General Hospital: The Misogyny-Ending Magic of Sabrina; A 50th Anniversary Appeal to GH Fans in the Poconos

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Isn’t it amazing that we all seem to love General Hospitaldespite the fact that it’s scored three strikes within that many weeks?  The end of the vampire story was a real disaster, violent and oh so ridiculous.  Speaking of ridiculous, isn’t Sonny romancing — and sleeping with — both alters, Connie and Kate, that, and kind of disgusting as well?  Kind of beating up the mentally ill with a club, no?

Teresa Castillo as Sabrina Santiago
Marlena adores her combination of strength and vulnerability.

But worst of all is the entirely unexpected simplistic writing of the renewed Luke/Laura/Scotty triangle. Who ever would have thought they’d so waste the talents of Geary/Francis/Shriner? The only thing enjoyable about that for which we waited decades is Tracy’s jealous (and quite humorous) reaction to it all.  Jane Elliot has the only character here that’s being given the least bit of sophisticated dialogue and she’s been delivering it with aplomb, so deliciously Tracy style.

But now I’m going to say something I know so many viewers don’t agree with.  I love Sabrina, and have from the very start. Teresa Castillo gives her an innocence and youthful idealism that makes her a breath of fresh air on the show. She’s smart, independent and not in the least easily destructible like so many young heroines Bob Guza used to write. (Remember the murdered Emily and Georgie?)   By that I mean Sabrina’s not going to jump into bed with Sonny or suddenly get brutally killed. And her on-going motivation, her crush on the very attractive widower Patrick, is something we can all relate to.  Which one of us has not suffered from a secret unrequited love?  I adore Sabrina’s combination of strength and vulnerability. (Yes, I know she whines, but so do I.)

Kelly Thiebaud
Her bitchy Britt is old fashion soap fun

Although propped up in the past by Elizabeth and the divine Felix, this week the usually shy Sabrina mightily stood up to Epiphany — of all people!! — when the head nurse wanted her to clear out of the hospital, because she “mysteriously” failed the final exam needed to graduate nursing school.  She made Epiphany (the always superb Sonia Eddy) give her the test again — that supreme bitch Britt must have had something to do with the unjust failure.  As Sabrina’s nemesis and past rival for Patrick’s love, Kelly Thiebaud has really grown on me. Britt’s bitchiness is a bit one dimensional yet still old fashion soap fun.  Remember the classic scenes in which Britt made little Emma cry? (“I don’t like you either!”) I’m betting Britt may be the Quartermaine heir, or she may be given a new love interest.

One day soon — before Robin, as rumored, returns from the dead at the Nurse’s Ball — Sabrina will straighten her hair and take off her glasses and emerge as beautiful young lady, Cinderella-style.  We’ve all been waiting for that!   But I think Sabrina has been beautiful all along — at least in Port Charles, where young girls in the last decade and a half or so have been nothing but fodder for victimization or violence.  Thank goodness for a lead character like Sabrina. Such routine misogyny is now very much in the past.

P.S.  Bobbie is coming back soon. Recently Sabrina talked about wanting to be a nurse, because her mother was a dedicated and talented nurse.  Do you think they’re somehow related?

Attention General Hospital fans: Are you a GH fan who lives or grew up in the Pocono Mountains region in Pennsylvania?  If so, Marlena will be grateful for your help on a special project on the occasion of GH’s upcoming 50th anniversary. If and when the project comes to fruition, Marlena will tell all. Send moi your email address at and I will contact you.


  1. William says:

    Did Jill Farren Phelps co-write this one with you, Marlena? LOL, just kidding.

    With as many mis-steps “General Hospital” may have taken over the past couple of weeks, it’s still about 100 million times better than any other soap on the air and that goes for that colossal train wreck “Young and the Restless” Phelps continues to make more and more miserable each and every day.

    I’m still happy to proclaim “GH” as the best of the best in 2013.

    Marlena says; What does JFP have to do with this?

  2. Marlena, I agree with you about Sabrina. I also like her and I thoroughly enjoy her interactions with little Emma. They actually have incredible chemistry. Who would have thunk, a twenty-something heroine and a child creating sparks on a daytime serial.

