Sunday Reflections 18: Fiery Doings on The Young and the Restless … General Hospital’s Friday Cliffhanger Was Thrilling, Classic Soap Opera

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

The Young and the Restless:  As the weeks go by, Y&R’s plots are changing radically under its new headwriter, Josh Griffith.  Here are some thoughts on the latest story twists:

 As I wrote in Sunday Reflections 15, there are plenty of presto chango plot revisions that a) make your head spin, and b)creatively launch new stories, GloWorm  has burned down, torched by an associate of Adam’s, giving Gloria and Jeffrey  $7 million insurance money to play with.  Jack has had a quickie back operation to ease his pain (and lead to pill addiction?)  In a November sweeps month plot, Victoria has just been kidnapped by an ex-con named Eddie G.  He’s the gambling buddy of Billy’s, played by Coleman from General Hospital (in other words, actor Blake Gibbons, a weird choice because the non-contract thesp is still playing the bartender on GH.)

Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman

But by far, the biggest change is in the character of Nick Newman, a schlemiel I never thought much about even though he was born on the show decades ago. He’s been the ping pong husband of either Sharon or Phyllis, continually stomped on by both of them and his father, The Great Victor Newman. Headwriter Griffith has chosen to suddenly make Nick grow up overnight and become a real man — rejecting Victor’s command to reclaim Newman in order to have more time to take care of his kids (in a terrific scene), divorce Phyllis once and for all, and get involved in a mature, idyllic romance with Avery (after their unfortunate one night stand earlier), the smartest, most contemporary women on the show.  I like the new Mr. Newman at last, or at least notice him now.

And the smartest choice by far is having Adam come back into Sharon’s orbit now that he’s protecting her from being charged as an arsonist. (He just, however unwittingly, sponsored the burning of GloWorm, to distract attention from the fact that Sharon burned down the Newman ranch.)  Adam/Sharon has long been one of Marlena’s favorite soap couplings, because both characters are so supremely screwed up. (Yes, I know Adam once kidnapped Sharon’s baby!)   Two neurotic characters together make for a classic soap opera pairing (remember Roger and Holly on Guiding Light?) But “Shadam”’s pairing is one step up, they’re so divinely psychotic together. They (a very sick arsonist and a would-be arsonist) are just so twisted together, they’re incredibly alluring! (And remind me of star-crossed dangerous couples out of classic film noir) Sure Adam’s acting like he’s just protecting her now, but I thinkthe two are still in love. Now Adam being married to the extra feisty and emotional ex-con woman Chelsea makes for a spectacularly fiery (forgive me) soap love triangle.  Adam hiding Sharon has been the setting for some great arguments between Chelsea and Adam. But I’m rooting for Sharon and Adam.     What could I say — Marlena just adores twisted  and screwed up!

General Hospital:  Wowie!  Zowie!  Yesterday’s Friday cliffhanger on General Hospital is destined to become a soap classic. “Duke” tore off his latex mask to reveal to Robin he’s … but we won’t see who until Monday!  Is it Faison, Robert, Luke, even Helena?  I don’t know and I can’t stop thinking about it. That’s old-fashioned thrilling soap opera.   And the fake “Duke” plot with the mask unveiling is so very, very Edge of Night


  1. I’m so glad Nick is finally becoming his own man (growing a pair?)…I just hope he sticks to his guns and doesn’t cave in to Daddy & Mommy Dearest. I really want to like him because he kinda reminds me of my son…in the looks department, not character department. 🙂

    I never did like “Shadam” so I hope they don’t pair up again. I really like Adam & Chelsea and think the two of them have been good for each other, BUT they do need to get back to some of their conniving ways to be more interesting. A triangle with Sharon would be OK as long as Adam & Chelsea end up together…IMHO.

    The GH cliffhanger was excellent in that it has sparked so much conversation all over the net. It’s almost everyone’s assumption that “Duke” is Faison, but unless they threatened bodily harm, even death, to anyone who blabbed, I don’t know how that can be. Didn’t Anders Hove need a green card to come back to work? And as far as I know, that hasn’t happened. Marlena, do you know anything?

    Marlena says: Hi Szima! I don’t know anything, and can’t wait until this afternoon to find out. As you know, I love secrets not being spoiled and this is the biggest!

    • Well, obviously Mr. Hove got his green card! This week has been so great! It’s too bad Faison won’t be around much longer, but I’d rather have him go before I get tired of him (i.e. Heather), then bring him back again later. I had never seen this character before, but I did enjoy his visit!

      Marlena says: You must have read my mind. That’s what the column is on this week!

  2. horselover says:

    The GH cliffhanger on Friday was one of the best cliffhangers in years! I loved it. And now that I know RealDuke is alive, I am along for the ride. Bravo to FV and RC. GH is must see TV again!

  3. Hi Marlena. I agree that it is great to see Nick with Avery! I am also tired of seeing him go back and forth between Phyllis and Sharon as that was getting tiresome. I have been enjoying the Avery character recently.
    But I disagree about Sharon/Adam pairing as it reminds me of how far the Sharon character has sunk. It would be nice if the show could write Sharon as the good girl from the wrong side of the tracks who liked the good life! I know you compared Sharon/Adam to GL’s Roger/Holly but Roger/Holly seemed so damaged yet obessed with each other but could never be together because of Holly’s love/hate of Roger (for good reason)…Adam/Sharon just seemed to be pushed into character changes that did not fit them – especially Sharon who has changed into a completely new character. And lets face it, when Adam first came back to town as an adult he was not crazy – that was the writers doing. I so disliked when they changed Adam – it was around the time he wanted to make Ashley crazy. Anyway, I prefer them in different stories but will certainly be watching – mainly to see how Chelsea deals with this!

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