General Hospital’s Entertaining Throughline: Kiki Isn’t a Quartermaine

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

For a soap that is frequently troubled and all over the place,General Hospital had a very entertaining week. That’s because it had a very definite throughline — the revelation to many that Kiki isn’t a Quartermaine – aimed at a Friday cliffhanger destination. Michael’s brother Morgan was set to marry her, but Michael, knowing that Kiki isn’t his biological  Quartermaine cousin, burst in at the last second to break up the wedding.

Kristen Alderson’s Kiki: Not a Q

Some adroitly complicated plotting got us to that point. Kiki’s lack of Q DNA has been something of an open secret for some time. The audience has long known the truth.  The only person who now really doesn’t know is Kiki herself, who carries on under the delusion that she has a Q family vote in who gets control of ELQ, Tracy or A.J. (Earlier she voted with A.J. who emerged victorious in the struggle.) Kiki’s mother Ava spilled the beans to Morgan, who then redoubled his efforts to get Kiki away from Michael.

So if Kiki isn’t a bona fide Q, what is her true lineage? It turns out her biological father is the normally chilly, Spock-like Silas, from whom this news elicits actual human emotions. Live long and prosper,  Michael Easton, a.k.a. John the cop and Caleb the vampire. You are the Leonard Nimoy of soaps.

The bombshell news that Kiki isn’t a real Q burst via the Port Charles Press, whose editor Connie found Kiki’s birth certificate after Tracy let her break into Ava and Franco’s room in the Q mansion. Going forward, this dramatic piece of investigative journalism may in some way lead to Connie’s exit from the show, or indeed from this earth. Kelly Sullivan, the spunky actress who plays her is due to leave the show, and fan speculation is that Connie will be murdered.

Who done it, or more accurately, who’s gonna do it?  It could be Kiki herself.  Ava was seen physically threatening the life of Silas should he go near his biological daughter, so violence toward Connie for exposing her long held secret is a possibility.   A.J. almost strangled Connie while confronting her that she had published the secret that led to him losing ELQ.  Sonny himself is mad at Connie for exposing the secret, since Michael and Kiki would stop thinking of themselves and being related and that would somehow ruin Morgan’s chance to marry Kiki.

The show had several great scenes this week. Sonny pistol whipping a hysterical A.J., when  he found A.J. threatening to strangle Connie was exciting.  A scene in which Tracy and Elizabeth debated A.J’s past failures was particularly well acted by Jane Elliot and Rebecca Herbst. Also well-turned by Michael Easton and Maura West  was a scene in which  Ava physically threatened Silas with a scissor to his  back should he make contact with his new daughter.

All week there was a real sense of suspense. Would Kiki and Morgan ultimately marry?  Will Connie really be done in, and by whom?   We’ll have to all tune in to GH next week to find  the answers to these ongoing  questions and more. Thankfully for the continued success of GH, we’re looking forward to it.


  1. Hi Connie dear! I totally agree that GH has been on FIYA this past week! Every day was fast, furious and suspensful with great acting, connected storylines and FUN! Let’s erase the in between…we’re back to the week of the Nurse’s Ball and 50th Anniversary, with Ron and Frank at the top of their game!