    I like Patrick and Sabrina and I love to hate Britt, and I certainly wouldn’t want to see nasty oh Britt with stalwart Patrick. But conversely, I could never get excited about Patrick getting involved with Sabrina. What is the point of having Patrick and Emma fall for Sabrina, who becomes a surrogate mother to Emma, when the viewers know perfectly well that Robin, Patrick’s wife is still among the living. If we didn’t know for sure that Robin was still alive, we could root for a Patrick and Sabrina romance. But I happen to like Sabrina, her tentativeness, her piles of curly hair, her glasses, her goofiness, her sweetness and honesty. And when she rescued Emma from the Wharf, I adored her even more. So I don’t want to see this lovely girl get her heart broken.

    If the writers knew all along that they wanted Sabrina to fall for Patrick and get hurt when Robin resurfaced, then they shouldn’t have let the audience know that Robin is alive.

    I’m taking a deep breath right now. Maybe I’m not making an iota of sense. But to me, the story isn’t working because I know Robin isn’t dead.

    Next topic. Britt reminds me of those troublemakers or femme fatales from THE DOCTORS, an erstwhile soap that aired on NBC many years ago. The witchy women on THE DOCTORS were usually one-dimensional and off the wall ala Britt, who wanted to get even with Sabrina, for no good reason, really. So Britt decides that her patient Maxie is going to help her ruin Sabrina Santiago. Of course, Maxie refused to cooperate. After all, Sabrina hadn’t done anything to her. So Britt threatens to disclose confidential information that she learned from Maxie.

    That is a HIPAA violation. I wish Carlivati would work that into the story. I’d like to see Britt censured or get her license suspended. That old meanie deserves it.

    Like your idea that Britt may be the Quartermaine heir. Imagine her and Tracy exchanging bon mots. How scrumptious would that be!

    I’m a trifle worried about GENERAL HOSPITAL. The show has VASTLY improved since Frank and Ron took over, but they are losing Johnny Z (won’t attempt to spell his last name), the actress that plays Lulu. Steven Lars has been shipped off to the Volunteer State to stand trial. Will these losses negatively impact the show, causing viewer attrition? I don’t want that to happen. I look forward to the show every weekday afternoon.

    Marlena says: I watched The Doctors. It was on NBC between Days of Our Lives and Another World. They did have good villains–do you remember Karen (Laryssa Lauret) with the brown wig? I don’t know what they’ll do with Sabrina if/when Robin comes back besides break her and our hearts. Which is what a good soap opera does! They’ll probably give her another love interest. As for all the recent cast changes, I’m sure the show can deal with them. They’ve got a huge cast to play at the moment, with all the veterans and the 50th anniversary coming up.

    • I most definitely remember Karen from THE DOCTORS. She loved Steve Aldrich, whose heart belonged to Carolee. Karen became pregnant by Steve and gave the baby, little Erich to Carolee and Steve to raise and left town. Years later, she returned wanting to be a mother to the child she had abandoned. Of course, that led to a major disagreement with Steve and Carolee.

      And who could forget another villain, John Morrison, who hated Dr. Nick Bellini? John loved Althea who was in love with Nick.

      Nick was dating Kathy Ryker, a pretty blond nurse, but because he still loved Althea, he ended it with Kathy, which left her inconsolable and devastated. The girl needed counseling, so she visited John Morrison, a sociopath who happened to be a psychiatrist. John was insecure about his marriage to Althea because he knew deep down she still loved Nick. John told Kathy that the way to keep Nick in her life was to become pregnant with his child. And since Nick was an honorable man, he’d marry her. Well, Kathy got preggers, but Nick had no desire to marry her. He agreed to support his child.

      Kathy lost it. She was so stressed out over Nick’s rejection that she had a miscarriage. But she flatly refused to check into the hospital for a D&C.”I won’t let them take Nick’s baby. I won’t,” she caterwauled. Everyone was afraid that Kathy would develop a life-threatening infection. John feared if that unbalanced girl told anyone that he had advised her to become pregnant with Nick’s child, that it would lead to him getting stripped of his medical license. Now, he couldn’t allow that to happen, so to obviate the Kathy problem, he killed her by throwing her off a cliff.

