Merry Christmas, Baby, from Marlena!

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

Michelle Stafford

The Young and the Restless: I’m always looking for improvements under the new regime at The Young and the Restless.  One of the show’s former problems was loading heroines with too many problems, and I think the current writers have done a nice job these last few weeks in giving Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) a bit of rest.  In other words, instead of being called upon to carry on as the ever screaming, jealous wife, adulteress and murder suspect, she’s allowed us to be reminded of the kind of person she really is.

She’s not particularly man-crazy at the moment but showing some independence in the wake of the disappearance of her lover Ronan. Her new work at Newman shows her to be the intelligent and top professional woman she used to be. Her great compassion and support for pill-addict boss/ex-husband/good friend Jack has brought out her natural humanity.  Continuing to reach out to her wayward daughter Summer with great love, she’s let us see what a great and determined mother she is. I even notice she stopped wearing her usually slutty clothes.  Altogether, Phyllis is less of a headache, again a smart, convivial gal you’d like to actually know.

Although I don’t like Y&R‘s teen cyberbullying story, it certainly makes much  better use of fireball Emmy winners Christian LeBlanc and Tracey E. Bregman, whose marriage as Fen’s parents Michael and Lauren has been too happy for too long. Giving happy couples problems certainly worked with Adam and Chelsea, and certainly gives better acting opportunities to super actors Michael Mulney and Melissa Claire Egan.

I’m not a big fan of crabby Abby Newman, but I’m glad Marcy Rylan, who plays her so engagingly, is rejoining the show. The young character’s obnoxiousness is a spark the show surely needs.

But what I’m most excited about is the imminent arrival of Mark Pinter as politician Marcus Wheeler.  Pinter, of course, was brilliant as the Shakespearean villain Grant Harrison on Another World.   He’s the kind of powerful actor who can make waves for those corporate sharks Jack and Victor, played by the formidable actors Peter Bergman and Eric Braeden. Uh oh …do you think they’ll get Marcus mixed up with … Phyllis?

General Hospital:  I really like Felix (Marc Samuel), the new character on GH.  Felix is very, very, very smart.  Didn’t he make student nurse Sabrina do weeks of extra bedpan duty in exchange for an introduction to his cosmetics boss Lucy Coe? Of course it turned out Felix had never met Lucy, but Felix can talk himself into anything. GH is a show that needs humor, and Felix and his funny remarks certainly brighten scenes.  Anyone who calls that bitch Britt “Dr. Miss Thing” is certainly okay by Marlena!

By the way, Marlena, Moose and Nigel wish you all a Merry Christmas.  Getting read by you and receiving your wonderful comments are year-round Christmas presents for moi. Joyeux  Noel!  Buon Natale!


  1. Merry Christmas to you too, Marlena! I’m pretty bummed out that Jeff Branson is leaving Y&R yet again! I really like his character Ronan Malloy on the show, and I wished the new regime would’ve had him share scenes with his onscreen mother Tricia Cast (Nina) so that viewers could be reminded that there is unfinished business between them regarding the fact that Nina gave him up for adoption and he was sold as a baby when he was stolen from her by Rose DeVille (the late and terrific Darlene Conley). I also like the new character Felix DuBois on GH, too! I hope that they cast a male love interest for him since he’s a gay character after all! Thank God Brian Frons isn’t running ABC Daytime anymore, since he would probably never approve of the Felix character at all.

    Marlena says: I hope they’ll give Felix a love interest too. Remember Kyle and Fish on One Life to Live, created by GH’s current team? Happy holiday!

    • Yes, I remember Kish on OLTL very fondly! I wrote to you about them before back when I used to go by “guilty pleasure” in your blog comments! I still miss Kish! It’s such a shame that Scott Evans (ex-Oliver Fish, OLTL) has been recently been busted for buying cocaine! I hope that he gets help and makes a comeback someday!

  2. Y&R: Thanks for the comments about Phyllis. I hadn’t given it that much thought (I’ll leave the heavy thinking to you), but you are right! Phyllis has become more bearable lately. As a fan of the character, I was getting pretty fed up with all her antics, so it’s great to see her as a more well-rounded character these days.
    And I agree…I would love to see her with Marcus!

    GH: I’m reserving judgment on Felix, but so far I think he is a good addition to the cast. And maybe they’ll bring back “Who’s Son Was It That’s Gay?” as a love interest. It would be good to have him involved with a former character on the show than to bring on someone new that we don’t care about.
    And I agree…the sooner they get rid of Dr. Bitch the happier I’ll be!

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