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Happy New Year from Marlena, Moose and Nigel


Connie, Anna and the late real Mr. Moose at the Museum of Natural History (above); The Nige (right)


By Marlena De Lacroix

Happy New Year 2010, everyone!  Hope you had as joyous a holiday season with your family and friends as Moose and I (a.k.a. Connie and Ed) did. My beloved step-daughter Laura and step-granddaughter Anna visited us here in Manhattan for a few days around Christmas from their home in Michigan.  They loved our seven month old beagle Nigel.Nigrlnigel  Our Nige has become quite a character, as we used to say very affectionately in the Queens of my youth.

As I served my Italian grandmother Concetta’s manicotti to Laura and Anna for Christmas dinner, I said, “Mange figlias, mangia figlia” (“eat daughter, eat.”).  That is

Only stories that are about love — and tell logical emotional truth about the characters we have long known and loved – can save daytime soap opera now.

what was my late grandma and father Cosmo always said to me as a girl.  Having the love and continuity of family around me really did a lot to soothe a difficult year and renew my spirit and hope.  (Originally, soaps taught me that!)  

I want to wish you, my beloved readers, a renewed spirit and much joy as we enter 2010.  Although I haven’t been posting a lot lately, I want  [Read more…]

As The World Turns: Love and Family in the Heart of America

newMy friend Ed Martin weighs in, too,  on the loss of As the World Turns in a new post immediately following this one.


By Marlena De Lacroix

I broke into tears when I heard that As the World Turns was canceled yesterday. I’m sure many of you did, too.  ATWT has been a part of all our lives for so long.   ATWT logoI learned so much from it over the years about universal values of love and family.  Since its 1956 premiere, it has so reflected the true heart of all Americans.    

When I first started watching as a young teen in 1969,  I was growing up in Queens, where everyone in my neighborhood  was either Jewish or Italian (I was both!). My Italian immigrant grandparents, who loving fed me lasagna on holidays, knew little English.  My Jewish immigrant 

CBS President Les Moonves apparently doesn’t think TV is about the hearts and minds of Americans anymore.  Yesterday he had the gall to say that the day of daytime soap operas like ATWT is over. Well, to hell with you, Les Moonves.  Love, family and soaps will outlast you and your insults to those who have supported CBS for more than 60 years.  ATWT lives!

side all worked in a family movie theater chain and absolutely  lived for latest happenings in the entertainment world.   My own parents constantly [Read more…]

As the World Turns Outrage: Another National Treasure Bites the Dust

ATWT logoBy Ed Martin

The ‘00s may be the new Golden Age of primetime drama, but for fans of daytime serials they have truly been the Dark Ages, right up until the very end. With only 24 days left until the turn of the decade, and just three months after the last episode of Guiding Light, a historic franchise that spanned 15 years on radio 

I wonder if any daytime soap operas will remain when the next decade comes to a close. I wouldn’t count on it. All I can really say at this point is that I’m glad I was around to enjoy them when they were at their best, and even when they weren’t.

and 57 on television, CBS and Procter & Gamble Productions yesterday confirmed what had been a chilling rumor circulating for months on the Internet: The cancellation of As the World Turns, currently the longest-running scripted program on television and, like Light, one of the medium’s few remaining national [Read more…]