      Nick suspected that John had murdered Kathy and set out to prove it. Everyone thought Nick was concocting wild stories about John because he was jealous that John was married to Althea.

      Laughing maniacally, John admitted to Nick that he did indeed kill Kathy, but Nick couldn’t prove anything. “No one believes anything that comes out of your mouth, old boy,” John sneered to Nick.

      It went on and on. But I’ll shut up. With all the melodrama, the writers obviously took their cue from old movies

      THE DOCTORS was a delicious campfest and I loved every second of it. In its heyday, THE DOCTORS won its time slot, even trouncing EDGE OF NIGHT in the ratings race.

      Also, another kooky story had Greta Powers bitten by a rabbit, which caused a change to take place in her personality. Greta had always been a sweet child, making good grades in school, doing her household chores without having to be asked. But out of nowhere, she began fighting her schoolmates, stealing money from her mother’s pocketbook. And her mother Maggie didn’t know what was wrong with little Greta. They speculated that she had a neurological disorder.

      I miss THE DOCTORS.

      Marlena says: I remember Greta being bitten by the rabbit. I used to watch The Doctors as a serious soap opera and never realized it might be a “campfest.” But I was SO much younger then…..

  3. I agree with most everything you said!! I love Sabrina and find her endearing and lovable and the newfound strength she is showing, especially against steam-roller Epiphany was awesome! If not for the looming specter and anticipated return of Robin, Patrick and Sabrina would be perfect.

    Britch is GORGEOUS…I hope they give her layers and more dimension and make her Jimmy Lee Holt‘s daughter…therefore a Quartermaine.

    I COMPLETELY disagree with your assessment of Felix as “divine“. I find the character totally useless, pointless and a complete waste of the show‘s budget that could well be spent on securing yet another beloved veteran. His character serves NO purpose that Elizabeth Webber could not provide.

    Marlena says: I love Felix! He’s fresh and funny, and adds a lot to the show for me.

    • ghfan2013 says:

      Britt looks like a cross between Jimmy Lee and Celia – remember them? She should be THEIR daughter and they both should come back. Sherylin Wolter was so great in the role – let’s have them back to be Britt’s parents! Great Q storyline would come out of this.

      Marlena says: Great idea! Celia Quartermaine and Jimmy Lee Holt were distant cousins, but they had a romance. So, it’s possible….

  4. I like Sabrina too. However… I don’t want to see her romantically involved with Patrick. I love her chemistry with Emma and I want her to be Emma and Patrick’s friend and adopted family if needed. I too would like to wait until we know that Robin is totally out of the picture before Patrick has a real romantic relationship.

    I don’t care for the Brit character at all. She is mean and evil with no real rational behind it… or not a good one. I think she is Faison’s daughter with the swiss doctor, can’t remember her name. Of course scenes with Tracy and Brit could be enjoyable… Tracy/Jane makes every character better by playing with her. Tracy is not eveil and she isn’t stupid and everything she does has a rationale. Maybe it is the one dimensionality of Brit… whereas Tracy is multi dimensional. I would rather not see Brit be a Q because they don’t need pure evil or pure mean… they need bright, quirky and devious descendants if not good and brilliant.

    Felix is a good character to Sabrina and others… he can be annoying… but he serves a purpose.

    I think Emily could be the missing Q heir or she is working with Brit somehow with Faison and possibly Helena. She is not just an innocent newbie… there is something there!

    Marlena says: I guess Britt’s future depends how much the writers like writing for the character and the actress.

  5. horselover says:

    I couldn’t agree with you about too much Vampire story and too much Connie/Kate. It was overkill. I’m hoping the Luke/Laura/Scotty triangle will improve. And I don’t mind Sabrina. While I don’t like everything about FV and RC’s GH, it’s way better than Phelps and Guza ever gave us so I’m grateful.