  2. I am not happy with GH right now.. Throwing AJ under the bus shows FrankenRon are full of what makes the grass grow green. I don’t mean water. If they knew anything they would know AJ has never, no matter how many times he has been screwed ever laid a hand on a women. Seeing him try to strangle Connie was just a reason to have Scummy pistol whip him.Big brave Scummy right where he shot Dante in the chest.When does someone else get the gun? Mostly because Sonny heard him say she left her kid to die in a drawer. The same way he said something on that line the day before. She actually did leave the baby hoping he would die, she said as much to him. She wanted the truth she got it.. wonder how she would have liked that to have been put on the front page of her rag? She liked to air dirty laundry with the truth. Why didn’t she put in it that Sonny knew and he didn’t care if Michael was in pain. and Morgan was not going to be better off married to someone who wanted someone else. Kiki who cares who her father is, knowing tiic they will probably change it next year when they want francotodd to be her dad. holly came back, with Luke??? shouldn’t she be with Robert, Sean Donnelly , I was so happy to see him. What
    a disappointment. Not that he has gotten old, I am old also .But to be what a scum for money? he has the cure ? I guess next month they will bring them back to answer the questions what’s in the bottle and who is the red headed Anna? Another newbie ,so the vets can never be seen again. we wanted to see Anna but not Anna Donnelly. I didn’t think the show was any kind of suspenseful. Guess I have been watching soaps too long .I am not surprised at anything. Only that I am still watching Kudo’s to Rebecca Herbst, she held her own with Jane E, and when she slapped her I cheered .I have been wanting to do that for months. Tracys mean girl mouth, calling names and forgetting who exposed her dirty money laundering through ELQ great work for Liz. where is Monica her son has been thrown under the bus and she has all the scum in her house.Get Alice to throw them all out .

  3. You forgot to mention Mac and Felicia moving forward with their plans to marry and Luke and Holly finding Sean Donely! All in all a very satisfying week. Great stuff for new, ongoing and veteran characters alike.

  4. I thought GH had a great week too… Marlena!!! This is going to get better and better… I think…I can’t wait to see the next show!!! This set of story-lines are converging and will be involving so many! GH does these huge disasterous stories so well and this will involve so many on the canvas as all of these story lines are converging together and I bleieve there are a few people involved that we do not see at the moment but I can’t wait!!! I am loving it!!! I love the past characters coming back even if just for a short time… it’s just so much fun to see them for as long as we can get them!!!

  5. Marlena, what do you think of both AMC and OLTL having “season finales” now for their shows’ first seasons (OLTL’s first season finale episodes will be on 8/19, and AMC’s first season finale episodes will be on 9/2)? Have you caught up on all the episodes of AMC and OLTL yet, Marlena?

    • I’m not Marlena, but I don’t care too much for soap operas that have a daytime look having a season finale. I think what engendered this finale nonsense is Prospect Park’s lack of funds. They clearly can’t afford to do four shows or even two shows a week all year round, so to save benjamins, they’ll do two shows and go off the air for a few months. It depresses me, but a piece of ALL MY CHILDREN is better than no ALL MY CHILDREN.

      Also, I find the new ALL MY KIDS highly entertaining and dramatic. It isn’t as funny as it was in its ABC heyday, but there are amusing moments here and there on the online version. For example, David and Angie dancing at the Gala and an inebriated Jesse pulled them apart and called David a son-of a-whore. David got a whiff of booze on Jesse’s breath and angrily asked, “Have you been drinking?” And Jesse blew his boozy breath in David’s face.

      And I laughed out loud when Dr. Joe paid a visit to Billy Clyde and a blowsy madam thought Joe was a customer, with a hankering for men, leaving Joe flustered and embarrassed. They need to give the actor who plays Joe some meaty material. He has earned it. For years, he had nothing to do in the story. Sure, in the early days he had a few stories, but I’d like to see Joe in a juicy story. Maybe he could get in a love triangle with Opal and Billy Clyde.

      And surely it will be a hoot and a holler when Opal discovers that Billy Clyde is now the proud new owner of Cortlandt Manor. I hope Billy Clyde takes elocution and etiquette classes. That should be fun to watch. Horatio Alger stories have always been prevalent on ALL MY CHILDREN. Palmer, Adam, Opal, Donna, Lettie Jean started with next to nothing and ended up respected members of Pine Valley society, so why can’t Billy Clyde do it?

      I just wish that this damn thing (I say with affection) aired five days a week. Some of the stories are underdeveloped and that is because they don’t have the airtime to flesh it out. But still, it’s a great show and I’m glad it’s back.

