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Ask Marlena: Whatever Happened to the Marlena Awards?

By Marlena De Lacroix Hi everyone! I'm ecstatic to be snowed under with the many, many Ask Marlena questions submitted by all of you in the past week.  They are all intelligent and thoughtful and I am so flattered to hear from so many Thinking Fans I've gotten to know over the past year. I'm starting with just one great question today, and will … [Read more...]

Introducing a New Feature: Ask Marlena

What's on your minds, dear Thinking Fans? Do you have questions about current soaps you'd like to ask Marlena?  Or questions about soaps of the glory days past?  I'm the original Been-There-Done-That gal who's written about and been around soaps forever, and I love to talk with you, the best, most intelligent fans in the world, about where we've … [Read more...]

On the Soap Shrink’s Couch: One Life to Live’s Todd Manning

Thinking Fans on Todd: Marilyn Henry says, "I do not understand how some fans see him as sexy or hot. He is cruel. Sick. Unfeeling for others. As such, he is dangerous" ... while Dale agrues, "Just because I and others find something of worth in watching Todd does not make our opinions any less valid than yours, or Marlena's, or Joe Blow's" ... and … [Read more...]

Joyeuse St. Valentin, Mes Chers!

Happy Valentine's Day, Thinking Fans!                                                                                             Marlena                                                                                             XXXOOO … [Read more...]

Asa, Ace of Characters: Phil Carey Remembered

  Thinking Fans pay their respects to Mr. Carey: Dale says, "There's a big hole in Llanview these days named Asa Buchanan. His presence is still very much felt, but it's never going to be the same" ... and Steve recalls, "What made Asa so real was that he truly did love his family, even if he showed that love in the wrong way" ... while James … [Read more...]

David Selby as Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre

Attention Dark Shadows fans: David Selby, remembered fondly as the romantic heartthrob Quentin Collins on that long-running soap of yore, is playing Abraham Lincoln in a new play, The Heavens Are Hung In Black, at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.  Selby has played Lincoln twice before. But this time, he says, is different: "This play goes … [Read more...]

Clint Ritchie and The Buchanan Years Remembered

Thinking Fans salute Mr. Ritchie: Steve misses "the easy chemistry between Erika Slezak and Clint Ritchie" ... Dale says he "brought a fresh masculine sensibility to Llanview when the town was filled with bluebloods" ... and more. See Comments below. _________________________  By  Marlena De Lacroix How sad it is for One Life to Live … [Read more...]

On the Soap Shrink’s Couch: All My Children’s Annie Lavery

Thinking Fans Comment update: antmuoz doubts AMC will "actually tell a reality-based story with Annie. But if they did, it might be a daytime first in that it doesn't involve cloning or demonic possession" ... while Matthew objects to AMC's "fear-based portrayal of Bedlam with outdated methods and near criminal activity" ... and more. See Comments … [Read more...]