    • I don’t care for Kate/Connie at all. Nothing against the actress, because she is quite capable. But to me, the story is not working and the writers should simply institutionalize her and be done with the character and her nutso story.

      Also, I don’t understand why the writers always pull baby Danny into those crime capers. Wacky Heather kidnapped Danny and she was going to jump off a building, holding the little angel. Recently, Danny and his mother were held hostage by an ersatz vampire. When Danny was born, he was given to Tea and led to believe that she was his mother. Why is Carlivati involving a baby in crime stories? Baffling.

      Marlena says: I agree, there’s a point where this Connie/Kate story must end, and it has about reached critical mass with Sonny sleeping with both alters. I love watching Kelly Sullivan though. She’s so brave in her performances. About Danny, a baby in danger ups the stakes in any soap circumstance. However, I can’t think mothers and other women in the audience are very comfortable with the many times the kid has been in danger already. I’d say, give Danny some peace already, but I’m sure with the heightening of stakes in soap operas, he has many daunting situations and problems to come.

  6. The complaints about the stories seem to mirror those about many of the final years of OLTL, in particular the disgusting Ford clan, the ridiculous “porn” scam and the travesty that was Jessica and Vicki’s final “alter” stories, wherein one would simply “slip into” an alter like changing clothes or, better, like Clark Kent in an old toon saying “this looks like a job…” I’m sorry, but “Ron and Frank” for all the good they can do, make just as many missteps and now, without Brian Frons influence-as they had at OLTL-it is apparent that many of the mistakes on OLTL were indeed their own. Including a fair amount of misogyny. I will never forgive those two for the time where a 15 year old Starr, pregnant by Cole, was sitting at a table with Blair and Blair said that “I’m her mother. It’s not my place to weigh in”…ugh. A parent might not get to choose what happens, but they are certainly allowed an opinion contrary to a child. Sometimes I think Kristen Alderson wrote those scenes.

    Marlena says: If you read my old OLTL columns, you know I was always ranting about the misogyny, particulary on the last years of the show. There’s been so much less now at GH, I’ve thought a lot about Frons influence at OLTL and concluded (guessed!) he had a big part in it. I assume only Valentini and Carlivati know and can speak out on all of this. It is a very sensitive subject for them, I suspect.

    • Marlena,

      There were moments I truly adored OLTL during its final 5 years or so and I think much of the last month or two of the series was among the finest moments it had for the last decade of its run. But by all accounts, many of the same mistakes pointed to at OLTL are now happening again on GH. I hate to suggest it but I fear Ron Carlivati may be a one-trick pony. His first year or so was amazing. Now, having been at GH a year, he’s starting to falter. Is he one of those guys, like Malone, that require a co-writer to help steady them, or is he better suited to short, rather than long, form television? I don’t doubt the man has talent-he can write some wickedly funny dialogue and situations, and when he wants to use history, he’s among the best the business has seen in the last decade-but I still wonder if he doesn’t have issues seeing things from other sides. In other words, how balanced a writer is he, really? But, I digress, as I don’t want to turn this into some sort of bash, or rant, which it is not. Merely stating some observations I’ve had over the years and I respect your opinion. As to the topic of Frons…no more odious figure ever existed among daytime executives, as far as I’m concerned, and we’ve had some shady characters. (Ok, that was a dig, but Frons deserves it)

      Marlena says: All headwriters have good and bad stories. I’m always changing my mind about Carlivati. As much as his sexual politics annoyed me on OLTL, I was very amazed how good his first year at GH was. He’s going through a rough patch now, but I’m sure that has to do with having so many veterans on the show and so many stories going on. The upcoming anniversary is also a challenge. It would be trite for me to say he’s no Agnes Nixon or Bill Bell, or Claire Labine or Doug Marland. But these writers had control over their shows in soap times that were very different. I guess he’s held up better these days and he seems very popular with journalists and internet fans who have idolized him. As I said, I can never make up my mind about him.

