Sunday Reflections 16: Divine and Not So Divine Moments from The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives

By Marlena De Lacroix a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman

For Marlena, this week wasn’t about the shows or the storylines.  It was about individual moments, some divine, some not so…

Divine:  Nikki and Victor’s long embrace, promising each other to rebuild among the ruins of the Newman ranch, all set to The Young and Restless theme (Nadia’s Theme). I love this traditional soaps move, playing a crucial plot moment for their lead characters or couple against the theme music of the show.  It is such a mood moment, in this case such a romantic and a greatly grounding one for two characters who have endured so much together and always come through.  A very nice touch by the show’s new production regime.

Divine:  Every moment in the consecutive episodes in which Stephanie told her loved ones (Brooke, Thorne, etc.) she was going to die, by giving them a hand-delivered invitation to a party celebrating her life. I sobbed at every single sad announcement and adored the flashbacks accompanying these scenes.  Nice job, Susan Flannery and The Bold and the Beautiful writers, who accomplished these emotional scenes with the upmost class.

The late Darlene Conley
Her memory deserves only the best

Divine:   Sally Spectra, the most divine soap character of all! B&B surprised its audience by having Stephanie invite her dear frenemie Sally to her party.  Oh, those fabulous flashbacks of the hilarious duo of Sally and Stephanie!  Actress Darlene Conley died in 2007, yet Sally is still alive on the show, living in the tropics with Fabio.

Not so divine (even tacky, and not in a good way), likewise on B&B, was a real time scene in which Fabio answered Stephanie’s call for Sally, who was represented by someone in a red wig, back to the camera, speaking a line in a fake Darlene Conley voice.  This moment was so weird, and not a tribute to our darling Darlene, whose memory deserves only the best.

Not so divine:  On General Hospital, Jason is shot in the back (probably) by Duke on the pier, and Duke kicks the injured Jason into the harbor.  What an ignoble end for the lead hero of GH and for the actor Steve Burton, who had been on the show for more than 20 years.  And to be shot to death by Duke, a character who has been back on the show and in Port Charles for only two months! Marlena shall cry into her pillow every night until the show explains why the divine Duke (as played by Ian Buchanan) has turned so evil in this incarnation.

Divine:  On Days of Our Lives, the other Marlena says to the newly re-arrived Kristin in the middle of an argument: “This all feels so déjà vu.”  I’ll say!  The divine character of evil Kristin DiMera is one of the few characters in Days history who disrespects Doc, and caused plenty of trouble for years and years.  Let the new round of tortuous games begin!

What were your divine or not so divine moments of the soap week?  Dites-moi vos choix, s’il vous plait!


  1. Patrick Erwin says:

    Hi Marlena, as I said last week I have never been big on B&B but I couldn’t agree more re: Stephanie. We’ve seen a lot of characters (and too many shows) meet an end without the proper recognition. After watching these scenes I feel like yelling “This is how it’s done, people!”

    And re: Sally – I am not sure how they did it, but I’d thought maybe they had played the audio from another episode and it was Darlene Conley’s voice. I could be wrong, though. It was weird but I was willing to get on board so those flashbacks of Sally could be included.

  2. Marlena, what did you think about Monica keeping the secret that she knew that A.J. wasn’t dead but still alive on GH yesterday, and is now being played again by Sean Kanan, who played the role from 1993-1997 before being fired because of SK’s alcoholism (the same problem that A.J. had on the show! Life imitates art indeed!)? What did you think back then about SK as A.J. back in the 90’s? Or did you prefer any of the other actors (including the last actor that played the character Billy Warlock) over SK playing A.J.?

    Marlena says: Before I make that judgement I’d like to know how long Monica has known he’s alive and. why she’s.kept that info secret!! I love Billy Warlock, but I thought Kanan made the better A.J because he looked just like Steve Burton who played his brother Jason. Kanan has done good work on Y&R and B&B and I look forward to his future GH performances.

  3. My divine moment of the week was from YOUNG AND RESTLESS watching Avery and Summer bond while making cupcakes. Avery is sexy, smart and she bakes. How refreshing for a soap opera character.

    Marlena says: I love Avery–what a neat little detail that she bakes. Jessica Collins is very good in the role!

    • Jessica is a chef/food writer/blogger in real life, so it’s nice they have incorporated that into the characters reel life. Here’s a link to her site…not sure if it’s OK to do that here, so delete if necessary.

      Marlena says: Thanks for telling us about this SZima. It’s nice that TPTB at the show have evidently taled to the actors about their interests and strengths. Reportedly, the late Bill Bell did all the character work virtually by himself from the inception of the show.

  4. I just started watching B&B a few months ago, so I am really appreciating the Stephanie flashbacks. It’s helping define some of the characters and their relationships to each other. It’s always hard to start watching a soap that’s been on the air for so many years and try to figure out who everyone is, who they’re related to, etc. (I’m still trying to figure out DOOL and I’ve been watching that one longer.)

    I thought the Jason send-off was the most disrespectful I’ve ever seen. For a long term, beloved by many character/actor, I thought it was terrible for him to be shot in the back and unceremoniously kicked into the harbor. It makes me wonder what behind-the-scenes drama was going on, because if it were me, I wouldn’t go back to that show no matter what. (And I am not even a Jason fan.)

    I am anxious to see how the AJ story plays out. I wasn’t watching when Sean was playing the role, but I’ve seen him recently on Y&R and B&B and like his acting very much, so I think this could be really good. Anything to keep the Q’s alive and well is a good thing.

    I’m also looking forward to Kristin on DOOL. Anyone who can fluster Marlena is OK with me. I just wish this story didn’t have to include John, as it has to. John and Marlena, together, are not favorites of mine.

    Finally, Nikki and Victor. I guess I’m just so tired of these two…I wish they would hop on a ship for an around the world cruise that takes a couple years and give us all a break from them.

    Marlena says: Hi Szima! I think a lot of fans are tired of Nikki and Victor, but a show can’t rid of their lead couple. That probably was the impetus for this renewing long, theme-filled love scene. I am also not the greatest John and Marlena fan, but please don’t tell avid fans of the couple this!

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