Marlena Returns to Brandon’s Buzz!

Though our Marlena (a.k.a. Connie Passalacqua Hayman) is supposed to be on vacation, an invitation to appear on blogtalkradio’s Brandon’s Buzz on Friday, July 31, proved irresistible.brandon's buzz

So she’s put aside her summer poolside re-reading of Gone With the Wind and has been espied of late poring over the cast lists of the eight surviving network soaps.  As she studies the lists, she laughs, she scoffs, she giggles, she shakes her head in wonder and dismay. What is she thinking? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Brandon, her old friend and knowledgeable host of the weekly show, promises:

“Her first visit was such a smashing success that she’s coming back for more! Marlena De Lacroix herself returns to Brandon’s Buzz to discuss the continuing disintegration of All My Children, to debunk a series of daytime myths, and to question seriously whether The Young and the Restless lives up to the deafening hype that surrounds it!”

blogtalktadio logoSo take an early lunch and catch the show live at 11 a.m., or replay it later from blogtalkradio’s inexhaustible archive.


  1. antmunoz says:

    I can’t wait. If ever there has been a soap critic that I agree 99 44/100% with, it’s our Marlena. Tell it like it IS.

    Marlena says: Wow! Thanks! Ant, you are very gracious and that means a LOT to me. As it has been since 1989, Marlena has the best and the brightest readers in the soap world!

  2. antmunoz says:

    Well, thank YOU, Marlena. I was a big fan of both you and Connie (lol) back in the day. Always looked for your byline on interviews, and, of course, LOVED your column. They don’t make soap journalists like they used to, do they? **sniff**

    Are you enjoying Mimi’s weekly take on GL on

    I really miss the old WEEKLY, especially you and Mimi, but also Pat Sellers’ and Janet DiLauro’s columns. Any word on what they are up to these days? Pat seemed to know many of the actors quite personally; her take on things was interesting.

    Marlena says: Well ant, I am overwhelmed. The reason they don’t make soap journalists the way they used to is because 1) we were trained professional writers and 2) we got paid — well! Today you don’t need experience to ‘cover’ soaps for the net. But I guess enthusiasm makes up for that.

    Mimi always loved Guiding Light, but I lost real interest in it when shaky cam came in. Janet still works for Weekly. I’ve lost track of Pat, but she was a terrific gal. I met her in 1977 when I was managing editor of Teen Beat (my first job) and she wrote an article for us about how she had dated Henry Winkler when both were in high school in Manhattan.

  3. I really enjoyed the show!! I could listen to you and Brandon talk soaps for hours.

    Of course, I love what you said about the treatment of women on soaps. The rampant misogyny in the industry (onscreen as well as offscreen, it seems) disgusts and saddens me. Thanks for continuing to speak out about it!

    I’m also glad you discussed soap journalism. I’m highly skeptical of some of the inside info I read online. It might be true, it might not be. Unfortunately, I feel that a lot of soap “news” seems to be a mix of rumors, opinions and facts. I appreciate the hard work that goes into reporting about the industry, but at the same time, I don’t consider it gospel.

    Marlena says: Melanie, you were sweet to listen to the show. I appreciate your support! It’s as tough a time to write about soaps as it is to actually be in or watch soaps. So your recognition of the misogny involved is very important to me! As far as soap journalism is concerned I’m greatly troubled by what I see online. I wish everyone would remember that there is a huge difference between fact and opinion, gossip and news.

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