      • I don’t think Carlivati is an imaginative, super talented head writer. His shows are sprightly and watchable, which for me is certainly preferable to work by a brilliant writer who dreams up original stories and fully-realized characters, but fifteen minutes into watching the show, the viewer feels like they’ve been given sleep medication intravenously. Those writers often win Emmy and Writers Guild awards and critical acclaim aplenty. I prefer a show that is fun, fast and energetic.

        For the most part, Carlivati keeps his audience entertained. But some of his stories–whew. For reasons that aren’t clear to me, this man is fascinated with DID stories–Tess and Jess on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Kate/Connie on GENERAL HOSPITAL. And what about men who carry on with the alters of these DID sufferers? On episodes of ONE LIFE TO LIVE that airs in the mornings on Soapnet, Jessica thinks she’s in high school and she’ll soon have sex with Ford and become pregnant. Men having sex with mentally ill women is sleazy television.

        And who could forget that ridiculous Gigi/Stacy story towards the end of ONE LIFE? We all assumed that Gigi was deceased, but actually Stacy who was presumed dead was actually alive. Stacy had undergone plastic surgery which rendered her a facsimile of Gigi. But after going through all that, poor Stacy got killed and we all thought it was Gigi who bit the dust. But Gigi was roaming around very much alive with amnesia, which kept her from popping up on Rex, the love of her life”s doorstep and saying, “Honey. I’m home.”

        And what about that falderal with the real Todd being held captive for eight years by his own mother, the demented Irene, who wasn’t dead after all. And there was the craziness with Todd’s lookalike brother Victor getting brainwashed and enduring mind control. Oh God, it was un-friggin-real. I only stayed with the show because it was going off the air and I was curious to see how it all concluded.

        But I can’t believe they would put something so incredibly foolish and unlikely on air. It’s like they were trying to alienate viewers.

        I do hope that the ONE LIFE TO LIVE revival doesn’t tell preposterous stories. Stories can be off the wall and colorful, but still plausible.

  7. Excellent review, Connie, and you were right about us loving the show now even though it is not hitting on all cylinders every day.
    I have always liked Sabrina, from the very beginning. And not long after her appearance the picking at her on fan sites started: ‘She’s too sticky sweet and naive to be believed,’ ‘She behaves like a 14 year old’, ‘She’s gotta get rid of the stupid glasses,’ ‘She’s disgustingly immature,’ etc.
    I have to admit, I related to her because when I was her age, I was much like her, right down to the glasses. Of course, that was a very long time ago, but surely not every young girl these days is totally sophisticated and sexually wise. And glasses do not make a girl hopelessly plain (and I blame the writers for that old chestnut). It is entirely possible to be super smart and still be shy, naive and awkward–in fact it often happens. It is obvious Sabrina is a beautiful young woman. She just needs a good haircut. And she can keep the glasses–I like ’em! And Felix makes a fine friend for her.
    I agree about the Connie/Kate crap–but I am SO sick of Sonny that just watching him go thru this weary story is a chore. And him taking advantage of a mentally impaired woman fits my long-time take on his character. Yes, the actress is fine, but the story must end–just so tiresome.
    As for Ron Carlivati–of course he isn’t right all the time. I read an interesting interview where he spoke about his teaming with EP Frank V. He said they disagree sometimes because Ron likes to do the too far out or crazy stories from time to time and Frank keeps him from going too wild–pulls him back a bit. I say, thank God for Frank. I really admire Ron, and yes, he does need someone to temper his madness sometimes. Most of the the time, though, he comes up with amazingly good twists, sharp scenes and I imagine some of the wit and certainly the funny situations (though the associate writers actually do the dialog), and he has a reverence for the history as well. I get the sense that he is in a difficult period right now, getting ready for the anniversary shows, juggling all the returnees, writing logical exits for the 3 OLTL actors. There are too many stories going and the pace is off. My suggestion is send Connie to Ferncliff and Sonny off to his island to brood where we won’t have to see him ’til the Nurses Ball, if then. That would free-up some air time to deal with the rest.
    And I agree entirely with Adam about Frons. I think it was his influence that brought GH to that unbearable level of violence, misogyny and darkness. Guza may have conceived much of it, but Frons seemed to really encourage it.
    Once the Ball is over and the 50th celebrated, I think Ron and Frank can get the show on an even keel again. I hope they plan to keep some returnees, such as Laura, Lucy, Kevan, Felicia, Duke–obviously they can’t keep all. And while the loss of Johnny Z is sad because the actor was so good, the character was actually over. I will really miss Julie as Lulu; Steven Lars not so much. But on the whole, the show is in good hands and I look forward to it every day!