      • Eric Henwood-Greer says:

        Tess said: “And I laughed out loud when Dr. Joe paid a visit to Billy Clyde and a blowsy madam thought Joe was a customer, with a hankering for men, leaving Joe flustered and embarrassed. They need to give the actor who plays Joe some meaty material. He has earned it. ”

        Exec Producer Ginger Smith in her heartening podcast interview with Michael Fairman said that that scene was actually written by Agnes Nixon herself as a gift to Ray (who apparently is hilarious in person but rarely gets to do comedy.) I am glad they are using him as much as they are–I could use even more–he’s come alive in a way that Joe hadn’t on AMC in its past decade.

        I agree with all your thoughts–good and bad–about AMC in its current state. I agree I want it at least four times a week, but I’ll take what I can get… Tess, if you didn’t listen to the Ginger interview, I recommend it. It’s nice to have an exec producer at AMC who has a clear vision–something JHC under Frons never had *any* of, from what I could tell (and she said herself she wouldn’t have returned without that control and Agnes Nixon’s involvement.)

  6. Eric Henwood-Greer says:

    I seem to come on here and always bring up AMC/OLTL, but I do hope Marlena you cover both shows once these season finales air–I’d love to read the columns. (I will say that AMC’s benefit has been *great*–and shockingly it actually looked well filled with extras–this at a time when even GH’s great Nurses Ball had so extras that it looked like they were playing to an empty room, save for the contract characters.)

    Anyway, onto GH. I agree that the week had something the show has been missing for a while now–clear momentum. RC usually does this stuff well and–judging by OLTL when he wrote it–often after several months of the more directionless and “WTF” writing that brought down the show during his era, he would recover when the plot bits started to finally come together–it’s just the lead up that needs work.

    That said… I felt like there were a number of emotional beats that should have been played out and weren’t. A lot of this may simply be that I think the setup was so poorly done the past few months… I still don’t buy that Michael and Kiki have this *epic* love story and using viewers knowledge of Michael with KA as Starr is easy and cheating for me. Morgan, for that matter, feeling *so* strongly about Kiki just makes the character look dumb. Yes, he’s meant to be naïve, young, insecure and quick to jump the gun, but they’re doing the character no favours.

  7. Eric Henwood-Greer says:

    And I will say, GH got major love from me for referencing my beloved Loving, and the brilliant Loving Murders…

  8. While A.J. unleashed on Connie, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) unleashed on Tracy (Jane Elliot) both verbally and physically. Tracy going off about A.J.’s inadequacies lead to Elizabeth slapping her and then reminding Tracy of the things she has done to undermine ELQ just because she couldn’t have it. She also reminded Tracy that her and A.J. are much alike and that by working together they can perhaps make ELQ a very strong company. She also begged Tracy to give A.J. a chance and actually be a family. These were also good acting scenes between Rebecca Herbst and Jane Elliot. In the scenes Elliot played Tracy at her best. A strong, powerful, force who always has a hint of vulnerability.

  9. I amtrying tocatch up on G.H.after14 yrs. after having to leave town on emergenc, mom had vcr, did not know howww to hook up. So after a couplw wks. decided watched since day one,12 yrs. old.To quit, got bored, really lately,started watching and catching up, again. Boy, it is hard, every female a slut, will not even call emwomen! Having kids w/married,and different me!!! SO when do not what going on, google it, still complicated. Only remember Luke,or whoever he is today, Elizabeth, Sonny, of course, Tracy, bad face-lift,Bobby,same bad lift, Scotty,also bad face-lift,Mac, stillhandsome when they use him, was gray, then colored hair,Loved Anna,just got rid of her,how did Robin have healthy kid w/aids, selfish!! Coupe xs saw her either fat or pregnant, not too old???? Wheres Felicia heard married to Mac, never see her! Heather disgusting,nut. Thinking of quitting watching. Remember when it was 30min.and white.Jessie, Phil, heard nosey Aimee,really diedR.I.P. Never did get a husband did she??? On g.h. anyway. Howwmany Carly’s have there been? Liked the1st little one. Did Tony really die, must google it. Sean, Tiffany, Lila and 2 old man Quartermaines, R.I.P. Ned and Alexislook best and Sonny out of old gang.

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