attention… but she just is so talented and just brings her A game all the time and everyone else does too when they are lucky enough to play with her. Tracy is another character that I love seeing with many characters. I loved that she was developing a friendship with Connie and Eva… even if they were the wrong ones to be friend. Tracy needs a gal pal and maybe it could be Anna or Lucy or Carly. Any day that we get to see Tracy is a truly grand day!

    Adam Newman (Michael Muhney) – Adam is intelligent first and foremost! The writing of his dialoge is very smart and intelligently written and he delivers it beautifully! I love that he is so smart and of course a businessman and of course… strong and formidable!!! There is a trend here! Adam is also a very complex character that you love to love and love to hate at times. I love him the most when he is showing many of his sides and tables the mean and nasty side. Any day that Adam is well written and has some real story is a great day!!! Michael is mesmerizingly talented!!!

    Carly Jaxs (Laura Wright) – I have watched Carly’s character evolve over the years and by all of the different actresses and there have been very talented ladies playing this character… but I love Laura’s Carly the most!!! Of course it has to do with the time in her life! She is a very complex… very strong… very bright… very tenacious… very loving… very loyal… very emotional and all around complicated woman!!! Any day that I get to see that beautifully strong tenacious woman on my screen I love it. She is just a bit crazy but… so much more!!! I hope they give her a great storyline soon and not just the mom to messes her boys get into. She is another character that I Iove playing with any and all characters!!! More Carly!!!

    Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) – I just love this character and love the actress. She has the makings of the next Tracy, Anna and Carly all rolled into one if they do it right. Krsten is so talented and she can do anything they throw at her. Let’s let Maxie build and grow over the years and let her become the complex woman that I believe she will be. Don’t get me wrong she is on her way there now. She has it all… strong yet vulnerable… talented and bright and just a bit crazy and over the top!!! Would love so much more of her and with so many other characters. It would be interesting if Tracy would mentor Maxie in some way. Love her with Anna and everyone! Love her especially with Spinelli!!!

    Damien Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) – Spinelli has some many wonderful possibilities! He is the character that keeps on giving! He is growing and changing and is so very complex! There is so much they could be doing with his character and I am hoping that they will do more so Bradford could go back on contract! I enjoy everything Spinelli and of course would love to see him and Maxie together again!!! Bradford is a very talented actor to have done what he has with this character and there is so much more that could be done if they wanted it to happen! I love that he he is many times the comedic relief but I also love when he is at those dramatic moments too! The two of them Maxie and Spinelli are my make my day characters that I just love and bring a smile to my face. One of my all time favorite episodes was 12/23/08 when it was Maxie and Spinelli with Santa… priceless and if you ever need a pick me up and a reason to smile and believe in goodness and hope… they delivered in spades in that episode… along with a wonderful cast of truly great characters to help it along!!!

    There are so many that bring a smile… or make you feel something so deeply or just make your day!!! Had to limit myself! Fun process to think about… thanks Marlena!!! Hope you get some fun comments and reactions to this column!!!

    Marlena says: What a great letter. Agree with all of it. Cheers!

  2. I totally agree with you that Dr. Lisa Obrecht is a great villain on GH and can make anyone’s day! I also hope that you get caught up with all the 40 episodes of OLTL so that you could maybe post a review of what you thought of the first season finale episode of the show, too!

  3. EricMontreal22 says:

    I am so on the fence with Obrecht. I *love* the actress, and I would be a liar if I said I don’t watch whenever she’s on screen. But the writing for her, for me, is just so poor. She’s a brilliant, BRILLIANT, doctor who has been obsessed with a man (Faison for crying out loud) for decades? She utterly failed at making him love her by trapping him with a baby and yet is forcing her daughter to do the same–and thinks this will work? So ultimately… I agree that’s she’s a fun character to watch on screen and one I look forward to, but I find the writing (and I know this word is tossed around too lightly among soap fans) to be at least borderline misogynistic. Something I feel RC/FV’s GH is becoming more and more so–similar to their worst periods of OLTL.

    I could always watch Fionla Hughes play Anna even in the most ludicrous of stories, and I agree with Heidi’s thoughts there. The same goes to Jane Elliott as Tracy and I do like that, at least in a few moments, recently, they’ve given her back some of the heart and belief in friendship she used to have.

    Debbi Morgan’s Angie tops my current list, and the new version of AMC’s smartest move was centering the show around her. It would have been easy for the show, sans La Lucci, to try to build up a similar character (and, let’s be honest, a white one at that) as the heart of the show, and it shows how smart Ginger Smith has been about AMC that she didn’t do that. I feel the same way about the re-introduction of Julia Barr as Brooke, which started off a bit rocky with a character I felt was not being written in the right tone but has now become the Brooke who was always one of my favorite soap characters. And as much as I want Erica back (and hope, even in this silly season format, she will be back at least on some level) it’s also been great to see Opal liberated from being the best “gal pal” of Erica she was for the last decade of AMC on air, and really come into her own again–now if only she’d get a love life. That said, as much as I have read others complain that her life is too centered around her son Petey, I think it makes sense for character and has allowed her to show the many facets of her character (and how great would be a full on Brooke/Adam/Dimitri/Opal quadrangle even if, as seems to be the case, David Canary does not want to act very often.)

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