    Marlena says: Friend Marilyn, thank you. Like Sabrina, I wear glasses! I just think they use them for the character for theatrical effect to communicate that she’s a serious, smart girl. Interesting to hear about Carlivati and Valentini’s ying yang working habits. As I’ve written, I agree the show is going though a rough patch right now, but I’m really looking forward to the anniversary and Moose and I both like watching GH every day! I wonder which veteran they’ll keep — knowing Carlivati’s penchant for camp, I think they’ll choose Lucy over Laura. Ssh! My fondness of Ian Buchanan is notorious, yet I don’t think there’s much more they can do with the real Duke. I’m sorry Johnny Z is leaving, too, but he is a triple murderer. I am sorry to see Julie Berman go, but her replacement Marcy Emme Ryan from Y&R is a wonderful actress with real spunk, so her Lulu will probably be well-received.

    • Marilyn, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Now this isn’t a slam against Ron Carlivati, but I’d like to see Frank Valentini aligned with another storyteller, someone like Lorraine Broderick. She briefly worked with Chris Goutman on the sorely missed AS THE WORLD TURNS and he did a superb job bringing her narrative to life. I didn’t care too much for how Felicia. Minei Behr produced Lorraine’s material. It came across choppy and rushed. So I’m curious about Valentini with a different scribe.

    • I don’t think RC will choose Lucy over Laura because he stated before in interviews that he’s a big fan of Laura on GH!

  8. Hello Marlena,
    I have to say, I don’t dislike Sabrina but my problem is that she is constantly propped so that she’s JUST the sweetest. I used to have this issue with Babe on AMC in that I was supposed to just LOVE the character despite all the awful things she did. While Sabrina hasn’t doing anything heinous, I tend to rebel when I feel like I am being forced to like someone. I actually have a lot more fun watching Britt and frankly, she was quite right when telling Patrick that allowing his daughter to be openly rude to adults was going to lead to undesired consequences in the future. I

    I think that the writers have been skirting around misogyny with the Kate/Connie/Sonny Story, neck biting and by having Frisco, it was implied, cause Britt’s fall. Furthermore, I doubt seriously that a young, ambitious doctor like Britt would risk her career by framing Sabrina. It’s a little insulting to women, I think. I remember hating the level of misogyny near the end of OLTL and think that as wonderful as GH has been; the writers are fairly uneven in their quality, as was also true of their OLTL.

    • Gianna, I saw the episode where Britt admonished Patrick for allowing Emma to get away with sassing adults. Puh-leeze! Britt deserved every bit of disrespect little Emma pelted at her. What kind of a woman would tell a child, “I don’t like you either.” What an odious, vicious, immature thing for an adult to say to a kid?

      I’m not deflecting the topic here, but I don’t believe that children should be told not to talk back to adults or not to challenge authority. Some adults don’t mean children any darn good and if a kid encounters someone like that, the child should be not acquiesce to them.

      Britt sees Sabrina as competition. She knows that Patrick admires Sabrina. It probably eats Britt alive that a handsome physician like Patrick prefers Sabrina, a frizzy hair subordinate.

  9. I just read on another site that Chris Robinson will be returning for GENERAL HOSPITAL’s upcoming anniversary special. I don’t know how I feel about this. At one time, I adored Rick and the actor who played him. Rick married Leslie, accepted her recalcitrant daughter, Laura and became a surrogate father to her. He tried to instill values in the girl. But of course, she didn’t listen to a word he said. She actually had a surreptitious affair with David Hamilton, a man in his forties and at the time Laura was a mere fifteen . A fifteen year old involved with a man in his forties. Soap operas used to have balls.

    I loved the Rick/Monica/Leslie/Alan quadrangle. Remember Rick and Monica trysting in the afternoon?. They’d rearrange their schedules at GH and go to a love nest and do their thing. A suspicious Alan tried to kill them. With the way Alan was carrying on back then, who would have thought his character would have lasted for decades?

    Anyway, the story was FANTASTIC. The late Pat Falken Smith, GH’s head writer during that period was simply brilliant.

    At some point, I grew disenchanted with the show and ceased watching and didn’t tune in for many years. Later on, I recall reading that Chris Robinson had returned in 2002 and that he was revealed to be a child molester and a murderer. Yeah, I know he was an adulterer. He had sex with Monica while married to Leslie. He thought he had fathered a child with Monica. But I couldn’t recall Rick killing anybody or violating a child. Obviously, Bob Guza or Brian Frons decided to do a little character assassination.

    Fast forward to 2013. Ron Carlivati wants to resuscitate Rick. Considering the back story, how the heck is he going to do that? Will he pretend that all those atrocious things Rick did never happened?

    I’ll have to tune in to find out. I think killing characters off and then resurrecting them and concocting some lame reason to explain away their return is bad storytelling. How can a viewer make an emotional investment in a story when everything they see may be tossed aside or rewritten altogether at a later point.

    Imagine, if you were reading a thick, totally absorbing page-turner with a captivating plot and fascinating characters, You reach page 319 and discover that everything that happened previously had been rewritten, that a character you thought was dead was suddenly alive and the author offers some flimsy, cockamamie excuse for the change in story. Would you want to continue with the book? Or buy another book by the scribe? I wouldn’t.

    I know that soaps and novels are different animals, but if viewers see characters die and brought back alive. Or past history arbitrarily rewritten, they may get turned off by the whole thing and completely wash their hands of the show.

  10. hi

  11. I think it will be very stupid and insulting if they make Sabrina attractive to Patrick or any other man ONLY after she straightens her hair and takes her glasses off! I don’t wear glasses, but I can imagine how insulted people that do will feel! And what is this Idiot thing about straightening hair…Curly or Wavy hair is Sexy!!! And Theresa HAS Wavy hair in REAL life…so why straighten it! How dumb!
    Instead of making her take off her glasses…just give her Sexy looking glasses, they have really nice ones now a days!
    And if they do go through with NO glasses at all…How do they explain that she can all of a sudden SEE without them! How stupid!!! And if they say she has contacts…I know for a fact that nobody gets use to contacts right takes time!
    Let her keep her glasses..just make them sexy looking and keep the wavey hair…just fix it sexier, that is all.
    As for the vampire story…please get rid of it forever!
    I want Tracy with a Man….and have Luke be jealous of HER for a change! I think the Picka lila story is boring. Todd and Carly should be together…. Connie needs to integrate already! Please make Sam and John be together and Liz and A.J…… Dont let Rafe come between Molly and T.J…… I’m glad OLD Lulu is OUT and a new one is coming in….I Hope she has more chemistry with Dante….I think Deloris would’ve been sexy with him. Felisha better not hurt Mac again! I love Maxie, but the truth needs to come out and have her be with Spinelli and get rid of boring Elli….. Bring my BREMDA back! Monica needs a Love life..I’m surprised they gave Alexis a love life and I’m thrilled its with Shawn..but More Older sexy women need love lives on this show! Olivia needs to be with Steve…so sad. Lucy with Kevin…I like Luke and Laura together and seeing Scott again….I always loved Scott with Domenic! She was his great love! I like Luke and Laura but I loved him with Tracy too. Anna should be with Robert…Duke as a friend….and so on….Glad they don’t do the whole Mob B.S. and I HOPE to God it stays that way! Patrick….I want him with Robin…but if she don’t come back…I dont know if Sabrina is good for him that way…too young..get someone else for him…Not Britt..LOL… And dont make Pat fall for Sabrina after her make over…how superficial and dumb would that make him!

  12. I meant..bring My “Brenda” back on gh!

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